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13 Importance of Chemistry in Marine Transportation

by Fariz Kamal

Chemistry in marine transportation has a important role. Especially, chemistry is a fundamental of everything. When we talk about everything, we talk about chemistry too. And marine is a group of chemistry in a big area in the world.

We live at the earth, and we name our planet is a blue planet. Marine and water is the biggest part of our planet. Therefore we have to have a transportation to across the sea, ocean, and marine. We are not fishes or marine mammals or birds and we can not swim to across the sea. So we build a marine transportation to help us get what we need.

The ship is a great invention for crossing sea. Like a paragraph before we talk about chemistry too. And everything in the world are chemistry. So there are numerous of importance of chemistry in marine transportation. In this article we will discuss 13 importance of chemistry in marine transportation.

  1. Everything in the world is chemical

It is a true statement. Chemistry is a fundamental science, it is a foundation of science, such as importance of marine biogeochemistry. Because everything in our world is occurred by chemical reaction. Eating, cooking, driving, thinking, loving, laughing, feeling happy, flying, and others are could tell by chemistry perspective.

Maybe in the past time, chemistry is a banned science. Old people think the chemistry is black science or dark science. When we want to use chemistry we will be paranormal or magician. So chemistry is banned science.

Today, when we talk everything we have to talk about their chemistry. Everything was had created by chemistry and marine transportation too. So chemistry is important science of marine transportation. It will help us to build, plan, and everything about marine transportation.

  1. A lot Chemical reactions in marine transportation

Chemical reaction has important roles in marine transportation. Chemical reaction talk about how build a marine transportation from how to build it? How to drive marine transportation? How to make our marine transportation a green solution for human and their environment and other question.

A lot question of marine transportation can be explained by effects of chemical spills in the ocean reactions or chemical reactions. Because chemical reaction is talking about molecule, form, and others. It help us to find the best solution for marine transportation.

  1. Effects of chemistry in marine transportation

Studying about chemistry in marine transportation is so important. Because transportation can harm marine ecosystem. Alga bloom, mass death of fish and others are the effect of marine transportation if we don’t learn measure the the side effect of fuel, material and other of our marine transportation.

Some parts of marine biodiversity is so sensitive. And the waste from marine transportation can increase some nutrients in the ocean. It will make some marine biodiversity bloom or die. So, chemistry in marine transportation is so important because we talk about threats to ocean ecosystems.

  1. Regulation of marine transportation

Regulation is a rule made and maintained by an authority for public safety and needs, such as importance of marine protected areas. Chemistry in marine transportation use for make a marine model for measuring the effect from using marine transportation in the ocean. Because we have to care about marine biodiversity, ecosystem, marine life and others. All effect in marine will impact us in long or short time. Another regulations is ways to reduce overfishing.

We don live in this world lonely. We need others, such as mammals, coral reef, algae, vegetable, fish and others. Chemistry will help us to understand everything about marine. And it will help us to use marine transportation wisely.

  1. Fuels

One of importance points of marine transportation is fuel. Today, marine transportation need fuel to work. Making fuel and determining fuel type for specific marine transportation need chemistry. That is the important reason of learning and studying chemistry in marine transportation.

Chemistry can help us to determine the best fuel for one type of marine transportation. The best solution for us to protect our environment, marine life, and others.

  1. Lubricants

Every machine in the world need some lubricants. The functions of lubricant are some thing needed for reducing the friction or reducing contact between two surface materials. Machine in marine transportation is always be active. So they will make a contact. If we let it happen it will ruin the machine.

Role of chemistry in this situation is how to make the best lubricant for all situation. It is so important for marine transportation. I will reduce and can span engine life.

  1. Materials

Body, machine, part of marine transportation and other is made by chemistry material. We can determine the best material for marine transportation use chemistry. Because not all material in the world we can use them for our marine transportation or part, or machine.

  1. Emission

Emission is another name of pollution. The meaning of emission is the production or discharge of something, especially gas or radiation. Emission in the ocean has a bad effect for marine life. It will change composition of ecosystem, eliminate some or many marine species and others.

Chemistry learn about emission. Not only learn about emission, with chemistry we can reduce emission from marine transportation. It will help us to protect marine life and it biodiversity. Prevention of marine pollution is one of importance of chemistry in marine.

  1. Infrastructures

In the ocean or sea, we can see port or harbor. They are the infrastructure that we need for marine transportation. But we can not build it for our marine transportation before determine the material and effect of all materials in the ocean. So we have to learn chemistry to decide it.

  1. Protect ecosystem

Chemistry in marine transportation has a important role to protect ecosystem. It will give us many option and solution at every situation. Marine ecosystem is important part of marine. Marine protection is our business.

  1. Protect human life

Some material in marine transportation is dangerous for human. It will threat human life. But with chemistry we can decide the best solution of marine transportation material for protecting our life.

  1. Foundation of all

Chemistry is fundamental science. It is foundation of all science I think. It is base of everything. So chemistry in marine transportation is so important to learn and apply.

  1. Sustainable marine

Maintain marine or environment is our business. We live at blue planet, and our marine transportation is crossing on the ocean. Making our marine sustain with chemistry is the easiest solution for us, such as sustainable use of ocean resources. And it is the reason why we have to learn chemistry for marine transportation too.

Those are the importance of chemistry in marine transportation. I hope we can protect our marine.

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