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7 Largest Fish Producers in Indonesia

by Reananda Hidayat Permono

Indonesia is popularly known as maritime country. Indonesian seas are such rich of fishery products. Here is the list of 7 largest fish producers in Indonesia.

1. Tegal, Central Java Province

Tegal District is located in the northern part of Central Java Province, it’s close to the Java Sea with its popular fish potential. The local fishermen could get up to 1.400 tons of fish per year. However, comparing to the high production, the fish consumption rate is still relatively low. In average, people in Tegal only consume fish around 20,4 kg per capita per year. Therefore, the local government creates campaign of fish consumption, especially for kids and PKK (Family Welfare Programme) housewives. However, the fish production has been decreasing in years due to the reduced fishermen. But, Tegal is still considered as one of the largest fish producers in Indonesia. Global warming may impact this industry.

2. Cilacap, Jawa Tengah

There is a large fish producer in the southern part of Java Island; Cilacap District. The fishermen could get around 90 tons of fish per day. Mostly they get skipjack tuna and squid. The fish production is not only coming from sea though, but also from river and fishpond. Cilacap endures the decreasing fish production when the west monsoon produces high waves in the southern sea. It’s quite danger for fishermen during that time. After all, they are able to work normally again after the west monsoon season ends. There are some characteristics and facts about the Java Sea.

3. Muncar, Banyuwangi District, East Java Province

The marine condition of Muncar, located in the far east of Java Island, is quite strategic as it’s a meeting point between the Java Sea from north and Indian Ocean from south. This condition benefits the fishermen since there are no high waves. They normally cannot do fishing in only during the full moon period, around 7-10 days. Muncar has the biggest fish auction in Indonesia. They can produce up to 20.000 tons of fish per year, mostly lemuru fish. Climate change could significantly affect the marine ecosystems.

4. Riau Islands Province

In 2018, Balai Karantina Ikan Pengendalian Mutu dan Keamanan Hasil Perikanan Pekanbaru (government body for quality control of fishery products) claimed there were an increasing export of fishery products up to 375 billion rupiah. Most of the export activities were going to Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, China and Vietnam. There are two export commodities; arowana and consumption fishes. The local government hopes the export activities would keep increasing, especially blood clam to Thailand.

5. East Nusa Tenggara Province

East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province is not only popular due to its pretty landscape, but also as one of the 7 largest fish producers in Indonesia. Around 13,7% of the national fish production is coming from NTT, then it’s allocated for both export and local consumption. Many of fish species can be found, such as mackerel, white snapper, shrimp, and oyster. Moreover, some fishermen also do seaweed farming since the NTT marine condition is suitable for seaweed.

6. Central Sulawesi Province

Central Sulawesi Province has proper fish resources in Tomini Bay, Tolo Bay, and Makassar Strait. The fish production from those are can provide around 8,5% of national fish consumption. The fish are typically large and vary, such as tuna, skipjack tuna, and cob fish. You can find some small fish as well, like flying fish, anchovy, mackerel, and tembang fish. However, it’s not only fish though, other marine biotas also exist, like oyster, clam, squid, shrimp, and crab. Other than fish, there are some marine natural resources that you need to know.

7. South Sulawesi Province

South Sulawesi Province is considered as the largest fish producer in Indonesia. They can provide up to 21,6% of national fish export per year. Fish production from South Sulawesi has a very good quality for export standard, including the skipjack tuna and tuna fish that are regularly exported to Japan and Thailand. Fish from this province is also popular for Indonesian people, especially the skipjack tuna.

Thanks for reading the 7 largest fish producers in Indonesia article. Besides fish, Indonesia also has some important salt producers.

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