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12 Uses of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

by Fitriani

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is one of the renewable energy sources in the world. Most of the time, it is shortened as OTEC. It is a source of energy that benefits the world and everything in it. The energy is gained from the different temperature in the ocean. Together, the warm ocean surface and the cool deep water can generate heat. The heat is converted into energy. OTEC indeed has many advantages as it doesn’t cause pollution at all. Below are 12 Uses of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion that you can read about.

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1. Source of Power for Island

The Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion can help the tropical islands around the world. Most of the time, these islands find it hard to generate power source especially after a storm has passed it. But once a thermal energy is set up, the island can have its own reliable power source. It no longer needs help from other countries and no longer need to worry about storm taking away its power source. The Hawaii island has already implemented this technology.

2. Provide Safe Drinking Water

Other than providing power source, the technology can also provide safe drinking water. The OTEC can convert the ocean water to fresh, pure water through reverse osmosis. So, people who live in area with the technology no longer need to worry about the condition of their water. Moreover, this is also useful for people who live in an isolated island as they can rely on themselves.

3. Manufacture Fuel Cell for Electric Cars

The OTEC can indeed provide humanities with the things that they need the most, power source and clean drinkable water. However, it also contributes to future technology that aims for a cleaner environment. OTEC can help in manufacturing fuel cell for electric cars. Electric cars are on the rise due to their sustainability and effort in a greener environment. OTEC powers up the electrolysis plant that creates the fuel cell.

4. Used for Aquaculture

Does OTEC creates waste? It does but in the form of cool water. However, the cool water is actually useful. In the case of aquaculture, the cool waste water can help in giving life to many marine creatures. Aquaculture mostly farms salmon and lobster. The OTEC waste water helps them to thrive. Moreover, Spirulina which is an important marine micro algae can also grow in aquaculture due to the OTEC waste water.

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5. Provide Cooling Liquid for Appliances

The waste water from OTEC can help marine lives to grow but it can also help in everyday home appliances. Two examples of these home appliances are the refrigerators and the air conditioners. Bot of these things need cool liquid in their system to work. The product released from OTEC can help in providing the cool liquid that these appliances need in order to work fully.

6. Help in Soil Agriculture

This next use for the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion helps in soil agriculture. In order for an OTEC to work, there are pipelines that are placed underground. The water from the sea flows through the soil in the pipelines. As a result, the coolness affects the roots of most plants, helping them grow.

7. Reduce Usage on Non Renewable Sources

OTEC can greatly reduce the usage on non renewable energy sources. These non renewable energy sources include fossil fuels and coals. Moreover, when more regions use OTEC, then there will no more need for these harmful energy sources.

8. Decrease the Rate on Global Warming

The OTEC technology can actually be used to decrease the rate on global warming. Global warming is one of the causes of sea level rise which could devastate the world. OTEC only uses the sea water to maintain its power. Also, it does not release any type of harmful gases like other source of power.

9. Lower Electricity Costs

Another use for the OTEC is lowering electricity costs. As of now, the cost for electricity has skyrocketed especially the ones that still use non renewable sources. With the OTEC, people can have lower electricity bills for their homes, business or other usage. This may help people to save money. Moreover, it may increase the chance to give electricity to those who cannot afford it.

10. Prevent Carbon Dioxide Emission

The OTEC can also prevent carbon dioxide emission. This usage from the OTEC can give a massive positive impact to the world. The thermal energy conversion does not release carbon dioxide at all. So, it will not make the Greenhouse Effect worse than it already is.

11. More Steady Source of Electricity

Next use for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is providing a more steady source of power. The current power from other sources are still mostly unstable. But OTEC can provide people with a more reliable electricity which will help in their daily activities.

12. Prevent Land Loss

This last use of the OTEC also gives a positive contribution to the world. Most powers sources need land to operate. The amount of land that they need is not small. They need a large area whereby most homes, farms or even forests are destroyed. However, since OTEC needs water from the ocean to operate, the technology can be built off shore. Thus, it does not need a large area of land. This can give a chance for animals and plants to have their habitat. People also won’t have to lose their homes.

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So there you go. Those are some of the uses for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. Some regions in the world has fully put it into good use and are benefiting from it. The continuous growth in the development for renewable sources could mean that OTEC might become more widespread. Thus, everyone can safely use electricity without harming the world. In the end, we might even be able to leave behind all kinds of harmful fossil fuels.

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