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17 Importance of Ocean Resource Management

by Fitriani

The ocean is rich in resources. To care for them in a positive manner lies in how people are able to manage it. After all, humans use most of them and, in some way, endanger those resources at the same time.

That’s why these 17 Importance of Ocean Resource Management will make you realise the big roles the resources are playing in our lives. Though they may not always be visible, they affect the working of the world in their own ways.

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1. Food Security

The many species in the ocean are our food. They are one of the most used ocean resources that must be managed. Without any control, food security could be threatened. Many people rely on seafood for their main source of protein.

2. Job Opportunities

Ocean resources offer people the opportunity to have jobs. That’s why it’s so important to manage those resources. Bad management could lead to loss of jobs. People would be out of work and fall into poverty. A good one will enable the jobs to last longer and even branch out.

3. Means for Transportation

The water of the ocean itself is an important resource. With the help of the water, ships can sail across countries and deliveries can also be made. If someday the ocean water is polluted or cause extreme currents changes, then none of that might have to be stopped. This can result in a lot of loss.

4. Source of Renewable Energy

Another thing about the ocean water is that it is the source of renewable energy. When it’s managed properly, people can obtain greener option for generating power. They would be able to ditch the old ways that cause harm to earth and the ocean itself.

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5. Human Recreations

People rely so much on ocean resources, especially when it comes to recreations. Most of us often take a swim in the ocean water, sunbathe on the sand, snorkel to see all the creatures under the water and so many more. Management is the key here. It allows us to explore so many parts of the ocean ecosystem in comfort.

6. Mineral Sources

Mineral sources found in the ocean include salt, sulfur, magnesium and others. Every mineral play a role in helping humans and marine creatures to stay alive. People are able to take advantage of the mineral sources in a more advance way such as making car batteries or materials for roads.

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7. Biomedical Purposes

The importance of ocean resource management contributes greatly to the biomedical field. There are just a lot of resources that can be gathered from the ocean. They serve different purposes in helping the biomedical field to grow. They pave the way to more discoveries too.

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8. Reduce Pollution

Pollution can degrade the available ocean resource. A way to reduce pollution is to manage the ocean and people’s actions as well. Poor management will be detrimental to the ocean. Resources can deplete which will affect everything on this earth.

9. Eliminate Exploitation

Many parts of the ocean are vulnerable to exploitation. People may fish or extract resources illegally. Others may harvest certain species too much that it starts to cause disruption in the ocean ecosystem. On preventing such things, regulations can be made through managing the ocean resource.

10. Maintain Marine Biodiversity

What is the ocean without biodiversity? It’s the reason why the ocean is so rich and full of resources. Management is important to maintain the marine biodiversity in the ocean. Threats on biodiversity can be cut down if people learn how to manage the resources.

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11. Maintain Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are highly crucial to marine species, especially to those who are so close to becoming extinct. Maintaining conservation areas can be done alongside managing ocean resources. It will ensure that the species will always be protected.

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12. Protect Threatened Marine Species

There are still a lot of people out there who go out to fish or hunt threatened marine species. Ongoing depletion of their population will result in complete extinction. Managing how these marine species should be protected can give them chances to repopulate in the ocean.

13. Protect Marine Habitat

Marine species often need habitat that can fully support their growth. The habitat is a part of the ocean resource too. Without it, species would be wiped out. Protecting marine habitat should be a priority at all times to make sure that marine species will always have their home.

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14. Control Soil Erosion

Soil erosion can be bad to the ocean. It will make the water murky or cause too much nutrients to flow into it. For instance, the mangrove trees near the ocean are good at holding back the soil from going into the water. The trees are also ocean resource that must be managed to ensure that the ocean will not be polluted.

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15. Fishing Regulation

Overfishing or overharvesting still takes place in the ocean. This greatly harms the number of species that is needed in the ecosystem. With management, more strict fishing regulations can be placed.

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16. Maintain Ocean Ecosystem

The ocean ecosystem is a complex web. Everything in it affects each other. Managing each and every ocean resource there is can ensure that the ocean ecosystem will keep going. It helps to keep the ocean healthy. The resources will face less chances of depletion too soon.

17. Sustain Tourism

Tourism relies on ocean resources. Without them, tourism would not be possible. Every resource available is put into good use for tourism. It helps the ocean and the people who live close by as well.

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With long term thoughtful management of the ocean resource, humans can depend on the ocean for many years to come. In return, the ocean will also benefit from it as it will always be kept in its best condition.

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