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15 Characteristics of Ocean Environment

by Stephanie

If you are interested about the ocean it is not enough only by knowing what you can see in the sea nor beach. You have to know deeper about the characteristics of ocean environment to let you know and aware even more about the ocean ecosystem. Ecosystem is a huge community of organism where they are interact to each other both abiotic biotic and beings. Each component has an important role to support the last of the marine life. So, in order to let you know more about it, here are some of the ocean environment’s characteristics.

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1. The Light Distribution

First thing first, we have the light distribution as a characteristics of ocean environment. The light distribution in the ocean is divided by four sections. In the fourth section or also known as the hadalpelagic zone, the sunlight can’t penetrate the ocean water because it is too deep.

2. The Wind 

If you ever go to the beach you surely realize that the wind in the beach is so strong. The wind also has direction that is divided by two types which are the sea breeze and ground wind. Usually, fisherman understand the most about when the wind blows so they can use the wind to help them sail.

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3. The waves

People who loves surfing for sure will look for the wave in the beach. The existence of wave is basically caused by the wind. But, the factor that caused the wave is not only the wind but also because the gravity. When the gravity affecting the wave movement, we used to know it as tidal.

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4. The temperature and water

And next up we have the other characteristics of ocean environment which is the temperature and water. As you all know, the deeper the ocean water the colder it will become. It is caused by the sunlight distribution that affecting the temperature where the sunlight can’t penetrate the water depth.

5. The plants

The plants in the ocean also affected the life in the land. There are various types and size from the plant in the ocean that you can find. Start from the micro such as algae and phytoplankton and the macro such as kelp. The existence of the plants also can be found in the various depth of the ocean because they came from a different species.

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6. The marine animals

Not only the plants, but you can also find the marine diversity from the animals. Marine animals that using their lungs to breathe or even using their gill to breathe also can be found in the ocean. And mostly, the marine animals that classified as a mammal will be so easy to be found since they will usually appear to the water surface to breathe the air. Some of them are whales, dolphins, shark, and dugong.

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7. The water salinity

Salinity is basically the level of salt in the ocean water. Knowing that the ocean water taste salty, people called as salt farmer is utilize the ocean water to fulfill the people needs of salt. One of the process to transform the ocean water to salt is by simply dry it up under the sunlight.

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8. Ocean layer

Ocean layer is also become the characteristics of ocean environment. Because as we all know that the ocean seafloor is not flat but it will get deeper and deeper. Because of the ocean depth, the ocean is divided into several layers which are epipelagic zone, mesopelagic zone, bathypelagic zone, abyssopelagic zone, and hadalpelagic zone.

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9. Ocean food chain

To keep the ecosystem balance for sure there are exist some food chain in the ocean. As you know that the very fist level of food chain will be the producer or known as plant and the highest level will be the consumer or known as animals or humans. In a normal and balance ecosystem, the amount of the lowest level in the food chain or the plants will be plenty compare to the higher level of consumer in the food chain.

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10. Fishing activity

In the ocean you will surely see many people fishing because they are a fisherman. The people will go into an open ocean because there will be more fish in the open ocean. This is because the ecosystem in the open ocean is still clean and less polluted compare to the sea. So, no wonder that people who sail will take months before they return back to the land because of the distance.

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11. Underwater beauty

Not only in the sea, but the ocean also has a lot or even more underwater beauty compared to the sea. For those who loves diving must be understand and already knew about the beauty that comes from the coral reef and all of the living beings surround it. Ther are so many color of coral reef and also the fish that live in the ocean that will pampered your eyes as a diver.

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12. Mysterious 

Another characteristics of ocean environment that some people may thought of is mysterious. Because the ocean can be so deep to be reach by human, we can’t exactly know what lives beneath the deepest part of the ocean. There are some theory saying that there are some very small animals living in there but there are also some people claiming about the giant animal living beneath the deepest part of the ocean.

13. Variety of ocean water color

Mostly you will see that the ocean water color is blue, any kind of blue. But there are actually exist some more color of the ocean water. Maybe in the beach you might see that the sea water can be red or yellow, this phenomenon is caused by the wavelength scattering from the sunlight that caused the changing of the water color. But if you sea the ocean water color is more into green than blue, it is caused by the existence of plankton population there.

14. Ocean size

You can compare the size of the ocean to land by simply looking at the globe or map. You will see that the size of the ocean if even bigger compare to land. The exact size of the ocean size is about 360,000,000 kmand it holds about 1.3 billion cubic km of water. Because of its size, ocean has become a home for many living beings start from the plants until the animals.

15. Oceans name

Because our ocean is so big, we are divided the ocean into several parts and giving it a name. There are about five types of ocean that is classified based on the area. So basically, we have Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Antarctic Ocean, and Arctic Ocean. Maybe the name of Antarctic Ocean and Arctic Ocean are slightly the same but what make it different is that the Antarctic Ocean is located in the southern part, and Arctic Ocean is located in the northern part of the earth.

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So those are some of the characteristics of ocean environment that maybe you do not know before but now you can know it better. Hopefully your love toward the ocean is not only limited by what the ocean can offer you but you can also aware and care about the ocean and also trying to keep the ocean environment in balance by not doing things that can affect the balance of the ecosystem such as littering in the ocean. Thank you so much for you attention to keep following our website and read all of our articles.

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