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15 Importance of Marine Fisheries Management

by Ranisa Alda

The marine fisheries are an important source for many factors in human’s life. The fisheries also contribute to the income of many countries, especially those who have vast oceans.

However, there are several threats now to the marine fisheries that are both natural or happens because of the human. If the marine fisheries then become damaged or disturbed, there will be a lot of impacts to the environment including the human life.

There needs to be management in the fisheries then to make sure the condition of it. Here in this article then we will learn more about the importance of marine fisheries management.

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1. Prevent Overfishing

The marine fisheries are very advantageous as they can be a resource of income to states’ economy. However, the advantages that we receive from the fisheries may lead us to forget the that we too, need to preserve the fishing sites to make sure the fish will still be around for the future generations.

A lot of overfishing have happened and make some parts of the ocean that were usually filled with fish, are now empty, left with literally nothing but water. This is because of the unsustainable fish capturing methods such as using bombs that can damage the ecosystems around the area and not giving any chance for the fish to reproduce.

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2. Marine Conservation

The marine fisheries also need proper management to make sure the perseverance of the ecosystems. Linked to the first point, this is very important to make sure the fisheries will still be around for the future generations to enjoy.

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3. Prevent Extinction

If not managed well, besides prevent overfishing then the marine fisheries may even come to an even more dangerous outcome, that is extinction. One example of extinction that is starting to happen is the extinction of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) from the Newfoundland and Georges Bank. This then become one of the importance of marine fisheries management to set let’s say limitation on fish capturing and to do some fish perseverance programs.

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4. Prevent Limitation of Fishery Science

Other importance of the management on fisheries is said above to make sure of the marine conservation. The marine conservation itself will have impacts too on the fishery science. Imagine if the fisheries aren’t managed well, then the science regarding fisheries will also be disturbed and can’t provide valuable information for the sustainability of the fisheries.

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5. Sustainable Marine Sources

A good management of marine fisheries can also help to maintain the fisheries, that are very important for the human being such as food source, to be sustainable and can be useful for a long period of time. As we all know, there are a lot of marine life forms and there are a lot of benefits that we can get from them. Therefore, the more sustain the fisheries are, it will benefit not only the environment but as well as to human’s own sake.

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6. Protection of Biological Diversity and Productivity

Besides to prevent extinction or overfishing, the management of the fisheries will also help to protect the diversity of it. Making sure that the future generations will not only get to see some types of fish but all kind of fish there is. The management will also help to maintain the productivity, that in the end will help the marine conservation as well as sustainable marine sources like what we have explained before.

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7. Protect from Environmental Threats

As we all know, the world is now experiencing what we call the “global warming”. The global warming then will cause some changes not only on the land but also in the ocean. The management of fisheries then will help experts to detect the changes and give head on about the situations as well as to prepare us to protect the well-being of the fisheries.

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8. Prevent Habitat Destruction

It is to no surprise that now there are a lot of destructive fishing practices that have been done. These practices then bring damages to the ocean ecosystem. If these acts are not stopped, then it may degrade the ability of the marine ecosystems to support the biological diversity.

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9. Prevent Bycatch

The fishing practices gives a huge opportunity to bycatch or non-target. Included in the non-target is the little fishes that are supposed to be set free since they are not yet ready to be consumed. Not to mention that bycatch may increase the possibility to disturb the reproduction process of the life forms.

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10. Organize the Vessels/Fishing Method

The management is also aimed to make sure and set limitations to what vessels are allowed to operate in the fishing zone. This is also to prevent the destruction of the habitat, as well as to organize the heavy competition among different kind of fishing vessels that can cause in reduced incomes.

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11. Information Source

The management of marine fisheries can also help us to find valuable information that can be used by the fishers and parties involved in it for their own good.

12. Quality Control

The management also help the participating fishers to maintain the quality of the fishes. Fisheries management can help to promote, facilitate, and influence the best possible standards for the industry.

13. Prevent Fail Economic Return

As we have explained above, the management can help prevent extinction or overfisihing/overexploitation. Therefore, this can also help to prevent failing economic return as it ensures the fisheries to be sustainable and can be useful for a long time.

14. Maximize Net Incomes

The marine fisheries management can also contribute economically since it can help the participating fishers to find ways to maximize their net incomes.

15. Employment

The marine fisheries management will not only sustain the marine life, but then will also sustain the employment opportunities for the people that are dependent on the fishery for their income.

These are the importance of marine fisheries management that you probably never know before but are actually very important and have great impacts on so many factors. We hope that this article can help you to improve your knowledge regarding fisheries and understand better about the importance of management of it.

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