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13 Importance of Ocean to Economic Development

by Fitri Bukhairah

The fact that 71% of earth surface is covered by the ocean definitely influences many aspects on this planet, including economic development. A lot of countries, especially maritime countries utilized ocean in improving their economics. Well, it cannot be separated from the natural resources produced by the ocean that bring a lot of benefits in ensuring the sustainability of life on the earth. That’s why we should realize the importance of ocean conservation and prevent all the threats to marine ecosystem.

As for the importance of the ocean to economic development include several aspects that will be discussed below:

  1. Source of Fishery

One of the natural resources provided by the ocean which determines the economic development of a country is the fishery. Besides, the ocean contains a lot of fishes that can be utilized as the food source for human. The ocean also can be utilized as the field jobs for a lot of people which may be able to support the income in economic development. Moreover, the fish is included as one of the commodities export trade which brings influential advantages for the economics of the certain country, including Indonesia.

  1. Sources of Energy

The ocean is known as the source of energy which is utilized as power plants on the certain parts of the world, including Indonesia. This capability opens up opportunities for improving the economic development of a country. As known that, electricity also becomes one of the basic needs that can support the life-sustainability of the human.

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  1. Sub Sea Mining Area

The ocean is potential to be utilized as subsea mining area because it contains the variety of resources worth taking, including silver, gold, copper, manganese, cobalt, and zinc. These raw materials can be found in various subsea shaped and they usually have the higher concentration than the mine found in the land.

In Indonesia, one of the mining products that also support the economic development is oil and gas which have exported in several countries.

  1. The Utilization of Algae

Algae are the part of the marine ecosystem which also provides a lot of advantages in economic development. It is because algae can be utilized in many aspects needed in human life, such as the material of medicine, food, cosmetics and etc.  So, algae marketing are also one of the importance of the ocean to economic development.

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  1. The Utilization of Coral Reefs

Beside coral reefs are included as the important aspects of the marine ecosystem, coral reefs are also beneficial in improving economics. It cannot be separated from the fact that coral reefs can be utilized as the object of attraction, products materials including medicine and cosmetics, and then coral reefs also function as the place to cultivate fish.

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  1. Cultivation of Lobster 

Lobster is one of the marine animals which is suitable to be cultivated for trading business purposes. Lobster is able to improve the economic development in the country because lobster is one of the highly demanded seafood and the price is also high.

  1. Medicine Material 

Most of the organisms living in the ocean can be utilized as the material of medicine to be traded. The extract substances contained in both animals and plant marine are able to treat diseases and maintain human’s health. Medicine marketing is also influential in improving the economic development in the country because medicine is one of the basic needs needed by the human.

  1. Transportation Medium

in economic development in a country. The transportation through the ocean is able to distribute the many things from one place to the other places. This also will support the income of people who involved in managing the process of transportation in the ocean. That’s why the transportation medium in the ocean can improve the economic development.

  1. Recreation Area and Tourism

In many countries, including Indonesia rely on the ocean as the area of recreation and tourism which are able to sustain their economy. It is because the ocean provides a lot of attractive things to do which can draw the attention of the tourists, either local tourists or International tourists. For instance Bali in Indonesia, Bali becomes one of the tourist spots which provide recreation and tourism area in the sea.

  1. Pearl Producer

Pearl is one of the high price jewellery that can be produced in the ocean. This is absolutely able to improve the economic development in a country because the better quality of a pearl, the higher the price will be. In Indonesia, there are several territories that produce pearls with a good quality such as Lombok, Sumbawa, Maluku and Laut Banda.

  1. Crude Oil Distributor

One of the natural resources provided by the ocean is crude oil. The importance of crude oil which is needed in life is able to sustain and improve the economic development in the country. One of the countries which are involved in crude oil distributor is Indonesia. At this time, Indonesia has at least 7 provinces as the biggest crude oil producer in the southeast region.

  1. Utilization of Marine Grass

The marine grass is the plants lived in the ocean. There is a lot of importance of marine grass in several aspects such as ecology, social and economy. In economy, marine grass can be made as the fertilizer and compost, cigar, paper-making material, medicine, fishing area, and etc. The utilization of marine grass in the ocean is also able to support the economic development.

  1. Mangrove Forest

Mangrove forest is the part of the ocean which has the important benefits not only in ecology but also in economy. In economy, mangrove can be utilized as the building material, medicine, the area of tourism, and agriculture. It means mangrove is also influential in improving economic development in the country.

Well, that’s all the information about the importance of the ocean to economic development. I hope this article will be useful to all of us. Thanks for reading guys!

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