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17 Importance of Ocean For The Global Climate

by Stephanie

The climate is affected by many factors. It can be the amount of a specific gases that is exist in the atmosphere, pollution coming from both vehicle and factories, and many other things.

Actually the climate change itself is a natural phenomenon where the climate of the earth is actually changing by the time goes by.

The problem is that, with all of these activities that resulting the factors that might change the climate such as pollution can make these changes works faster than it used to be. What is bad is that when the climate is changing and the changing of the climate itself is affecting many things in the earth’s ecosystem.

Take an example of the ice in the north pole that is start to melt due to the global warming in ocean. Since there are so many things about the ocean that is needed to be known by the people. So here I’d like to share you with some of the importance of ocean for the global climate.

1. Oxygen support system

Plants in the ocean biome is so many. You may see the existence of many species and types of ocean plants. These plants as you know is supporting the ocean and the ecosystem with oxygen which can help the living beings not only to breathe but also to have a balance temperature of their habitat.

2. Air temperature balance

The causes of rising ocean temperatures can be vary. Somehow what ever things that is happened in the ocean is not only affecting the condition beneath the ocean but also environment and ecosystem surround it.

The temperature of the air is somehow also affected by the ocean due to the ocean plants. And the size of the ocean itself is also wider compared to the land.

3. Climate change prevention

Climate of the ocean may also changing and affecting the earth’s climate. Once we can take a good care of the ocean environment we are slowly trying to do the prevention towards the extreme climate change.

4. Ocean water temperature balance

There are some effects of ocean currents on the temperature. This is because of the current, ocean water actually keep moving.

When the water is moving, this means that the warmer temperature of ocean water can meet the colder water temperature of ocean water where it creates a balance temperature of ocean water. That is why it also become one of the importance of ocean for the global climate.

5. Providing decomposing activity

You may find so many type of  decomposers of the ocean. These decomposers is having a role to actually decompose the death organic material in the ocean. The decomposers may also help the nitrogen process in the nitrogen cycling where the nitrogen itself is used by the plants to absorb nutrient.

6. Habitat conservation 

There are some threats to marine habitats whether it is from the nature itself which is the natural disaster or the threats coming from human through pollution, overfishing, and many other things. When the different types of habitat can be conserved means that many living beings can fulfill their role in the environment.

7. Marine animals conservation

Lots of animals in the ocean biome that live and create relationship towards each other. Everything is connected and when one specific species of living beings is not in the balance amount this will surely affecting many things in the ecosystem including the climate itself.

A balance climate will need a balance components under it that will make sure that the climate is still in balance. Once the components is changing means that this can also change the whole things.

8. Preventing drought

Another importance of ocean for the global climate is that it can actually prevent drought that might happen in certain region. If there is no drought means there will be more tree and water to support a better and healthy climate.

9. Equal distribution of water 

Through rain and water channels, the distribution of water can be more equal. The distribution of water is really important and crucial since water has become the most important thing that the living beings need to live. Somehow water also play an important role to balance the temperature of the earth.

10. The upwelling of ocean water

There is this natural phenomenon or activities beneath the ocean called as the upwelling of ocean water. So the upwelling of ocean water is an event where the colder water of the ocean which come from the deepest point of the ocean is going up.

There are some benefits or effects of ocean upwelling of this such as the distribution of nutrient and also to balance the ocean water temperature.

11. Absorbing the heat

About 30% of earth’s heat is being absorbed by the ocean. That is why if there is something happened to earth’s temperature, the first environment and ecosystem that will be affected the most is the ocean.

12. One source of energy

One of the importance of ocean for the global climate is that when it is actually become the one of the source of energy. When it talks about energy there are so many types of energy that is exist on earth. And somehow these energy may also influence the climate where we can actually learn about that.

13. Indicators of the changes 

You do know that there is an animal in the ocean that can help us to actually know if there is a changes in temperature or climate that can bring many disadvantages to the ocean ecosystem.

The animal is known as coral, coral reef need a stable condition of environment it lives in. So if you see that there is a changes or ocean coral reef experience bleaching, means there is something wrong.

14. Supplying nutrient that the plankton needs

As we all know that plankton is one of the ocean key. Maybe without the existence of plankton there will be no live in the ocean as well as in the land. Even if so, the plankton will still need some amount of nutrient to support its life. These nutrients is provided by the ocean itself.

Without the plankton, the food chain system in the ocean will be distracted and it may lead to an unbalance ecosystem which can creates the changes of the climate itself.

15. Supplying nutrient for plants

Just like plankton, ocean plants also need some amount of nutrient to support its growth. And the ocean itself has some amount of nutrient that usually comes from the rocky bottom. These nutrient will be supplied by the ocean to support the growth of the ocean plants.

And by then, ocean plants can actually supplying many things that can support the live in the ocean and makes the ecosystem in balance.

16. Indicator of the weather

One of the importance of ocean for the global climate that you might know since it is close to us is that it can be an indicator of the weather.

Once the ocean experience a big storm surely you see that the weather is heavy rain. Knowing some indicators that the weather is changes can help us to actually prevent an extreme change of climate change.

17. Act as the last destination of all water channel

Ocean as the last destination of all water channel will have many organism inside it. Somehow, this may help the decomposing activity that need to be done in order to keep and maintain the ecosystem in balance. Importance of decomposers in the ocean is to actually decompose any dead organic material and create it into something more beneficial which is one of the nutrient source.

If there is more sedimentation because of these dead material keep increasing means the ocean will full of corps and plants and all the ecosystem systems cannot work properly to keep the balance in environment.

So, those are the importance of ocean for the global climate that I can share you with. Thank you for keep following our websites and reading our articles. There will be more articles to come that is surely will be informative and interesting for you to read.

Hopefully all of our article can help you to know more about several things that you did not know before about the ocean as well as increasing your awareness towards the ocean ecosystem and environment surround you.

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