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17 Effects of El Nino in Pacific Ocean

by Stephanie

El Nino is one of many natural phenomenon that is happened in the Pacific Ocean. Basically, the phenomenon is all about the band warm of ocean water that is developing in the east – central equatorial Pacific. El Nino is classified as a natural phenomenon which we cannot understand certainly what kind of factors that may cause the El Nino itself.

Even though we cannot know what factors that is causing El Nino, but with the technology nowadays we can know on how to prevent El Nino and effects of la nina because we can predict when these natural phenomenon will occur. If you are wondering what is the difference between El Nino and La Nina is that the El Nino is a natural phenomenon about the warmer temperature, meanwhile La Nina is about the colder temperature cycle and or pattern.

To get to know more about El Nino, I would like to share some information about effects of el nino in pacific ocean.

1. Upwelling waters of Pacific Ocean

The first effect comes with El Nino and most likely happen is the upwelling waters of Pacific Ocean. In a normal condition, water from the deeper or deepest part of the ocean will experience upwelling. The upwelling is helping the temperature to be in balance and nutrient distribution  become equal in the ocean.

2. The rise of temperature

Just like what I have mentioned before, El Nino become one of the causes of rising ocean temperatures. Since the upwelling cycle does not going well during the El Nino, the temperature will become hotter.

3. Drought

Because of the high temperature condition in the Pacific Ocean, drought may appear in the areas near Pacific Ocean. One of some countries that is affected by drough caused by El Nino is Indonesia.

4. Less plants 

Another effects of el nino in pacific ocean is the declining number of plants. If the effect after El Nino is not treated well and correct, then the plants that live In the pacific ocean will decrease in a significant number. This is because number one, the temperature is so high until it changes their habitat characteristics. Moreover, without upwelling of ocean water, nutrient will not be distributed equally, and plants need nutrient to live.

5. Less food source

When the nutrient does not distributed equally and plants lack of nutrient and the number of plants decreasing, it means the amount of fish in total will also decreasing. Less fish can feed on plants, and when the plants is our numbered then these fish will die and it will affect the food chain until the top level.

6. Disease outbreak

Lacking of nutrient means there will be many living being so easy to be affected by disease. And when the problem is not solved as soon as possible, this means that the disease can spread out through out the region. Which surely will lead many living beings in the ocean to death.

7. Respiratory problem

The high level of temperature and less nutrient that is received by plants creates some problems. With less plants means there will be less oxygen supply in the air.

The air will be dominated by another gas such as carbon dioxide or another pollutant gas coming from vehicle or factories. And because of this, the people around the Pacific Ocean can have a chance to get a respiratory problem.

8. Decreasing number of marine living beings

The decreasing number of marine living beings is also another effects of El Nino in Pacific Ocean. Less nutrient may cause less plants and less plants may lead many herbivore living beings to also decreasing. And when herbivore is decreasing means the carnivore living beings in the ocean also decreasing. In total, all marine living beings will experience the declining in number.

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9. Climate change

Climate of the ocean is affected by many things. Somehow, El Nino also become one of many factors that causing the climate change.  El Nino become one of the causes because the existence of this natural phenomenon creates some effect such as the rising level of temperature in which surely will affect the climate.

10. Teleconnection problem

A high level temperature may also create tele-connection problem through out the region. These problem may also lead another problem for marine mammals such as shark, dolphins, and whales that is using their echolocate ability to go somewhere.

If there is a problem with the teleconnection where this is affecting these marine mammals ability of echolocate it means they can go somewhere or even hit something without they even realize it.

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11. May create flood

Effects of ocean currents on adjacent coastal areas that is caused by El Nino may creates flood. During the El Nino, there willbe a certain area that is having a high intensity of rain or heavy rain. A heavy rain that is exceeding the intensity of a usual or normal rain in a certain area will surely causing flood because there is more amount of water that is fall into the ground.

12. Causing wind shear

Next up, effects of wind on ocean currents my lead into a big problem since currents is helping the ocean ecosystem in balance through many ways. And wind is one factor that is causing the currents of the ocean. Another side effects of El Nino in Pacific Ocean is that it is causing wind shear around the region. Wind shear may create an unbalance situation in terms of temperature.

13. Creating warm water pool

Warm water pool is a natural phenomenon that is known during the El Nino. These warm water pool will be created in a certain place where it will cause a heavy rain in that place since surely the water will make up water vapor in the air.

14. Decreasing number of plankton

There are some important functions of the phytoplankton in ocean ecosystem such as to be a producer and creating food for another living beings.

During the El Nino, many plankton that will be trapped in the deeper part of the ocean. And there is also a possibilities where the plankton will be trapped in the part of the ocean that can’t get the sunlight exposure. This means these plankton can’t do the photosynthesis and they can also die.

15. Decreasing number of nutrient in the ocean

Of course you will know that there are a lot of importance of nutrients in the ocean in order to support the live of marine living beings. And due to the El Nino natural phenomenon and due to the upwelling ocean water issue, the amount of nutrient in the ocean can also be decreased and the distribution of nutrient itself will not go well and equal.

16. Coral bleaching

Coral bleaching is also an effects of El Nino in Pacific Ocean. Coral reefs need a specific yet constant temperature to live. When the temperature is changing, coral reef will easily get affected by it and it starts to bleach.

There are so many importance of coral reefs to the fishing industry because coral reefs has become a place for many living beings to live.This is why it is very important for us to actually know how to fix all the effects caused by the El Nino phenomenon.

17. Impact to the economy

Since there will be lots of marine living beings that is decreasing in number, this may also impact the economy. There are so many people relying their lives by seeking and selling the resources that they get from the ocean such as fish and octopus. When the problem is not solved sooner means that there will be lots of people experience the decreasing number of income.

So those are some of the effects of El Nino in Pacific Ocean that I can share you with. Hopefully by knowing this you can actually understandthat there is a lot of problem in the ocean that is need to be fixed due to the effects that might affect our lives.

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