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17 Impacts Factor of Ocean Engineering

by Stephanie

Since we are going to talk about the impact factor of ocean engineering today, first thing first that we need to know is ocean engineering.

Basically ocean engineering is the application of engineering principals to control and monitor many things about the ocean environment. So, basically the ocean engineer will monitor and try to fix all the problem that might happen in the ocean environment. To help you to know more about what is the ocean engineer do, here are some information that might help you to know more about that.

1. More exploration on natural resources

Since the ocean engineering is an application of engineering principal to the ocean ecosystem this can give a good impact towards the exploration. Of the good impact is that the exploration of ocean natural resources that can benefit human can be done safer. Besides that, human now can also try to explore more on the natural resources based on their knowledge and the technology.

2. Having an economical impact to the society 

Since there are a lot of importance of ocean to economic development, we need the people who know more about the ocean to help us in the economical field. These ocean engineers basically know on what kind of approach that should be applied based on the budget that we own.

The approach will be find useful and effective since they know on how to extract the natural resource based on a specific budget for example.

3. Better coastal zone management

Coastal zone become a place that might experience changes the most. This is because the coastal zone can be used for many things such as harbor, and some property as a travel destination.

Somehow, people in business will more likely think about the profit rather than the cause that might occur. To have a better and balance ecosystem, it will be better to get to know first with the ocean engineer.

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4. Developments in the intelligent system

Another good impact factor of ocean engineering is the existence of developments in the intelligent system. If maybe before there is an ocean engineering, people will find it hard to monitor the condition of the ocean ecosystem.

5. Better harbor maintenance

Again, since harbor take place in the ocean ecosystem the ocean engineer also has the responsibility to help the harbor maintenance so it won’t polluting  or disadvantageous the ocean and people around it.

6. Creating a new structure for offshore

The ocean engineer do understand that in order to fulfill the demand where people are more likely go to the sea, they will need some kind of good facility. And in response, a new structure for offshore is created. For example is the fix floating structure of offshore that you can see today.

7.  Faster beach restoration

With all the knowledge and technology that the ocean engineer known and have, faster beach restoration is possible to be done. The restoration is needed due to the high amount of pollution in the ocean that threatening many living beings for example.

And surely a better technology can help to restore the beach and or ocean ecosystem better and faster where by doing so it can help to save many lives.

8. New monitoring system

acoustic surveillance systems is a new system created which has a function to know or detect any kind of critical event. I think that this is a very good impact factor of ocean engineering since we can at least do something to prevent or we can be prepared if something happened and fix it faster.

9. Marine vehicle development

If you realize, there are some design for the ship based on its function. Somehow these kind of design is still being improved by the ocean engineer as well so they can create a ship or any kind or marine vehicle that is suitable with its function later on. Not to mention, a proper design also can help the vehicle to have a better, effective, and efficient

10. Quick response to fix the ecosystem

Talking about the threats to marine ecosystems, there are plenty of them. But once we get to know about the problem and trying to figure it out on how to solve it, we can know about the ecosystem much better. This is why nowadays when there is something happened to the ocean ecosystem, the problem can be fixed faster.

11. Less pollutant in the ocean 

Ocean pollution can be caused by many things such as plastic and oil spills. The little amount of oil can create a huge worse impact rather than plastic. This is why the oil pollutant should be fix as soon as possible. The existence of ocean engineer actually help the ocean ecosystem to receive less pollutant and clear the pollutant more effective.

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12. Ocean habitat protection

Ocean habitat protection is one of the good impact factor of ocean engineering. There are some marine protected areas that is protected deliberately because it still has a good ecosystem condition. The protection as well as the monitoring will be done better and effective by the people who knows how to manage it.

13. Meet the technology and nature without destroying the nature

Humans rely on the natural resources to live. There are some activities done in the open ocean such as mining. Since mining activities has a high risk of polluting the ocean, the ocean engineer is needed in order to help to meet the technology and nature without destroying the nature.

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14. Marine living being protection

Since all factors that might destroy or damage the ocean ecosystem is being fixed by the ocean engineer, this means that the live of marine living being is more guaranteed. Both animals and plants can live in the clear ecosystem under the monitoring of ocean engineer.This also means that they can live freely and the ecosystem will be balance or slowly goes to the balance level.

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15. Reducing the global warming effect

There are a lot of factor that might affect and increase the effect or impact of global warming. Some causes or factors are the declining number or plants and marine animals where this may cause an unbalance ecosystem since every organism has its own role in the ecosystem.

A better monitoring and management system brought by the ocean engineer may fix these problem and reduce the global warming effect to our lives.

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16. Better earth to live in

Another good impact factor of ocean engineering is that it can create a better earth to live in. Less pollution and garbage in the sea will pleased our eyes with the beauty of the nature. As well as less pollution in the air so we can breathe a clearer air. When the ocean engineering start to try to fix, monitoring, and managing everything related to the ocean ecosystem. The earth can be a place where we can feel comfortable to live within it.

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17. Better water system

All water system or ecosystem such as lake and river will end up in the ocean. And since the ocean has the biggest amount of water, this means that all aspect in our lives will be relied on the ocean. A better water system that is made by the ocean engineer can help many lives. Water distribution can be done easier and more effective.

So those are the impact factor of ocean engineering where it can help and develop a better ocean environment and ecosystem. Hopefully by reading this article you can understand more about the deep ocean ecosystems and its things.

There are more article waiting for you to read in this website. And surely, all the articles are informative and it does can help you to expand your knowledge as well as your awareness toward the ecosystem it self.

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