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The 6 Effects of Global Warming On North and South Poles

by Yoga Adi Priambodo

Global warming is serious problem that can affect our lives. The result from daily usage of fosil fuels that we done in almost every day, cause the life of both animals and humans endangered. The most ice cold places on Earth are also affected by global warming. Causing more problems to the life of living beings around them. Places that once solid cold, now breaking to pieces. The bad effects of global warming from the poles also give direct effects to the world. And all included on these effctes of global waeming on North and South Poles:

  1. The Ice Melting

The noticable phenomenon we see today, which is the direct effects from this global warming is the melting in North Pole. It’s considered to be one of the disastrous effects of global warming. Since the satellite detection back in 1970, the Carbon Dioxide concentration in the air which calculated in ppm (parts per million) is the one to blame. Concentration of 337 ppm with the additional 0,41°C increase in temperature, North Pole lost about 7,2 million square kilometers of ice. The condition wasn;t getting better, after it’s known that in 2016, North Pole lost an additional 4,68 million km² due to the increased temperature.

With the level ppm reached 441 ppm, North Pole has lost about 35% of its ice. Causing the rising in sea level world wide.

  1. Many animals started moving somewhere

The change in climtae thus affeting the condition of the environment, making all the animals living inside their zones leaving the area. In this case, the animals who live around the area of North and South poles have no other choice than move to the colder areas. In order to be able to live and breed in order to maintain their populations, they would move to the other areas in the North or South side. This also happens because of the ice melting phenomenon as well.

  1. Floods will be everywhere

One of the effects of rising sea levels is flood. When the ices are melting in the North and South pole, there’s rising in sea level. The result of this condition is one disaster that commonly happens in the maritime areas, floods. You know, the sea levels in average have been increased about 23 cm since the 80’s. And in every year, there’s an increase on sea level about 0.13 inches.

The flooding disasters would lead to many people evacuate and leaving their dear hometown for they don’t know how long. In the developing maritime countries like Indonesia for example, the floods became regular disasters. Causing the nearby inhabitants to leave their area for a while.

  1. Rising Sea Level

The global warming is indeed affecting the ocean devastatingly. Aside from bringing the effects of global warming on ocean salinity, the result from the ice melting both in the poles and glaciers lead to the rising of ocean level. Not only causing floods which can disrupt the people’s activities, but the increases on sea level can destroy the marine ecosystem as well. Leading erosion and diminishing the habitat of many animals.

In order to protect the area from the rising sea level, there are ways have been done. For example in Jakarta, 40 billion rupiahs were funded for the project seawalls. Some social organizations in Bali also helped with mangroves plantation.

  1. Reducing populations of animals greatly

The effects of global warming in ocean levels may bring destruction to many animal habitats around the world. Aside from animals that live in the ocean ecosystem, the rising sea level may cause in the destruction of shore ecosystem as well. Many animals, including the fishes and birds will lost their homes. And thus, reducing the people greatly.

The animals in colder areas like Adelie penguins have suffered a lot from global warming. Decline in most ice parts of Antartic Peninsula region made them leave their areas. A lot og them already lost because of this condition.

  1. Causing more storms worldwide

The global warming in ocean rise may cause several oher disasters that can occur anytime. Due to the rising in sea level or ocean rise, these will likely to happen more frequently than before. The change in climate may lead to more destructive storms and typhoons. They will destroy everything in their path.

The destructive hurricane Florance was the result from this climate change condition. Making everyone evacuate from the risky areas like the North and South part of Carolina. If the global warming keeps affecting the climate, more destructive hurricane would likely to occur.

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