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What is the Type of Water Mass? How Much is the Value and the Concept of Its Utilization?

by Widiya

massa jenis airWater is one of the most important elements of human life. This is evidenced by the composition of the human body which consists of 70% water. For this reason, learning about water and everything related to it is very important. One of them is learning about the density of water.

Density is a process of measuring mass in each unit of volume of a particular object or amount of mass of a certain substance calculated in each unit of volume. Determination of density of a substance can be done using the formula p = m/v (density = substance mass / volume of substance).

Based on the definition above, the density of water is the mass of water in each unit of water volume. Measurement of density of water can be done using a tool called Hydrometer. The value of the determination of a density of pure water is 1,000 kg/m3 or 1 gr/cm3.

Learning the concept of water density is not without benefits. There are a number of things in our daily lives that are the result of applying this concept of water density. Following are some of the concepts of implementation and utilization.

1. How the Submarine Works based on the Type of Water Mass

The difference in the density of water and other objects is certainly different. This difference in density makes objects float or sink in the water. If the floating object means the density is smaller than water, and vice versa.

This is also what is applied to submarines. When floating, the submarine has a total density that is smaller than the density of seawater. Whereas when sinking the density is greater. This can happen because in the submarine there is a ballast tank that can enlarge the total density of submarines, allowing the ship to sink or float.

2. Limestone Deposits in Ice Water

Have you ever seen deposits like lime on the surface of the water placed in the refrigerator? Yes, this is one of the simplest applications of the concept of water density. Basically, even though it is clear in color, it can also contain lime in water.

When water is at normal temperature, the density between water and lime is the same so that the lime is not visible. Whereas when cooled, the density of the water becomes smaller so it changes position. The density of water smaller than lime makes the lime drop to the bottom of the water container and settles there.

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3. Swim with Tires

The application of the latest concept of water density is actually very close to your daily life. If you have ever swum in a river or in a swimming pool using used tires that are air pumped, then you have applied this concept of density, especially density on water.

When used tires are pumped and filled with air in it, this makes the tire density smaller than the density of the water. That’s why tires can float above the water surface and can be used for swimming.

Science is created and studied no other so that it can be used to help everyday life. Learning the science and applying it will increasingly help make life easier. For example, there is the application of the concept of density of water in everyday life.

The application of the concept of water density as above is a few simple examples that you can apply yourself. The things above are things that are often seen or done directly.

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