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5 Famous Bays in Indonesia – Suitable for Tourist Attractions

by Yoga Adi Priambodo

Earlier, we talked about how wonderful the country in the northern side of Australia by the name of Indonesia in the types of algae in Indonesia. It’s not a small country, filled with more than 267 million people spread all across the archipelago. Indonesia, besides blessed with abundant potentially skilled inhabitants, it also considered to be one of the best places for holiday, since it has a lot of tourists attractions. Most people from other countries would like to explore the natural ones, which are pretty easy to find in basically everywhere. Every island has their own unique locations for any interested tourists out there. From fishing, surfing, or a simple task like relaxing in a beatiful places like Bali, Raja Ampat, or Papua is a like a dream come true.

Other than the beaches or lakes, there are also the bays that are always crowded with people. Those bays located around the islands. And in Indonesia, there are a lot of islands. With that, there are about more than 130 potential bays as natural attractions. Today, we’re gonna cover some of them on the list of 5 famous bays in Indonesia. Let’s check em out.

1. The Green Bay

The first one, and possibly the most famous one on the list is the Green Bay. It’s like the heaven for all sea creatures. It has a lot of types of fish, and the corals as well. Located on an area named Banyuwangi, it’s challenging all those beaitiful natural attractions on nearby island, Bali. It’s fortunate that people nowadays can enjoy it because it was different back then.

The Green Bay wasn’t open yet to the tourists, so they can only see it from afar, or from Meturu Betiri National Park. It looked gorgeous if viewed from the cliffs. Because of how interested the tourists were to see the actual bay, it was opened eventually. So now people can enjoy the beach itself, even though they need to be careful of dangerous waves.

2. Ciletuh Bay

As mesmerising as the legendary Banda Sea on the East, Ciletuh Bay also has magical atmosphere. Ciletuh Bay is considered to be a favorite place by the people, especially the ones who live around Ciemas. It’s like a pack of beautiful locations, since you can visit the other wonderful attractions as well all in one place.

In this area, you can visit the waterfalls like Adang, Tengah, Sodong, Puncak Manik, and others. Aside from the waterfalls, beaches also there as well, making it a perfect place for vacation. For you who wants to explore the prettiest side of West Java, here’s the one.

3. Penyu (Turtle) Bay

Let’s move on to the Penyu Bay. Just like the name implies, this bay is famous for its friendly turtles. Based on the story from villagers around Cilacap, Penyu Bay was once a home for turtles. It was pretty common to see one there. When the area was so quiet as before, the turtles started to inhabit the area. But soon after, many ships were coming by for commercial purposes, making the turtles to retreat to saver places in Bali and Lombok. That’s why, we can’t see them that often now.

But, that fact doesn’t change the fact that this bay is included as a pretty location in Cilacap. Many people usually come there in order to feel the fresh air of Penyu Bay, and hoping to meet the turtles there.

4. Kletekan Bay

Kletekan Bay located around Malang, a location on the South by Madura island,.one of the largest salt producers in Indonesia. The bay is a little heaven for snorkeling. It has the most beatiful underwater sight in the area of Malang. Even though located near the line of Southern Beach, the waves are pretty calm here, totally safe for kids and the ones who can’t swim.

It’s a free pollution area, a beatiful location, and thankfully it’s still a virgin. No one has trashed this place before. It’s still clean as it is before. Even though the roads leading to this place are pretty challenging, but all will be paid off once you see how wonderful it is.     

5. Blue Bay

And the last one of the famous bays in Indonesia, there’s Blue Bay, which is a place as famous as the known Raja Ampat. Blue Bay is included inside the area of Alas Purwo National Park. Just like the Green Bay, it’s also located in Banyuwangi. People usually come to Blue Bay in order to enjoy the scenic view that second to none. Both the view of sunrise and sunset seen in the center of horizon, are truly memorable.

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