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15 Importance of Ocean Currents For Fishing

by Stephanie

There are some characteristics of ocean ecosystems that makes it ocean. You might know some of them and I just want to let you know about one of them deeper. You do also know that every time you go to the beach or open ocean you will surely see the wave. Somehow the wave is resulted from the ocean current and or vice versa.

I believe that you already know some importance of ocean currents for fishing but here I would like to explain it more to you about the ocean current function. And maybe you can get to know a little trick about fishing after you read this simple article of mine.

1. Helping the fisherman to ship

Not only the wind but the current also helping the fisherman to ship and make the ship goes faster to the open ocean rather than sailing without the help of the ocean current. When the fisherman goes to the open ocean by following the flow of the current, that will be easier for them to go to the open ocean rather than against the current.

2. Knowing the fish location

Currents help us knowing the fish habit. Such as salmon, during the breeding time they will swim and goes somewhere which is against the current. That is why we usually see that salmon used to jump to pass the current into a place that they prefer to breed their eggs. A point where two different ocean current flows meet can be a place where you can find a wide range of fish species variety.

3. Herd the fish somewhere

By learning the flow of the current actually we can know where the fish goes. Even the ocean current actually having a route, so we can actually know where the fish goes.

4. Provides nutrient balance

The other importance of ocean currents for fishing is to provides nutrient balance. The nutrients is actually provided by the decomposers of the ocean. Somehow, mostly they are exist in the sea floor or ocean bottom since the death materials will drown. With the existence of currents, these nutrient can be distributed equally in the ocean. So the living beings in the ocean can get the nutrient and stay alive.

5. Controlling the temperature balance

Because our earth oceans is separated into some places this also means that every ocean has a different characteristic. In some places there is an ocean that has a high temperature or cold temperature such as Arctic Ocean with its unique characteristics of Arctic Ocean.

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6. Managing the oxygen flow

Not only helping the nutrient distribution but the ocean currents also helping the oxygen distribution equally. Without the current, the living beings in the deepest part of the ocean can’t live. There will be less plants there as well since the deepest part of the ocean can’t get the sunlight in which means plants can’t produce food and oxygen for itself and the other living beings.

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7. Get to know the fishing route 

Studying about the ocean current also help us to know the fishing route. For sure this route is made based on the fish migration from one place to another places. We can learn on what kind of fish species that has a migration following the ocean current. Or what species of fish that has a migration against the ocean currents.

8. Herd the fish to fishnets

Herd the fish to fish nets is also become the importance of ocean currents for fishing. You will see that when you go to the ocean or sea you will see some buoy or sign to let you know that there is a huge fishnets there. Fisherman put the fishnets opposite the currents flow. So when they put it that way, the fish that is coming with the ocean current will get trapped into the fishnets.

9. Cleaning the ocean

If you go to a certain beach that has been polluted with many plastic garbage or another garbage, you will see that those garbage is pile up in the coast. Of course there will be some garbage that is carried away to the open ocean but somehow if you throw the garbage in the coast it will still be there. Without the current, maybe if you are going to the open ocean, the garbage will drown and it can polluting and even destroy the habitat in the ocean.

10. Maintaining the climate

When the currents move from one place to another places the currents is trying to balance everything including the temperature, nutrients, and oxygen distribution. Somehow the effect of the currents movement can also affect the climate of the ocean. Ocean current is also known as the conveyer belt due to its ability to indirectly maintain the climate.

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11. Salinity balance

Just like its function to distribute oxygen and nutrition equally, ocean currents also having a role in balancing the salinity of ocean water. A place that is too salty will have no living beings on it. Maybe we can only see a little group of fish in a certain places if there is no currents.

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12. Plants distribution

In the land, wind helps the pollination process and so by then a specific kind of plant can grow somewhere quite far away from its parent plant. The same thing is also happen and applied in the ocean. If in the land, wind helps the pollination process, in the ocean, ocean currents help the pollination process.

This is one of the importance of ocean currents for fishing since they can help the seed of the plants to be distributed widely. And when there is a plant there will be a life and fish to catch.

13. Help the fish to smell the bait

Sometime when you do fishing, you have to wait for minutes or even hours to get a response from the fish in form of the pull of movement of the bait. The times that you spent to wait for the fish response is caused by the fish that can’t smell the bait that easy. Maybe the case will be different if you are aiming to catch a shark. Ocean currents help you to deliver the smell of the bait to the fish. And by then, the fish can attracted to the smell and swim to the direction where your bait is hanged.

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14. Knowing the fish species to catch

Fish who lives in an area that has a strong ocean current usually has a big and strong body. Meanwhile, sometime of you are planning to catch fish in the calm water, the size of the fish is relatively small. This is also a reason why fisherman usually go to the open ocean fir months to catch big fish. It takes longer time since catching these kind of fish is not easy due to their strength.

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15. Supporting the phytoplankton 

Last one, the importance of ocean currents for fishing is to support the phytoplankton. Besides plants that we can see by eyes, the life of the fish is also supported by the existence of phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is one of the food resources for some species of fish. The flow of ocean currents that brings cold water provides many nutrient for these phytoplankton to live.

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So those are some importance of ocean currents for fishing where the points that I have explain to you actually helping the ecosystem and the living beings in the ocean still alive. And by then, if the marine living beings still alive, we can still fish it and consuming it. Thank you for your concern towards the deep ocean ecosystems by keep reading our articles. Hopefully, these articles that we provide to you can help you to develop you knowledge more on the ocean and its thing.

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