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Top 17 Importance of Atlantic Ocean For Life

by Stephanie

There are some importance of Atlantic Ocean that maybe not all people know because most people will only care about them self. Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean on earth after Pacific Ocean. And for sure as one of the largest ocean, Atlantic Ocean has a big important role to support the life of living being both in the ocean and in the land. To let you know more about its importance, here I would like to share you with some little information that I know.

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1. Home for many living beings

Because it has become the second largest ocean on earth, Atlantic Ocean become a home for many living beings. There are a lot of diversity exist in the Atlantic Ocean that you can find starts from the plants until the marine animal diversity. Some plants that you will find are coral reef, seagrass, and sea oats. Meanwhile,some of the marine animals that you can find are shrimp, right whales, and loggerhead turtles.

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2. Supporting the population of whales

There is one species of whales that is threatened because of its population is keep decreasing. That whale is sperm whale. Since the past old days, sperm whales are being hunted for its oil and meat. You can find the existence of sperm whale up to today because the environment in Atlantic Ocean is supporting the sperm whale needs to live. So by protecting the Atlantic Ocean you will also protecting the sperm whale population.

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3. Act as a connector bridge 

Atlantic Ocean location is connecting some continents which are America, Europe, and Africa. By the existence of this ocean, people can go to another area easily by using ship.

4. Supporting the food resources existence for human

Another importance of Atlantic Ocean is supporting the food resources existence for human. There are a lot of food resources such as plants and marine animals that can be consumed by human. And one of the fish that is exist in the Atlantic Ocean is cod. With the support from the Atlantic Ocean that can provide us food, up to now we can still consume fish.

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5. Controlling the ocean water temperature

Ocean water will not only stay in one certain place, all the water in the ocean will move all around the world following the currents and also the cycle. The Atlantic Ocean water will help the water in another part of earth to be not too cold. And so by this movement the ocean water will be balance.

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6. Fisherman life support

Because the size of the ocean is bigger than the land, no wonder that many people are relying their life by the sources that they can get from the ocean. Many people are working as a fisherman, collecting the fish and another marine animals to be sold in the market and in return they will get the money that they need to fulfill the other needs.

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7. Educational support

We learn from many things. Ocean provide us many creature that we can learn to know better on how we should protecting the ocean ecosystem including its living beings. Nowadays, you can see that there are a lot of people learning about marine and the existence of Atlantic Ocean will help them to know deeper about the ocean and the living beings that live in it.

8. Entertainment support

Another importance of Atlantic Ocean is act as an entertainment support. There are so many people love to dive or even fishing just to spend their holiday time for example. I believe when you work in town for several times and you go to the ocean, you will feel a lot better because the ambiance is different.

9. Help to supply oxygen

Even though most of the ocean plants are smaller compare to the plants in the land, but you should not underestimate the ability of ocean plants. Ocean plants has a better ability to support oxygen for us. More than half of our oxygen that we breathe is coming from the ocean plants. And as the second largest ocean, Atlantic Ocean has a big role in supplying the oxygen as well.

10. Help to maintain the earth temperature

You know that the heat coming up from the sunlight will be absorbed by the ocean water up to 30%. Because of its size that is bigger compare to the other three ocean, Atlantic Ocean is also absorbing the amount of heat from sunlight in a big amount. Atlantic Ocean surely has a big role to help our earth to maintain the earth temperature.

11. Keep the ozone layer protected

Ozone layer has a role to protect our earth from over heat from sunlight that might damaging our earth. To keep our ozone layer thick and preventing any hole exist in the ozone layer, we need to maintain the amount of oxygen. Maintaining the amount of oxygen means we have to take care the plants both in the ocean and land.

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12. Energy resource 

We have energy resource as the other importance of Atlantic Ocean. The wave that exist along the coast of Atlantic Ocean can be use to generate a machine that will change the motion energy into electricity. There are also oil beneath the Atlantic Ocean that can be used as our fuel after going through several process.

13. Help to distribute water equally

Atlantic Ocean is also included in water cycle. In water cycle there will be a process of rain which need the water from the ocean. Through the rain, water can be distributed equally to support the life. Now, without the Atlantic Ocean, maybe some continents surround it will be faced with drought.

14. A good place as a sport spot

There are so many sport or a simple exercise that we can do surround the Atlantic Ocean. There are so many people will dive so deep only to see the beauty beneath the ocean. Most people will also swim and surf when they go to the beach around the Atlantic Ocean since it has a good strong wave for the surfers.

15. Water support system for plants in the land

The biggest amount of water on earth is in the ocean, and without the ocean or even Atlantic Ocean as our second biggest ocean on earth doesn’t exist, then there will be no life. This is simply because through the rain, water in the ocean can be distributed equally and the land can grow the plants through the help of water.

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16. Travel destination for the country surround it

The other importance of Atlantic Ocean is by being a travel destination that will benefit the country surround it. Atlantic Ocean is known by its big wave that will attract many surfer all around the world. Besides that, there are also some beautiful island around the Atlantic Ocean that you can visit.

17. Fulfilling another needs of human

Water is really important resource for living. Many people surely will use water to take a bath and drink. The ocean water from the Atlantic Ocean can be filtered and use to fulfill this needs. There are so many things that need water such as to water your plants or wash the dishes.

So those are some of the importance of Atlantic Ocean that I want to share with you. Now, you can see how important the existence of Atlantic Ocean and by then hopefully you can be more aware about the ocean ecosystem and another ecosystem because there is so many living beings that relying on a certain ecosystem. Thank you so much for visiting and reading our article in this website. Make sure you will be our loyal reader because there will be more informative and interesting articles to come.

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