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Top 10 Types of Ocean Trout – Characteristics

by Fitriani

An ocean trout is a type of fish in the world. Some species are able to live both in freshwater and the ocean water. Some may live mostly in freshwater but leaves to the ocean for breeding or diet purposes. The ocean trout is often compared to salmon species. The main difference lies in the size. Ocean trout species are smaller than the salmons. Apparently, there many ocean trout species out there in the open water. These trouts come in different sizes and colours. This article contains the 10 Types of Ocean Trout. If you do not know much about ocean trouts then you can read this article as a start.

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1. Rainbow Trout

The Rainbow trout is a native trout to the Pacific Ocean. The trout is mostly silver with a hint of red. The fish is medium in size as it is able to weigh up to 9kg.

Furthermore, the Rainbow trout is a predator. It eats other marine creatures in the oceans. Moreover, it likes to feed on fish eggs, shrimp or other crustaceans. Additionally, they also like to eat mayflies or grasshoppers that fall into the water.

2. Brown Trout

The Brown trout lives in the waters around Iceland and the United Kingdom. It is a species that is more common in the European region. The Brown trout is a big fish. As a result, it is able to grow up to 60 centimetres in length.

But apparently, the largest Brown trout is able to reach 130 centimetres as long as the environment is right. The average weight for this fish around 20kg. Despite its name, the trout is actually silver with faded black dots.

3. Adriatic Trout 

The Adriatic trout is commonly found in the Atlantic basin. It is one type of fishes in Atlantic Ocean. What makes this trout different than the rest is its snout.

The Adriatic trout’s snout is quite long. Furthermore, it has a small mouth. On the Adriatic trout’s body there are actually a huge amount of scales than normal. Additionally, the colour of the fish is usually red or green. Also there are black dots all over its body which are similar to the Brown trout.

4. Redband Trout

The Redband trout lives in one of the major ocean basins which is the Pacific basin. It has a similar appearance to the Rainbow trout. However, it has a larger size than the Rainbow trout. For instance, the Redband trout has spots. Moreover, it is dominantly reddish orange in colour. The Redband trout may reach around 25 centimetres into adulthood. Moreover, it feeds on small crustaceans fish or insects. Other than that, it prefers its water to be on the warmer side.

5. Spotted Sea Trout

The Spotted Sea trout lives around the areas along the shorelines of the oceans. For example, this species prefer to hang around the different types of ocean vegetation such as the mangrove trees or the seagrass meadows. The average length for the Spotted Sea trout is around 48 centimetres.

However, the female species is even larger. The female Spotted Sea trout can grow up to 63 centimetres. On the other hand, the usual weight for this trout species is 1.3kg. The colour of this trout is dark grey or green. Moreover, there are small spots on its back.

6. Gila Trout

The Gila trout is mostly found in the waters in New Mexico. This trout can reach up to 30 centimetres in length. However, it may even grow up to 50 centimetres. The colour of this trout is yellow. Additionally, there are small black spots on its body. The black spots are only visible on the upper part of its body. The diet for the Gila trout mostly consists of small fish.

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7. Apache Trout 

The Apache trout is also known as the Pacific trout because it is mostly found in the Pacific Ocean. The fish is quite large as it is able to reach 61 centimetres in length. However, the average size of this fish is around 2.7kg. The colour of the Apache trout is yellow. Sometimes the fish may even look a bit gold. Similar to other kinds of trout in the ocean, the body of this trout is full of small dots. Moreover, the Apache trout eats mostly small fish and zooplankton.

8. Coastal Cutthroat Trout

The Coastal Cutthroat trout also goes by the name of Harvest trout. It is found in the waters around North America. The colour of the Coastal Cutthroat trout is mostly dark green or silver.

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There are also dark spots on the fish’s body. The average size for this trout is medium. The species may weigh up to 2.3kg only.

9. Biwa Trout

The Biwa trout lives in the water near Japan. The trout is big as its size ranges between 40 centimetres and 50 centimetres. Biwa trout may weigh up to 2.5kg. Reportedly, Biwa trout may grow into 70 centimetres long. The fish feed on prawns, worms, plankton, small fish and small mammals. Japanese are fond of eating Biwa trout.

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10. Greenback Cutthroat Trout

The greenback Cutthroat trout swims in the American waters. This is another big species of ocean trout. Its average length is around 46 centimetres. As for its weight, it may reach up to 4.5kg.

The fish mostly comes in red. People often describe the colour as vibrant and beautiful. Unfortunately, the Greenback Cutthroat trout is in danger. The population is experiencing a steep decline. It is now categorised as a threatened species in the ocean.

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So those are the different species of trouts that live in the ocean. Although some of those ocean trouts are flourishing, some are in danger. Some ocean trout is experiencing a decline in its population due to either overfishing or disturbance in the habitat. Other than knowing the different trouts in the ocean, we should also thrive in protecting the ocean to keep their habitat healthy.

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