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15 Importance of Metallurgy in Marine Engineering

by Fitriani

Metallurgy is a science that studies the properties of metals. It focuses on how metals would react when mixed with other materials and also their behaviours. Marine engineering is heavily reliant on metallurgy in many ways. After all, metallurgy is also a part of engineering. Marine engineering and metallurgy go hand in hand to carry out the tasks involved in the various marine environments. For instance, metallurgy affect how heavy loads, such as cargos, are handled.

To know more about this particular function and more, here are 15 Importance of Metallurgy in Marine Engineering. The big and the small details in marine engineering are always affected by metallurgy.

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1. Spot Flaws

Metallurgy can be used to look for flaws in marine engineering. It can give early detection of any flaws on materials. People may use different techniques for this, X-rays and ultrasonic test can be involved. It’s important to detect flaws, even the tiniest crack, as that could end up being fatal.

2. Find the Right Components

This particular science branch can help in finding the right components for a specific purpose in marine engineering. The right component will make a job or a function to be more optimal. Other than that, toxicity from the wrong component can also be avoided as they can cause damage to the marine environment.

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3. Determine How Components Will React

Knowing how components will react to the marine environment is crucial in marine engineering. It can greatly influence a process and its result. Once the reaction is known, the chances of failure can be reduced. This will save time, cost and increase safety as well.

4. Understand the Property of Metals

A huge part of metallurgy is studying metals that are available in this world. Some metals may work better than others in a specific marine condition. Metallurgists can pick the best one either that can hold on to a heavy load or one that doesn’t corrode easily.

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5. Avoid Corrosion

Speaking of corrosion, it’s not something that is desirable in the marine engineering. The marine environment makes corrosion to happen more frequently through its seawater and high moisture. Metallurgy can be used to prevent corrosion or slow down the process.

6. Salvage Wrecks

Ship wrecks often sink to the bottom of the ocean. To take the wreckage, knowledge in metallurgy is needed. A team that specialises in metallurgy will know the best way to remove the wreckage from the ocean. It’s important to do it with careful consideration as to avoid harming the marine environment.

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7. Identify Failures

Mechanical failures can often happen in marine engineering. Metallurgy can help in identifying what the failures are. By doing so, a repetition of the failure can be avoided. Once the failure is known, it is also possible to stop further damage that can be triggered from the failure.

8. Carry Out Surveys on Cargos

Another importance of metallurgy in marine engineering is its usage on carrying out surveys on cargos. Cargos are checked because they could actually cause damage to ship. Cargos that are too heavy or have high acidity may cause the structure of the ship to weaken.

9. Welding

Welding comes in handy when there is something that needs to be repaired, improved or made in marine engineering. Since the marine environment is a special one, the knowledge on metallurgy is specific here. It is more related to the reaction of the materials to the marine environment.

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10. Determine Structural Toughness

Structural toughness is crucial in marine engineering. When the toughness is not too great, then it’s going to risk a huge part of the safety. But when toughness is prioritise, the cost can get very expensive. Metallurgy can help in determining the right balance of cost and toughness that are needed.

11. Cold Tolerance Materials

The ocean’s environment can be extreme, especially when it is cold. Materials with high cold tolerance are definitely needed and must be carefully calculated. This is where metallurgy comes in handy. It can help figuring out how machines or materials can withstand the cold temperature. This will aid materials or ships to face the cold nature of the ocean.

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12. Avoid Spillage

As most oil is transported across the oceans, it’s more prone to spill when failures happen. Often times, cracks may occur. It gives way for the oil to leak into the ocean water. Metallurgy can help in solving this problem right away before a full spillage takes place. It’s always better to prevent a full accident from happening especially when it involves oil in the ocean. There are too many risks, marine creatures and their environment could be harmed.

13. Fix Cranes

Marine cranes can collapse and metallurgists are often needed to solve the problem. Other than collapsing cranes, another problem that could arise involve the wire ropes that are used. With metallurgy, these things can be fixed using the proper techniques.

14. Metal Coating

Metal coating is applied on metallic structures in marine engineering. This will prevent them from corroding. Damage or failures can be decreased when the coating is present. It’s an extra protector that can also save money in the long run. Metallurgists can help with the process to provide maximum usage.

15. Provide Safety

Marine engineering involves heavy machinery, complicated procedures and harsh environment. Metallurgy can provide safety that will keep everything in order. Without it, marine engineering would face a huge hindrance that could affect everything.

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The next time you see or hear anything that is related to marine engineering, you should also be thinking of the metallurgy involved. It has contributed to so a large part of marine engineering. Metallurgy could branch out to have more functions in the future as technology advances and more things are discovered.

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