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17 Importance of Marine Resources to Pacific Islands

by Fitriani

Pacific Islands are the islands around the Pacific Ocean. They include a lot of small islands from various countries such as Japan, America or the Philippines.

Since these islands have a close relationship with the waters surrounding them, they surely have a lot of use for all the marine resources they have.

These marine resources play a role in every aspect of their lives. These 17 Importance of Marine Resources to Pacific Islands will tell you how. See how essential these marine resources are to the people living in the Pacific Islands.

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1. Source of Livelihoods

The marine resources that lie close to the the Pacific Islands are extremely important in keeping the people alive. They are a source of livelihoods for them. Without those marine resources, there would be less reliable method of maintaining life. They might have to look to far places just so they can survive.

2. Natural Heritage

Some marine places have become sacred places in the Pacific Islands. For instance the Kahalu’u is a a sacred beach to the Hawaiians. Another one is the Keauhou. These places are significant parts of their heritage and culture. They are important to the lives of the Hawaiians that have lived there for many years.

3. Sustainable Income for the Future

A sustainable income can be achieved through the marine resources. It may even serve as a good income for future generations. The marine resources in the Pacific Islands can be put into good use in different ways depending on what they need.

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4. Source of Food

The Pacific Islanders mostly obtain their food from the oceans. That’s why all sorts of fisheries are important here. Fish is always consumed in the Pacific Islands. That is how they can provide their bodies with the best kind of proteins available to them.

5. Provide Jobs

Marine resources provide many kinds of jobs to the Pacific Islanders. The people could choose to become involved in the fishing industries, renewable technology facilities and, of course, tourism. This various choices of jobs open up more opportunities to the people. They also add more valuable skills that will definitely be useful.

6. Tourism

Tourism is a highly important aspect to the Pacific Islands. With all the marine resources that they have, they can maximise the benefit that they get from tourism. It opens up new jobs and give more sources of income but it also serves as a door to making connections with people from all over the world.

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7. Nature Conservancy

There have been efforts to increase conservation acts to the marine biodiversity. The Pacific Islands is so rich with their marine resources that they have to be protected at all cost. They hold cultural value to the Pacific Islanders. Moreover, nature conservancy can teach people the importance of caring about the marine ecosystem.

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8. Source of Studies

With all the marine resources that the Pacific Islands have to offer, they are perfect for studies. Scientists constantly conduct studies for various reasons. Some studies may benefit the Pacific Islanders in future time. They will provide the people with more knowledge than ever before.

9. Economic Value

Paying attention to the economy is crucial to the Pacific Islands. It can determine whether the islands can flourish even more. With fisheries and tourism, the economic value of the Pacific Islands can be quite high. It can especially increase if they export their materials to other countries.

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10. Maintain Nutritional Value

Nutrition often get overlooked. But it’s so important to know and also to gain an adequate amount of nutrition. It’s the only way to create a productive and healthy population. The marine resources can provide a high amount of nutritional value to the Pacific Islanders.

11. Food Security

The Pacific Islands won’t have to worry much about food security when they have tons of marine resources that they can rely on. It provide them with dependancy and control. Sustainable way of getting their food from the marine ecosystem will ensure that their food security will be guaranteed for longer time.

12. Medicinal Purposes

Medicines are needed to keep diseases away and also to treat the sick. As of now, there have been tons of marine animals and plants that contribute to the making of medicines. The Pacific Islands highly benefit from the marine resources surrounding them as they can continue to give improvements in the medicinal sector.

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13. Green Energy

With all the waves and the currents that exist in the marine environment, the Pacific Islands will have more chances at installing green energy. This kind of renewable energy can improve their Pacific Islanders power supply. They are also more reliable in case the storms come to the islands.

The people won’t have to wait for help from other regions that may require a long time to happen. They will have more chances to recover quickly.

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14. Cosmetic Industries

Many marine plants are often used in the cosmetic industries. They are needed to make the soaps, the shampoos and the lotions that people use. With that, the Pacific Islanders can create their own products using their local marine sources.

15. Mining Resources

There are still potential for mining underwater in the Pacific Islands. It’s not something that a lot of people look forward to because it brings a lot of harm. However, it can serve as a backup plan in case something happens that will require them to do so.

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16. Leisure Activities

The locals and tourists can enjoy the nature of the Pacific Islands thanks to the marine resources. They are the main factor in making leisure activities around the oceans enjoyable. They give a lot of choices for people to do while in the islands.

17. Aquaculture

The farming of fish in the Pacific Islands can actually save lives. Apparently, tuna fish can help reduce obesity and also treat diabetes. The aquaculture of tuna in the islands will have the chance to help save the lives of many people.

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Now that you know how significant these marine resources are to the Pacific Islands, you can begin to understand why it’s important to look after the marine environment. What you do can affect those that are oceans away. Your actions can either bring positive or negative impact to the Pacific Islanders.

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