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12 Effects of Plastic on Sea Turtles

by Rini

Plastics can present a major threat through consumption, attachment, degradation of key habitats, and wider ecosystem effects. Among these species are sea turtles, whose complex life with highly mobile behavior can make them very vulnerable to the effects of plastic pollution. Understanding vulnerabilities are needed to set research priorities, advise management decisions, and develop mitigation measures that are appropriate for this animal’s life. The effects of Ocean noise pollution on marine animals.

Sea turtles use a variety of habitats, migration behavior, and complex life history leaving them subject to a number of anthropogenic stresses, including exposure to marine plastic pollution. Here is a review of the evidence of the effects of plastic waste on turtles and their habitat. Here are the effects of plastic on Sea Turtles that can endanger their lives:

1. Damaging Turtle habitat 

The impact of the original garbage disposal going to the sea can cause animal life in it. One of them is Turtle, this animal almost 70 percent of its life depends on the waters in the sea if in the sea alone there is a lot of trash that is scattered then slowly it becomes food and even becomes an obstacle for the Turtle population. Turtle life will be threatened with damage and harm. There have been many cases of turtle carcasses found in the sea and after being autopsied the results in the body of the turtle have a lot of garbage, including plastic waste. The characteristics of deep Ocean animals you must know.

2. Turtle life is disturbed

Other impacts on turtle life are that it can cause interference and pollution in the turtle habitat. The turtle itself will be easily netted and even injured due to dangerous plastic waste, because many of the turtles if they do not die due to the garbage, there must be wounds on their body parts. Obviously, this is also the cause of the turtle’s life being hampered and endangered. If the waste is not immediately moved or removed, the continuity of the turtle generation will also be increasingly lost.

3. Inhibiting the breeding of turtles

The other effects of plastic on Sea Turtles are to damage the survival of the reproductive life of sea turtles. Including in the breeding, because the sea is the first home for turtles, only when laying eggs Turtle landed. Therefore, if the plastic waste is still in the sea until now, there will be a re-occurrence of cases of turtle deaths that are of concern. Because of that, it is better for humans to realize how bad the effects of waste that are dumped carelessly can destroy the lives of these endangered animals. Hence the list endangered animals in the great barrier reef.

4. Pollution for turtle life

Plastic waste can also be a threat not only to sea turtle life, but it can also become one of the waste pollutions in the sea. Whatever the name pollution is still pollution, which ultimately affects the life and breeding of turtles. Therefore garbage pollution must be stopped immediately because the preservation of Turtle species is currently on the verge of extinction. Of the few who survive more those who are healthy do not eat garbage, the rest because they eat part of the waste in the sea.

5. Kill turtles in the sea

As a result of plastic waste can also kill them slowly. Eaten waste Turtle can damage the organs of the body and eventually make the Turtle die. It can also kill sea turtles from adolescence to adulthood, even their puppies. The danger of plastic waste can not be considered trivial, ranging from substances in plastic to plastic material that is sharp enough to tear turtle skin. Therefore, it is important to overcome plastic waste by educating the public and increasing turtle conservation so that its survival is maintained. Hence the endangered animals in coral reef.

6. Damaging small sea turtles that live in the sea

The other effects of plastic on Sea Turtles are that they can damage the growth of sea turtles released in the sea. Young turtles that need life in the sea are disturbed by plastic waste. Their small bodies can be exposed to the danger of large plastic or plastic bottles that can trap and make small turtles trapped. If this happens continuously how small turtles can grow into adults before they grow they are extinct. This will reduce the turtle population in the waters of the sea, of course.

7. Trash can be eaten by turtles

Plastic waste in the sea can also be a daily meal for turtles. Because so much garbage is scattered even to the bottom of the ocean. This will accidentally be eaten by Turtle because the Turtle becomes dead and injured. The difficulty of saving turtles that have been contaminated with plastic waste is because they need extra treatment. Even so, most cases of Turtle are dead and their carcasses are stranded. To find sea turtles that are healthy in the sea need rescue so they can be rehabilitated properly and precisely. The list of endangered animals in the Ocean.

8. Often found turtles caught in a garbage

Sometimes there are also turtles trapped and entangled in plastic bottles, plastic bags and so on. Of course, if it happens it is very dangerous for turtle life. Not to mention the plastic that is eaten, slowly the garbage goes into his stomach and is difficult to destroy. Over time the turtles will become extinct due to toxins and the intake of plastic waste that exceeds the normal limit. Therefore, it is important for everyone to take care of the preservation of the sea from dangerous plastic waste.

9. Turtles can be injured due to plastic waste

Next effects of plastic on Sea Turtles namely Turtle are injured. Ranging from incision wounds to torn wounds, many incidents of turtle conditions are injured due to sharp objects from plastic waste. Many cases found open wounds from plastic waste such as wounds to the mouth, to the legs, tail, hands and even turtle shells damaged by other objects due to garbage. If this happens it will be difficult to improve the health condition of the turtle, which eventually turtles die. The water pollution understanding, causes, and impacts.

10. Being toxic to Turtle health

As a result of the danger of the content of plastic waste such as the content of poisons, of course, can make sea turtles poisoning. Plastic waste carried by sea water can be contaminated by other substances that can endanger other creatures in the sea including turtles. Because not all animals can receive all the garbage, there is also garbage as pollution and some contain toxic substances that can be dangerous.

Apart from the examples and explanations above, here are some other effects of plastic on Sea Turtles examples that you can know in full:

  • The life of turtles in the sea will become scarce and even extinct. This is because more and more waste makes life also breeding Turtles become hampered, researchers find many turtles die at sea due to hunting because turtles eat some very dangerous plastic waste. Therefore, if the sea turtle’s life decreases and there is no conservation again, some know that in the future we will no longer be able to find these sea and land animals. Hence the reason why the sea looks bluish and greenish.
  • As a result of plastic waste that accumulates and spreads in the sea, it can cause a lot of sea turtles to swallow up the trash. This can cause intestinal obstruction and internal dilution of diet, malnutrition, and increased buoyancy which in turn can lead to poor health, reduced growth rates, and reproductive outcomes, even in turtle deaths.

Hopefully, the examples and explanations about the effects of plastic on Sea Turtles can open the human eye on land to better appreciate other creatures in the sea. And surely everyone can give an example not to throw plastic waste carelessly, for the safety of creatures on earth to the future.

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