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15 Importance of Mathematics In Marine Engineering

by Stephanie

I think until now, I am still believing that most people will get scared about math or at least not so many people like math actually. Maybe this is because you have to calculate something and you cannot interpreting something.

Doing math is kind of different compare to doing another thing that require your own logic or opinion of something.
For example, you were asked to interpret a case and find the best solution in order to pass the situation. Math will require an exact number with a good analysis and good skill on calculation. Somehow math is giving us a limitation on what we can have a result of something, but that is math.

Sometime we do really need an exact calculation to help us know what we should do. An exact measurement or calculation also can help us for many things.

Talking about math, there are so many application of math actually, and today I want to talk about a subject or major that is also require math as one of the basic skill. The major is engineering, but since there are a lot of branch of engineering I will just talk about some of the importance of mathematics in marine engineering.

That hopefully, can make you understand why math is a really important subject and you should not hate it.

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1. Shape the logic

You may see that usually our teacher or lecturer will give a simple example for us to understand math. But, they give us a harder homework to do. This kind of things is actually testing us on how we can understand the basic idea and develop the idea or understanding that has already explained by our lecture to solve the homework.

This kind of treat help us to shape our logic better. A real example for the marine engineer maybe will be like what kind effects of ocean exploration that might happened if the actions is done through this method or another method. They need to make sure they decide and use the less risky method.

2. Get to know on how to solve a problem

Math is actually help us to learn and try to figure out a way to solve a problem. There are a lot of ocean problems that we can face right now. Somehow, marine engineer need to know on how to solve the problem which is not a simple problem for sure since every decision they make, and every minute they spend will affect whatever connected with the marine ecosystem.

3. Shaping a good mentality

Most of us will afraid if we see math questions using some variables. In fact, the question can be solved easily but we are having a bad thought at first and do not want to give a try to solve the problem.

Those who are good in math and become the marine engineer surely has the good mentality since they are not easily giving up on the problem that might seem impossible to be solved.

4. Become the basic of engineering  

Another importance of mathematics in marine engineering is somehow it become the basic of engineering. Engineering is related to physics. Physics or another subject that require math is based on math.

If you can do math, you can also do another subjects that require calculation. Another subject gives more information and the basic knowledge before you need to do the calculation based on the information given.

5. Make the calculation become certain

With numbers, everything become certain. Let’s say these marine engineer wants to create or build something in the ocean. They need to know the depth, pressure, and all the things in number. By that, they can actually create something with less risk and more benefits towards the ecosystem.

This is because the threats to marine life may also affect human’s life if the problem is not solved quickly and correctly.

6. Help you to make a hypothesis of something

When you are faced with math, let’s just say a quite complex math, you will have several ways to solve the problem. Basically, these method or ways to solve the math will help you to know which method is better and more accurate compare to the other.

This basic habit that we do to math actually can also shape the way of our thinking. So, when the marine engineer is faced with problem, of course they will tend to create a hypothesis and see which approach is more visible.

7. Developing people ability on analysis

Problems that is exists in our life are vary from a simple problem to a total complex problem. I am sure that to solve a complex problem you will need to analyse several factors that might become the reasons of your problem that you face.

If you want to relate this with math, math will also require you to analyse the number correctly, because if you are not then you can fail the whole calculation. Can’t be denied that math also help us to have this kind of ability or habit to analyse something which is good for the marine engineer because there are so many things that need to be considered of.

8. Creating a different point of view

One from so many importance of mathematics in marine engineering is that it can help us to create a different point of view. What I meant with point of view here is that you are getting better to see patterns of problems that you need to solve.

So it will be like if you see several factors or pattern you will know that a certain problem will show up. And indirectly you will think on how to solve the problem. The ability to see the pattern kind of give you a different point of view on something.

9. Help to build a better personality

As a student we tend to be a little bit stubborn. This is because we tend to apply everything that has been taught by our teacher directly without even give a try to simplify the things. Math can be done in many different way and somehow this reality help us to actually learn to be open minded. Open to any kind of possibilities that can be happened.

As a marine engineer of course we need to have this kind of personality because there are so many ways that can be done in order to solve a problem.

10. Better maintenance system

One of the job desk that is need to be done by the marine engineer is that they need to maintain any system that they already created or existed. Somehow, math can help them better with this. For example, they need to change the underwater pipe with a new one with math somehow they can know the exact amount of pipe that they need.

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11. Less expense

Let’s us continuing the point number 10. Without math, what people can do to know the exact amount of something is somehow by trying to assume the thing that they though they knew it before. Most people will see that buying or purchasing something a little bit more than they need is better because they can have a backup just in case if they actually need more of it. Somehow this can create more expense to spend.

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12. Better management system

With the importance of mathematics in marine engineering basically marine engineer can actually predict when the equipment or all the machine in the ocean need to be updated. Somehow math also make the prediction on when a certain machinery need to be updated.

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13. Development

Before you build something, of course there is some consideration that you need to take and think of. When the people want to build and develop the infrastructure in the ocean it means that they need to now whether it is possible or not for them to build it.

14. Better infrastructure development

To build a house or any other infrastructure is needed some amount of knowledge so by then the infrastructure that is built can run its function. Marine engineer is the one who knows on what kind of infrastructure needed in the ocean.

15. Protecting marine area

The marine protected areas will need some amount of good infrastructure that is built based on a good knowledge in order to protect the living being there. This is also why math is needed by the marine engineer.

So those are some of the importance of mathematics in marine engineering. Hopefully this article can help you to understand why math is really important. Thank you so much for keep following our website by keep reading all the articles.

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