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17 Importance of Thermodynamics in Marine Engineering

by Stephanie

Previously we were talking about the importance of mathematics in marine engineering, and today we will talk about something new that is still related to the marine engineering field.

Since marine engineering is one of many types of engineering, surely the application of this field will require physics.

And physics itself has so many formulas to count on something, not only formulas but also the theory to help us to get to know on something or phenomenon better especially the phenomenon that is happened in the ocean since we are talking about the marine engineering.

One of the theories that I would like to talk about today is thermodynamics. Thermodynamics contain the word of thermo which means temperature.

So, basically, thermodynamics theory is one of physics theory that is talking about the relationships between heat and any other forms of energy. In short, thermodynamics will study the relationships between energy.

Even inside the thermodynamics theory there are 3 laws that are stating about this theory. There are so many reasons why thermodynamics is needed in marine engineering.

Since, there are not so many people know about the importance of thermodynamics in marine engineering I would like to share some of the information to you.

1. Knowing the factors causing the rise of ocean temperature

There are so many causes of rising ocean temperatures, and it can be internal or external factors. The external factors might be caused by human act that is keep polluting the ocean.

And the internal factors can be from the natural phenomenon that is happened beneath the ocean. This is what the marine engineering can also discovered through the thermodynamics.

2. Get to know about the global warming

The climate of the ocean is also affected by many things and one of it is the rise of temperature which create a condition of the ocean that is different compared to its normal condition.

Since thermodynamics is studying on the relationships of the energy, the source of the factors that might cause the change in temperature whether it is a hole in the ozone layers or another things can be identified.

3. Knowing one of the cause of climate change

Since the rise of the temperature can be identified and it has become one of the causes of climate change we can actually identifying the causes of climate change. The change that is happened in our earth may cause another effect to another component of earth and in this case is the climate change.

4. Analyzing the ocean current flow

There are some impacts of ocean currents on climate just like what I have mentioned to you in the previous article.

The current of the ocean is moving because of several factors and there are some importance of thermodynamics in marine engineering in terms of ocean current. One of the importance is to know that the ocean current has a function to balance the temperature of the ocean water.

5. Analyzing the source of energy

There are two types of energy, the first one is the renewable energy and the second one is the non- renewable energy.

Since thermodynamics is learning on the relationships of the energy surely it will also learning on where the energy comes from or let’s say it will help us to know on where is the source of the energy is.

6. As a way to solve coral bleaching problem

Coral reef is one of the animals that is so fragile towards the changes in the environment. It needs an exact temperature, pH, sunlight, and many other things that support its life to be stable. One little changes for example in its temperature may become one of the causes of coral bleaching.

7. A way to know the changes of marine animals behavior

We are as a human will shows a different body language to a different situation. Take an example when we are in a hot place we will swipe our sweat and trying to look for a place or tool that can help you to cool down the temperature.

The same body language or let’s say behavior of the animals also reflecting what they feel. When there is a changes in temperature and they don’t feel comfortable then they will act differently and through the thermodynamics we need to figure it out on the factors of temperature changes.

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8. Alternative energy

After we get to know about the importance of thermodynamics in marine engineering which is to know the source of the energy we can actually use it as an alternative energy. These alternative energy will surely more environmental friendly compared to fossil fuel for example.

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9. Knowing the changes of the marine environment

Changes in the marine environment can be caused by many things. Since this has become a serious and real problem, there are so many government that is trying to protect the marine environment by many types of regulation such as overfishing in the ocean.

Just like what you know that temperature also become one of the factors causing the changes in the marine environment.

10. Analyzing chemical reaction happened because of the changes of energy

Thermodynamics also still has some branches. And somehow one of the branches is learning on how temperature can actually creates a chemical reaction beneath the ocean.

Chemical reaction can turn out good or bad to the environment this is why we need to know any kind of factor that affect the chemical reaction in the ocean.

11. Supporting the balance in the ecosystem

Knowing the relationships between energy will allow us to help the ecosystem stay in balance. Because somehow through the natural phenomenon, the balance in the environment can be distracted and can create negative impact which we need to solve and avoid. The balance of the ecosystem can be affected by the energy as well such as heat.

12. Knowing the upwelling of ocean water

The upwelling of ocean water cycle also become the importance of thermodynamics in marine engineering. Upwelling of the ocean water will create a movement where the cold water in the deeper part of the ocean goes to the surface to balance the temperature.

13. Infrastructure management

There are some factors that is affecting the infrastructure. These factors determine whether the infrastructure can last for long or not.

This is when the thermodynamics knowledge need to be applied. By then we can actually know when we need to replace or fixing the infrastructure beneath the ocean.

14. Infrastructure development

After we get to know on the management system in terms of infrastructure. We can actually develop a new infrastructure that is suitable with our needs based on our previous experience of buiding the previous infrastructure.

15. Meets the nature and technology

Since it learn about the the relationship of energy surely the marine engineer know how to actually meet the technology and the nature to create something that is beneficial for human and not disturbing the balance of the ecosystem.

16. Machine system

Importance of thermodynamics in marine engineering is also being applied and used in the machine that is working with the ocean or beneath the ocean. Some machine that is using the thermodynamics principals are heat pumps and gas compressor.

17. Know how to conserve energy

Since there are renewable energy and non renewable energy, human need to be careful and use the energy wisely. Even though thermodynamics is only talking about the relationship energy but somehow this theory is helping us to know more about how we can actually conserve the non renewable energy once we found it.

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Hopefully these information about the importance of thermodynamics in marine engineering can be useful for you whether it can help you to expand your knowledge or to increasing your awareness towards the deep ocean ecosystems.

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