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The Adverse Effects of Fishing on Sea with Bombs

by Yoga Adi Priambodo

Fishing is a fun activity. Many people may have it as a hobby. The tension when reeling in and fighting the fishes is one adrenaline pumping thing to do. Many people also rely in fishing in order to get wealth for living. In the shore areas, there are some houses usually inhabited by fishermen. Usually, they will go in groups, os if anything happens they could help eaach other.

 The traditional method of fishing requires a lot of patience. Even though the sea is so rich with fishes, you can’t get the result right away. The dealy in wait time what makes some unresponsible to use simpler way, using bombs and dynamites. They can get so much with it, even though it’s highly ilegall and highly destructive. It can both destroy all the marine ecocystem if done on a basis, including all the types of ocean fish to eat. So, we can say that there are many adverse effects of fishing on sea with bombs, such as:

1. A lot of fish died

The first one on the list is the obvious reason why the bomb fishing is banned, because it can probably kill many fishes at once. This type of destructive fishing technique may cause in population loss and eventually leading to endangered status. Even though the fishermen can get so many fishes with this method, but they don’t realize that they are destroying their future fishing business as well. A lot of fish will have high mortality, without the abiliity of breeding naturally due to the bad condition.

Bomb fishing or fishing with any explosive materials can also destroy the other types of animal that live in the ecosystem. This includes the types of starfish and probably the corals. Not only the fishes that killed during the process, but also their homes.

2. Corals destruction

Corals have been suffering from the global warming effects. They are bleaching due to the clinate change condition, making them weaker to the unstable ocean. Most of them are vurnurable now, especially when the storms and huricanes hit. The corals are even in danger now, because of this bom fishing that can affect the life of deep sea and shallow sea ecosystem. Explosions from the dynamites may kill the corals instantly, without any delayed effects.

Not only suffering from the blast, the corals also devastatingly broken by the shockwave from the explosion. So the bom fishing is literally not only dealing damage, but also kill the ecosystem in a moment.

3. Mass population of marine animals will die as well

Bombs and dynamites are extremely dangerous, especially for the marine creatures. The water ecosystem will pretty much destroyed by a few blasts. The combination effect from the blast and explosion is clearly not good for both the ecosystem and the lives within. Fishes and corals are the ones that are highly suffered. If the fishermen are targetting the big fishes, they would likely to be vanished, especially for the endangered ones. This will cause unbalance in the food chain if too many small fishes gone from the sea. If it’s messed up, the ecosystem will eventually follow their demise.

4. Lost of tourist attraction potential

This method of fishing is banned everywhere because how bad the adverse effects of fishing on sea with bombs. Not only destroying the life, it’s also destroying the beauty that has been a feature for a long time. Areas that probably have a high potential to be the next top natural attractions at certain locations, would probably destroyed. So the potential of gaining economic value by promoting the beautiful locations, is lost as well.

The areas that were once beautiful sight-seeing spots, are destroyed. Those unresponsible fishermen left nothing but a sad looking ecosystem. It’s pretty sad. An area that is so broken that all the animals won’t live in it. Some fishes will be taken on the boat, but the others? They were surely left behind. Left rotten on the dirty water.

5. Affecting many lives, humans included

You know, if the solutions to stop overfishing are not implemented, this will cause in the loss for all living beings, including humans. All will suffer from the excisive activity of fish bombing. First, the fishermen will basically lose their future income, because there would be any fish left to fish. The sea bombing may cause in a high loss of population. If they kep doing it in a basis, the fishes won’t have the ability to continue their generations, making them less and less in number overtime.

Second one, is the loss of potential beautiful locations for tourist attractions. Places that may increase the villages or city’s income would be gone. Leaving nothing but a destroyed ecosystem. Third is health problem, due to the rotten marine creatures that left behind and possibly contaminating the water.

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