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25 Unique Characteristics of Pacific Ocean

by Stephanie

You do know that our ocean has about 70% area for the ocean and the rest of it for the land. And yes, the total amount of ocean area is bigger compare to the land and this is become the reasons why the ocean is divided into some regions. There are about five major ocean on earth. And Pacific Ocean is one from five major ocean that is exist on earth. This ocean also become the largest ocean with Atlantic Ocean as the second larger ocean on earth. But sadly, not all people now more about the unique characteristics of Pacific Ocean.

Each major of ocean is different from one to another because it has its own characteristics. Our beloved country Indonesia is also located in the Pacific Ocean. To help you know more about the Pacific Ocean, firstly you have to know about some unique characteristics of Pacific Ocean. Besides that, you can also know the difference between Pacific Ocean and another ocean.

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1. The largest ocean

Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on earth. Its size covers about 30% earth surface. Its area is about 161.8 million km². Besides being the largest ocean, Pacific Ocean also become the deepest ocean with the mean depth until 4,280 m. The area of Pacific Ocean covers Asia, Africa, and America in some certain places where if you want to total there will be about 55 countries surround the Pacific Ocean.

2. The existence of ring of fire 

Ring of fire or also known as circum Pacific belt is basically the amount of active volcanoes. About 75% of the world’s active volcanoes exist in the Pacific Ocean and the area surround it. That is why no wonder that Pacific Ocean become a place that experience many natural disaster such as earthquake or even tsunami. The existence of ring of fire is not only causing such effect such as volcanic eruption but it also can be in a form of plate movements.

3. Has the longest coral reef population 

Have you ever heard about Great Barrier Reef? Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef ecosystem on earth. To be exact, The Great Barrier Reef’s area is about 34,870,000 ha. Because of its area is so huge until you can even see the existence of Great Barrier Reef from the outer space. It is located in Australia which is still within the area of Pacific Ocean. There are so many species that is protected there, and even the ecosystem it self is also being protected by the Government of Australia.

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4. Has the deepest ocean trench

As the largest ocean on earth, Pacific Ocean also has the deepest ocean trench which is known as Marianas Trench. The depth of the trench is about 11,034 meters. If you want to compare with the highest mountain on earth which is the Mount Everest, the depth of Marianas Trench is more than the height of Mount Everest. It is so deep that even we don’t know either there is still a life in the bottom part of Marianas Trench or not.

5. Habitat for six endangered animals

Another unique characteristics of Pacific Ocean is the role of Pacific Ocean as a habitat for at least six endangered animals. Those animals are included whales, dolphins, manatee, sea turtles, sea otters, and seals. These animals have a special concern by the government in each region to prevent them from extinction. The major factors that caused these animals become endangered is because of the human act of destroying their habitat and over exploitation.

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6. Habitat for Yeti Crab

If you usually see a crab as what it is, you can find a unique and different species of crab in the Pacific Ocean. The crab is known as Yeti Crab. Yeti Crab is a species of crab which has a fur all along its legs and claws. This species of crab can grow up to 15 cm long. And you can find the existence of this crab in the Southern part of Pacific Ocean. The Yeti Crab can live beneath the ocean until the depth of 2,600 feet. And the hair that this species of crab have can help the crab to eat a small microbes.

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7. Marine plants diversity

If you are going to discover the Pacific Ocean, you will find the diversity among the plants. Start from the micro plants such as algae and phytoplankton until the macro plants that you can see by eyes such as kelp. Even though the plants in the ocean is smaller compare to the plants in the land but the plants in the ocean hold an important role toward the living on earth. Without the plants in the ocean there will be no life both in the ocean and land. And even though the size is smaller, but the plants in the ocean supply more than 70% of oxygen on earth.

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8. Has about 60% of world’s fish

Since Pacific Ocean has become the largest part of the entire ocean on earth, then surely the population of living beings there is bigger compare to any other ocean. Pacific Ocean is known as the biggest supplier for fish because it has about more than 60% of world’s fish that live in it. But even if so, it does not mean that the amount of fish will remain the same. The huge number of overfishing or over exploitation toward the resource inside the Pacific Ocean such as fish make some species endangered.

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9. Has the largest amount of debris

As the largest ocean that covers a large area too, Pacific Ocean become an ocean that has the largest amount of debris. The debris that is accumulated beneath the Pacific Ocean or even the one that floats in the Pacific Ocean’s water surface is mostly caused by human. People usually will just throw everything to the ocean such as garbage or another waste. This is still happening because many people have low awareness toward the ecosystem. The debris may come both from industry and household. Even the debris from household also contains some dangerous chemical substance that polluting the ocean including the Pacific Ocean.

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10. Earthquake often occur in its surroundings

The other unique characteristics of Pacific Ocean is just like what I have mentioned before. Because it has about 75% of world’s active volcanoes, it makes Pacific Ocean become a place that experience natural disaster the most. Its surroundings which is the land or the countries will also experience the same thing. Taking an example of Indonesia that is also located in the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia has experience some natural disaster such as tsunami and earthquake for many times.

Others (11-25)

  • Resource for natural resources
  • About 25.000 islands located in Pacific Ocean
  • The temperature
  • The existence of typhoons
  • Has the oldest seabeds
  • The existence of the Water Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere
  • Galapagos Island is located in Pacific Ocean which is known as an island that has a huge number of diversity
  • El Nino and La Nina effect
  • Shrinking due to the widening area of Atlantic Ocean
  • Divided into three regions
  • Tropical islands
  • Subtropical high pressure zones of wind
  • Mixed tides unlike the semidiurnal tides in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Alluvial deposits
  • The existence of westerlies

That’s all for today’s article about the unique characteristics of Pacific Ocean. Hopefully this article can help you to know more about the Pacific Ocean and also the things that make it different compare to the other ocean. More over to help you to increase the knowledge and also your awareness toward the ecosystem both land and ocean ecosystem. Thank you for reading our article till the end and keep being our loyal reader because there will be more interesting article about the deep ocean ecosystems and facts to come.

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