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Respiratory System in Marine Fish Along with the Explanation

by Widiya

We all know marine fish breathe using gills. But, do you know the process of marine fish breathe? Before knowing the process of its breathing, it is a good idea to learn about the respiratory systems of marine fish. The respiratory system in marine fish is different from the respiratory system in humans. Sea fish will take dissolved oxygen to the respiratory system. The following is an explanation regarding the respiratory system in marine fish. (Also read: Top 15 Biggest Fish in Amazon You Must Know).

Respiratory System in Marine Fish

In the respiratory system of marine fish, there are two types of marine fish: that which have gill caps and do not have gill caps. (Also read: 15 Types of Ocean Sunfish and Freshwater Sunfish). The following is an explanation of the respiratory system in marine fish that have gill caps.

  • Inspiration Phase

The inspiration phase is a situation where the water enter the oral cavity then cause it to enlarge. In addition to the enlarged movements of the marine fish’s oral cavity, the gills also open up. Thus, there is a sideways movement on the gill lid of the sea fish.

  • Expiration Phase

Expiration phase is a condition where the fish closes the oral cavity so that no water will enter the oral cavity, automatically gills of marine fish will also close. The movement of the membrane to the side causes the gills to re-open and the water comes out.

The process of oxygen exchange occurs when water coming out of the gill gap touches the gill sheet. On the sheet of sea fish gills, there are capillary blood vessels. In capillary blood vessels, there is an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide where blood binds oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. In marine fish that do not have gill caps, the respiratory system happens differently.

Disorders of the Respiratory System in Fish

Not only do humans have problems with the respiratory system, but some other creatures such as fish have some respiratory system problems too. Usually for marine fish, respiratory system disorders occur when the process of transporting fish happens. Most fishermen and fish transport services in transportation activities can cause lack of oxygen for marine fish. This condition is caused by water that helps marine fish to breathe not in sufficient quantities so that the oxygen content in water is not comparable to the needs of fish. Lack of oxygen in fish causes fish to be more easily stressed. The worst event is that fish can die suddenly because of it. (Also read: 15 Importance of Marine Fisheries Management).

Efforts to Maintain a Respiratory System in Fish

There are 3 (three) easiest ways for fish not to experience problems with lack of oxygen so that the respiratory system runs well. The following is an explanation of efforts to maintain the respiratory system in fish.

  • Transportation System

When the fish transported to another place, the environmental conditions of the fish will be different during the transport period. There are 2 (two) transportation systems that can be carried out, namely open and closed transportation systems. In the open transport system, fish have direct contact with outside air so that when fish need additional air, the fish can take it from the air. Whereas in closed transportation system, it is carried out if the remote transportation system which means there is no air from outside the environment so that it can be anticipated by providing air so that the fish do not lack oxygen.

  • Availability of Aerators

The use of aerators in fish is usually done especially in ornamental fish. The function of the aerator can make water move so that the dissolved oxygen content increases. Thus, the oxygen demand for fish is maintained.

  • Water Conditions Used

Some fish can survive in dirty and clear water conditions. Therefore, the cleanliness of water in ponds and aquariums must be adjusted to the needs and conditions of the fish. In addition, you need to know how to maintain ornamental fish properly. (Also read: 17 Herbivores in The Pacific Ocean).

Those are the specific explanation on the respiration system of marine fish. It’s quite unique and magical how their respiratory system is different with other creatures living in this world.

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