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20 Importance of Marine Life Conservation

by Stephanie

Talking about marine life means we are going to talk about the living beings that live beneath the ocean as well as the relationship among them to each other and to the other abiotic components. These living beings may include animals in the ocean biome and also plants in the ocean biome.

The marine life somehow also affecting the human life since we need the animals and plants to live, to use it as our source of food. Sadly, there are so many cases where people are just so greedy until they are able to destroy or even exploited the nature and all the resources.

This create some bad effect towards ourlives such as some disaster like flood. Since there are not so many people know about the importance of marine life conservation, here I would like to share some information that I know.

1. Habitat conservation

Once we conserve the marine life it means that we are also conserving the habitat of the marine living beings. Because there are so many types of ocean habitats which support the life of living being in the ocean.

2. Living being conservation

Since conservation will connect many things, this will surely affecting the living being. So when the marine life is being conserved the living beings in there is also being conserved and protected from many threat to ocean organisms.

3. Food chain conservation 

The importance of marine food chain is basically to support the life of living beings in the ocean. To conserve the marine life means we are supporting the food chain to be conserved and not being disturb by any kind of things that can affect the balance of the food chain.

4. Ecosystem balance

Another importance of marine life conservation is that to keep the ecosystem balance. The balance in the ecosystem actually can help to maintain the relationship between every components in the deep ocean ecosystems.

5. Reducing pollutant

When we conserved something means that we are trying to protect the ecosystem from any kind of factor that might destroy the ecosystem. Though this this means that the amount of the pollutant to our ocean.

6. Reducing overfishing

Continuing the previous point, since we are trying to prevent many things that can destroy the ecosystem means we are also trying to reducing one of the biggest factors that can destroy the ecosystem. That factor is overfishing in the ocean, where if this kind of act is keep happening continuously.

7. Maintaining the economy

When everything is in balance and everything work smoothly means the people can actually maintain and even develop the economy.

For example if the amount of fish is stable, and not being exploited, people can actually get a stable amount of fish which they can cultivate. If the amount of fish is keep decreasing till there is no more fish left means that the income of these people will also decreasing.

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8. Source of education

As a source of education also become the importance of marine life conservation. We can actually know many things from the marine. Not only limited to the living beings that is exist beneath the ocean but also about the relationships of each beings and many more things.

9. Energy conservation

Since there are a lot of factors that become a concern during the marine life conservation, this also means that we can actually learn and know how to conserve the energy. By then, slowly we can actually also trying to conserve the non – renewable energy.

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10.Food supply

Human feeds on both plants and animals, and these two food resources are also provided by the ocean. Since the area of the ocean is way larger compared to the land, you may imagine what will be happened if the ocean cannot provide food for us. There will be many cases of famine.

11. Medicine supply

The nature provides us many components that can be used for many things. With the intelligent that we have as a human we can actually use these components as a medical supply to help us to cure or even prevent some disease to be happened.

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12. Recreation place

After doing our daily activity that is quite stressful surely we will need a short until long escape to give ourselves a break and entertainment. Become a recreation place also can be one of the importance of marine life conservation.

Through recreation place, people can actually know and understand why they need to aware and conserve the beauty that they see.

13. Benefits the fisherman

When the ecosystem is conserved and the population of living beings are stable means the fisherman need to nor worry about their catch. Somehow, they can actually gain more fish catch to be brought home and sold.

14. Benefits native people and tourist

You do know that people coming in a certain places is usually because they are attracted to the beauty of the nature.

When the marine life is conserved, means the beauty of the places will be protected where this can actually attract many tourist to come. And for the native people who live around the place will get benefits since the goods or services that they offer can be bought by the tourist.

15. Oxygen support system

Better marine life means there will be better marine ecosystem where the plants will grow well. More plants that grow well means there will be more oxygen that is being produced by the ocean plants.

16. Temperature control

As another importance of marine life conservation is to act as a temperature control. Where when the amount of plants is many means there will be more oxygen supply which can help balancing the temperature around the ocean.

17. Climate control

When the temperature is stable or at least in control based on its balance temperature level means we don’t need to worry about the change of climate that is so extreme. Since temperature is one from many factors that can affect the climate of the ocean, once we can actually control it means the possibility of extreme changes of climate at least can be prevented.

18. Preventing drought

To conserve means we are going to set and protect and do many effort to create the nature as close as what it used to be before. Where the condition is still clean from pollution and many other things. And when the balance of the ecosystem is catch means that the distribution of water can work perfectly since the end of all water channel is in the ocean.


So those are some of the importance of marine life conservation that I can share you with. Hopefully this information can be useful for you and help you to increase your awareness towards the ecosystem and environment surround you. Thank you so much for keep following our website and reading our articles. There will be more articles to come which surely will be interesting and informative for you.

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