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15 Importance of Marine Microorganisms

by Fitri Bukhairah

Everyone must realize that deep down the oceans in the world, it is dwelled by about million or maybe more marine creatures. Some of the marine creatures, there are known as marine microorganisms. Marine microorganisms are the small creatures which are barely seen by the naked eyes, needing a microscope including microbe, viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, protozoa, amoeba, algae, diatoms, plankton, copepods and many more.

Microorganisms have a very important function in an ecosystem, especially in the presence of components that can not be digested, or that are difficult to decipher, which products are harmful to organisms in the aquatic environment, microorganisms are the spearheads of organisms that can utilize them. In this article, we will discuss the importance of marine microorganisms.  What are they? Let’s check it out as follows:

1. Source of food

Microorganism in the marine becomes the source of food for the marine organisms which also live in the ocean. For instance, plankton which is eaten by the whale and other marine animals. The marine microorganisms must be very important because they are able to balance the food chain in the ocean so it can bring the importance of maintaining the ocean ecosystem. Hence, the production of the marine natural resources that can be utilized by human also can be maintained.

2. As decomposers

As well as the land microorganisms, the marine microorganisms also have a role as decomposers. Marine microorganisms such as bacteria and microbe are able to decompose the inorganic element become an organic element which brings a pretty important role needed by the environment around. Read about the importance of microbes in the ocean.

Furthermore, this element becomes the food of single-celled organisms, which then form the biomass into fish food and subsequently become food for other predators with higher degrees. So the bacteria is a food for predators of higher degrees, but at the end of the food chain, bacteria also decompose the whale carcass. Therefore, micro-organisms are actually the main actors in the marine system.

3. Oxygen Producers

You should know that 80% of the oxygen that we enjoy right now come from the ocean. Who produces the oxygen in the ocean? The answer is phytoplankton. Functions of Phytoplankton in the ocean ecosystem as one of the marine microorganisms which is able to produce its own food with photosynthesis. Then, in the process of photosynthesis, phytoplankton releases the bubbles into the air and atmosphere that are known as oxygen.

4. Preserve the Marine

As what has been explained above regarding marine microorganisms which acts the decomposers. It means the marine microorganisms are also able to maintain the cleanliness of marine and preserve the marine because bacteria are able to decompose the substances that will harm the ocean environment and convert the substances into the useful substance which needs by the marine ecosystem. Read more about the importance of ocean conservation.

5. Help the process of Biogeochemical Cycle

The biogeochemical cycle has a very important role in sustaining life in this world. The biogeochemical cycle is the process of water recycling and chemical components (chemical elements) involving the participation of living things including humans and rocks/geophysics. Biogeochemical processes control the cycling of biologically important elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur as well as other elements of lesser importance, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chlorine.

In the process of the biogeochemical cycle, marine microorganisms take an urgent role. This is inseparable from the role of microorganisms as the decomposers which are able to turn the organic and inorganic element into the important things needed in maintaining the cycle of biogeochemical.

6. Source of Nutrients

The ability of marine microorganisms to decompose can produce nutrients. Marine microorganisms are able to break down the dead of bigger organisms and turn it into the nutrients that are needed by marine life. So that, marine microorganisms becomes an indicator of fertility in the marine. You should read the importance of nutrients in the ocean.

7. Help to Protect the Earth

As known that marine microorganisms are able to produce the oxygen. The oxygen produced then become an element which forms the ozone. Ozone is a layer that protects the earth and all of the creatures inside from the harmful ultraviolet radiant. Furthermore, marine microorganisms also can manage the climate of the ocean by involving in the process of the occurrence of rain.

8. Support the Marine Natural Resources

The importance of marine microorganisms as the source of food for the other marine organisms is able to support the marine natural resources which can be utilized by a human in maintaining the sustain of life. It is because of marine microorganisms are able to maintain the food chain in the marine so the production of marine life also can be maintained.

9. Reduce Marine Pollution

The marine microorganisms are able to reduce the marine pollution due to the oil industry which causes of oil pollution in the ocean. Various kinds of harmful substances contained in oil are released into the marine environment. Then, this problem can be resolved by utilizing the marine microorganisms as a degradation that will turn the oil into another harmless compound.

Microbes that work to decipher oil is not only a kind but a community. Each type of microbe has its own ability to break down the oil. Hence, the marine microorganisms must be able to reduce ocean pollution. Read also about how to reduce global warming effects in the ocean.

10. Material for Medicine Industry

Marine microorganisms also bring the benefits which are good for human health. Moreover, marine microorganisms can be utilized to treat some diseases. For instance, algae Karenia brevis produces Brevetoxin, a very potent toxin that could aid in stroke recovery as well as COPD and Escortin that has the potential to transform cancer treatment by escorting anti‐cancer drugs directly into cancerous cells. Read more about the importance of algae in ocean.

11. Source of Photosynthesis

As what has been explained above that the marine microorganism such as phytoplankton, microbes, and etc. perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis has an important role in sustaining life on this earth because many organisms species depends on it.

12. Useful for Biota Cultivation

Bacterial disease in aquaculture biota can be a cause of losses due to the mass death, also causes the rejection of cultivation products are exported abroad. To eradicate bacterial diseases in biota cultivation is generally used chemical compounds (antibiotics). However, the use of such chemical compounds is not effective because it can cause side effects.

Now, efforts to eradicate biological diseases that do not cause side effects have been done by utilizing the nature of antagonism among bacteria. Disease-causing bacteria in aquaculture biota can be resisted or inhibited by other bacteria. Bacteria is used not only to control pathogenic bacteria but also as a food supplement and improve water quality.

13. Improve Water quality

Marine organisms are able to improve the quality of water where they belong because they can break down the elements which may cause the water pollution. Hence, the marine microorganism can be the ways to solve water pollution.

14. Test Toxicity

In America, all discovery of new chemical products before being processed by the plant should have been tested in vitro bioassay. This assay is to predict its effect on health and its ecological effects. Marine microorganisms such as bacteria become one of the materials used in the test toxicity toward the new chemical products.

15. Biotechnology Needs

One of the roles of marine microorganisms is to fulfill the aspect of biotechnology needs. Biotechnology is the branch of study that studies about how to utilize the organisms in producing goods and services in human life.

Well, those all about the importance of microorganisms that you should realize. I hope it will be useful to all of you and thank you for reading!

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