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The Dangers of Polluting The Sea Against Marine Animals

by Yoga Adi Priambodo

The humans welfare keeps increasing, yet the life of other creatures live with them is slowly degrading. Ocean that is the source of wealth and natural nutritients is also suffering from the problems. The pollutions brought by human activities are slowly killing the ecosystem. Making it dissapear faster then we expected. The effect is possibly greater than groundwater pollution, causing harm for both the marine life and humans. For example, these are the dangers of pollution the sea against marine animals:

1. Increase in Ocean Acidity

You know, we use the fossil fuels in every single day of our life. Even though the green technology is currently  implemented, but there are so many countries that don’t grasp it yet. In order to run their life, they still depend on the gasolinen and other fossil fuels. The pollution from them are not affectinmg the air, but the ocean gets affected as well.

During the past century, the ocean has absorbed more pollution. This causing the increase in the ocean water accidity that directly affect the marine life. The level of adicity keeps increasing that it’s forcasted that the level will be 150% more than today in the end of this century. The effects of the increase in sea adivity level affecting the sea ecosystem, especially the corals and the shellfish. One of the effects of pollution on coral reefs is coral bleaching, and this causing the smaller fishes difficult to find a place to hide from predators. The result from this is unbalance in the food chain.

2. The Toxicity from Algal Blooms

The pollution on the ocean can also cause the algal bloom. Algal bloom may give toxic to the water nearby. Overgrowing algae may cause problems to both humans and the life in the water. Even though this is rarely the case of marine pollution, algae blooms may cause excesive nutritiens that entering the water. The result of these phenomena is the dead zones, the abandoned sea ecosystem, because even fishes won’t to live in them.

The decomposing process of algae can totally deplete oxugen and also other supply, which needed by other life animals. The animals or species live in the deadzones will either die or live to the tell the tale on the other spot.

3. Sea Debris

Today, the ocean is polluted with sea debris, ranging from the small microplastics to the big empty and abandoned vessel. All mainly came from the human activities. They all come from the polluted rivers, sewers, or beach shores. Things that we usually see, like waterbottles, plastic bags, will pollute yet the ocean for milleniums, causing destruction to the marine ecosystem and the life within. The direct result that we see from these debris swimming on the ocean is the animals that actually strangled or ate the plastic, causing the death of many turtles and fishes.

4. Noise Pollution

Not only the debris and other materials polluting the sea, human activities in the ocean may cause the noise pollution as well. This pollution may cause problems to those animals that mainly use their sensor or sonar. The sea drilling is one of many causes of pollution in the sea.

They use the water gun blast in order to dig deeper, this causing the sounds that disrupting the whale sensors whole polluting the sea with oil at the same time. This condition is actually the possible cause of mass whale stranding that happened recently. Aside from the drilling activities, the military training and testing done by the US Navy is also the cause of this problem.

5. Contaminating Chemical Waste

The chemical waste is one source of destruction of the whole marine life in the ocean. Today, there are unresponsible companies that directly throw away their chemical waste into the sea. This may cause the contamination in the water and ecosystem. The life nearby will be gone. The dead fishes will be highly contaminated with poisonous chemical waste. And people who live inside the zone have no choice but to leave the area, lose both their homes and sources for food and economic growth. In several developing countries, this is still a huge problem. Until there’s a thing to be done, this will last for a long period of time.

6. Severe Health Problems

The ocean pollution can also bring some dangerous effects on ocean pollution on human health. Fishes that contaminated with such dangerous materials can bring serious diseases when eaten. High level of contaminations can lead to infections and possibly cancer.

In order to protect the ocean from the danger of polluting the sea against marine animals for now and the future, you can do many things even the simplest ones. You can use the plactic lesser from today, reconsidering to reduce water pollution at home, or giving a support to the organizations like NDRC, NOAA, and others that support to preserve the marine life.

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