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14 Importance of Marine Biodiversity Conservation

by Fariz Kamal

The earth is our place to live which is covered by water untill 70%. All of the water in our planet is marine but only 4% of the world’s marines are protected for conservation. This is dangerous situation for marine biodiversity. Because biodiversity on marine can protect the terestrial or land.

Before we start to discuss marine biodiversity conservation, we have to understand the definion of marine biodiversity and coservation. Marine biodiversity is the varied species, gen (DNA), and ecosystem on marine. Biodiversity talk about variety and variability of species, gen, and ecosystem level at every single place.

Conservation is preservation using resources. In other definition, conservation is management to protect and restore the natural habitat for wildlife. In general, we know conservation is effort to protect wildlife like animals and plants from extinction. Read more about  Importance of Sharks in The Marine Ecosystem

In this article we will discuss about the importance of marine biodiversity conservation. There are numerous important points of marine biodiversity. Some of important point of marine biodiversity will be explained. There are 14 importance of marine biodiversity conservation

  1. Protect important marine species

Marine is habitat for numerous species at the world. Surface, column, coral reef, seagrass, coastal, untill the deep ocean are habitats for marine species. Marine biodiversity conservation has a function to protect all marine species. Because some marine species is endangered, such as blue whale, whale shark, dugong and other species in marine. Read more about Importance of Marine Protected Areas

Conservation will help us to protect some important marine species from extinction. Because extiction is a threat for marine life. If one species is lost or disappear other marine species will lost too. Maybe, the lost marine species has a function for human life, like for health, food, tech, knowledge, culture, and other.

  1. Development marine resource

One important points of marine biodiversity conservation is developing marine resource. Conservation is restoring natural habitat for wildlife. In a long time of conservation, the damaged area will be natural habitat again for wildlife. We will find many extinction species in the past live again. Development marine resouce is talking about marine fisheries management too

  1. Protect habitats

Conservation is effort to create natural type of Ocean habitats back again. This is so important for marine biodiversity such as definition of biodiversity, habitat is a place for wildlife live. Animals, plants, and others live at one habitat. They will make a ecosystem. After that they will make a diversity at every single level, from genetic to ecosystem.

  1. Food chain

Food chain will be protected by conservation. Because, Food chain is an important point at ecosystem. Such as a point before, one species disappear another species will disappear too. Each species has important function at food chain. Conservation make all species protected. Read more about  Importance of Mathematics In Marine Engineering

  1. Balance of ecosystem

Ecosystem is an interaction between biotic and abiotic. Interaction of organism and nonliving component such as water, air, land, soil and others are ecosystem. Each component at ecosystem have many important function for other component. Without one component ecosystem will be unbalanced. Ecosystem will be damaged and lost. Conservation is an effort for balance of ecosystem. Besides that, conservation help to decrease ocean pollution

  1. Endemic species

Endemic species is the unique species and the ecological state of a species on a geographic location. Endemic species is a symbol of a spesific location on earth. They are would not find at another location. Conservation protect the endemic species from extinction. Because endemic species is the most important species on ecosystem. Read more about Importance of Marine Microbiology

Endemic species is endangered species at ecosystem. There are many threat cause endemic species endangered or extinction. Such as degradation, agriculture, aquaculture, mining, and others are the cause of extinction of endemic species

  1. Protect terrestrial

Marine biodiversity conservation on coral reef habitats will protect coral reef life. The function of coral reef on marine is protecting coastal from wave. Coral reef will break the wave before wave arrive to shoreline. It is important for natural life and human life. Because abrasion is a big threat for land and coastal life. Read more about effect of ocean current on adjacent coastal areas

  1. Research

Live laboratory is an important facilities for research. Marine biodiversity conservation will provide the live laboratory. The conservation area is a good place to make some research and some experiment for natural life, especially for marine life research. We can make a research for finding a new drug, bioenergy, food, and others. Read more about How to Reduce Global Warming Effects in Ocean

  1. Increasing Knowledge

Coservation protect natural wildlife from extinction. The extinction of some species will make some knowledge disappear. Maybe, the extinction species has an important function for human life. So, protecting some species from extinction will help us to increase our knowledge about that and get the benefit from that.

  1. Understanding ecosytem

Conservation is a live laboratory for scientist. They will make some experiment to understand the ecosystem. Understanding ecosystem is important for us. Because we have to measure and prdedict all for balance of nature. Understanding ecosystem will help us to manage our world.

  1. Exploring function of biodiversity

In the world we find much of diversity at each level. Diversity at genetic, species, and ecosystem has a function for life. Without conservation we can not understand the function of biodiversity. With conservation, we will explore the function of biodiversity easily. Read more about  Effects of Global Warming in Ocean Salinity

  1. Maintain marine biodiversity

Maintainence of marine biodiversity is  something we must do. Maintainenece will keep the marine in same situation like a nature. It is important for human to live. Because, marine life has a function to protect the balance of nature. Besides that, maintenence of marine biodiversity is protect all unit and part of marine life untill we make a research to understand that or take a advantage from that.

  1. Increasing marine species

The important point of marine biodiversity conservation is increasing number of marine species. Extinction is a situation when the last individual of the species is dying. Before extinction happened, conservation have to increase the number of species untill the safe number.

  1. Help the local culture

The last point of impotance of marine biodiversity conservation is helping the local culture. Such as endemic species, conservation can help local culture for sustain in the future. in general, local culture use an endemic species for their party or ceremonial. If endemic species is lost, the local culture will be threated. So, conservation is effort to help local culture exist again.

Those are 14 importance of marine biodiversity conservation that you should know earlier.

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