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20 Ways to Reduce Overfishing – Solutions

by Stephanie

Overfishing background is basically the existence of a high demand of some certain of fish and business behind it. Most people will think that the more fish that they got from catching will gain them more profit and money. So, many fisherman and retailers are competing each other to gain most profits.

Moreover, around us also exist some amount of people that love to eat fish until they can spend their money to buy such a rare and expensive fish. In this case you can see that as long as the demand exist, the fisherman and retailers will always try to supply their customer with the seafood that they like.

What is bad about this is that overfishing make s our ecosystem unbalance and in the end this can cause us many disadvantages. Then, in this case even though overfishing is one of many problem that we face in our society, doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed. In today’s article I’d like to share you with about the ways to reduce overfishing and at least and hopefully you can apply some of the ways.

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1. Stay up to date with the news

News will help you to know what kind of food supply that is rare recently. Moreover, the news will tell you more about the disadvantages of some food supply that become rare so you can know more about the bad impact of it.

2. Eat more vegetables

There are some amount of people that called them self as a meat lovers. The meat can be beef, chicken, and even fish. If you’re one of them, try to eat more vegetables to fulfill your body needs. Besides that, you’re also helping to reduce overfishing because you make the demand of fish lower.

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3. Count your calories need per day

Counting your calories need per day is really important. Beside you know what your body needs, you can also understand your body better. And, you will not over consuming one kind of food material such as fish.

4. Be a smart buyer

The other ways to reduce overfishing is that to be a smart buyer. You must know that if something is sold expensive, that thing must be had a high quality, or the thing is rare. You have to be careful when you find the expensive fish because it might be a rare fish that is being threatened to extinction.

5. Actively participating government regulation

Government surely will create some amount of regulation to keep everything in good. Such as, regulation about fishing activities. Just saying if you love to fishing, follow the regulation. Such as, you can’t catch this species of fish and etc.

6. Supporting environmental organization

Actually, the best way to reduce any kind of environmental problem including overfishing is to joining the environmental care organization or movement. But, if you think you’re too busy, you can just supporting, promoting, and giving some amount of funding to the organization.

7. Monitoring the fisherman

You can also keep an active act to do monitoring of what fisherman doing when he or she do a fishing activities. Therefore, you can remind him or her if their fishing is exceed the correct amount of fishing.

8. Catch limitation

Government must know the needs of their society. Like how many the food is needed and is the domestic production is enough to supply the food for the society or not. From this data, government can make the regulation about the catch limitation to limiting the fish catch so it won’t be a waste in the market.

9. Catch shares 

There will be a certain area that can produce a high catch of one or some specific species of fish. By this, when that area can share its catch to another area and vice versa through barter or business way that allows you to buy some amount of fish from them.

10. Sanction for trawling

There are so many ways used by the fisherman to catch the fish as much as they can such as trawling. The bad thing about trawling is that it can catch the juvenile that shouldn’t be catch. And to prevent this thing become worse, sanction can be applied to those who use the trawl.

11. Rules about minimum size catch 

Not only the trawling, but we can also apply the minimum size catch of fish just like what another country has already applied. By this rules, the customer will have more satisfaction because they’re consuming the adult fish that has more meat. And, we can also prevent the overfishing that catch any size of fish.

12. Limiting the subsidies given to the retailers

As we all know, our government is promoting and running about the funding for small business. But, sometime what is being forgotten is that, the subsidies given should be only once. After that, let the entrepreneur or in this case is the fishery retailers run their own business. By then, they will be smarter to control and manage their business.

13. Educating the retailers

Not only supporting the retailers to run their business but we need to educate them as well. The education that is needed by the retailers is that beside the business education but also the education to care about the environment. About how overfishing will affect the balance of ecosystem.

14. Educating the fisherman

After the retailers, we do also need to educate the fisherman, the one who do the fishery activities. Sometime to get more fish, fisherman will do many ways to catch more fish. And mostly they won’t care about the impact that may come from their actions.

15. Educating the society

The society is the one who has the demand of food or in this case is fish. Education toward the society is also needed so they won’t only pursuing their desire of fish but also understanding that our ecosystem should be in balance.

16. Sanction for bombing

The other sanction that can be given as a ways to reduce overfishing is the sanction for those who commit bombing. Through bombing, people aren’t only gain more fish but also can destroy the fish habitat. And it can also kill a generation of fish because it is targeting one specific place.

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17. Sanction for doping

Doping may have the same huge impact just like the bombing. The difference is it won’t destroy one or some specific habitat because the drug that is used for doping will poisoning the habitat first and kill many fish and another marine animals. When it is poisoning the habitat, the drug may change the water pH that will affecting the coral reef and lead it to death.

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18. Regulation about the right way to fishing

After all, maybe government need to make such a regulation about the right way to do the fishing activities. Such as, the banned of bombing, doping, trawling. And giving an example about the right way to catch the fish.

19. Ocean control by the authorities

The scarcity of fish supply in a certain country may not only be caused because the overfishing that is done by the domestic fisherman. There are also some illegal fisherman coming from another country to steal the fish. The authorities is needed to control these illegal comers that want to steal the fish.

20. Creating marine protected areas

Due to the scarcity of some species of fish that can even lead it to extinction, marine protected areas is needed. Through this facility government can control and seeing the development of the population of some certain endangered fish where no illegal fishing can come in and allowed.

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Finally, those are some ways to reduce overfishing starts from what the society and you can do until some inputs toward the government. Hopefully this article can raise your awareness about out environment starts from a little things such as fishing, buying, and consuming fish. Thank you so much for being our loyal reader and follower.

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