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15 Ecological Importance of Marine Organism

by Fitri Bukhairah

You should know that on the surface of this Earth, it is covered by 70% of water and over 96% of which is salt water. The largest bodies of water are known as the ocean. The ocean becomes one of the most important ecosystems in sustaining life in this world. It doesn’t only act as the biggest oxygen supplier that highly needed, but the ocean also provides many natural resources that are able to support the life sustain.

One of the biggest natural resources provided by the ocean is the marine organism. The ocean is home to many kinds of living organism species which have different benefits for many kinds of ecosystems exist. So, the marine organism must have ecological importance. What is it? Here are the lists of the ecological importance of marine organisms that you should know:

1. Oxygen Supplier

Did you know who’s the biggest oxygen supplier on this planet? If you answer the tree, then your answer must be incorrect because the tree only provides 20 % oxygen. The correct answer is plankton, particularly phytoplankton which supplies about 80% oxygen. See more about the functions of the phytoplankton in ocean ecosystem.

Phytoplankton is one of the small marine organisms which inspired to produce oxygen bubbles contained in the ocean, then oxygen is released into the air that we can enjoy now. Through this fact, we absolutely cannot deny the ecological importance brought by the marine organisms in sustaining life on this planet.

2. Source of Food

Of course, we all already know that most of our source of foods are provided by the ocean. Just imagine how many marine organisms live in the ocean that we can consume to balance basic needs of human, especially fish. Fish have been a long time become an important health diet for the human. Not only that, the other marine organisms such as shrimp, lobster, algae and much more also can be consumed as fish.

Besides marine organisms provide food for human, marine organisms also provided food for each other in order to maintain the food chain in the ocean. So that, the production of marine organisms can be maintained.

3. Fishing Sources

There are so many species of fishes living in the ocean that are beneficial for life. That’s why people inspired to use the marine organisms as their source of income to stabilize their economic needs in the fishing field. As known that fishing industry is already been for a long time ago and the ocean which contained a huge marine organism must be the best place as fishing sources for the fisherman.

4. Source of Medicine

It doesn’t need to be questioned anymore whether the medicine is important or not because we all know that medicine also becomes a  part of human need in this life. So, have you ever wondered where the medicine comes from? Well, some of them come from the ocean.

Some of the marine organisms living in the ocean can be utilized as the manufactures of drug material such as sea cucumbers, coral reefs, algae and much more.

5. Cosmetics Material

For women, perhaps cosmetics is an important thing needed in this life. So, it needs to be produced continuously. Well, in manufacturing the cosmetics, people utilize the marine organisms as the source of cosmectic material. It is because many of the marine organisms such as algae, coral reefs, and etc. have a great potential to be used as the beauty treatment.

That’s why a lot of cosmetics industries choose the ocean as their source of manufacturing the cosmetic.

6. Object of Tourism

The beauty which belongs to the marine organisms in the ocean becomes a great point to make it as the object of tourism. Just see in order to see the beauty of the marine organisms, how many people enjoy theirselves diving in the ocean. See also the importance of artificial coral reefs.

7. Stabilize the Economy

By seeing many benefits that human can get from the marine organisms in industry field as what has been mentioned above,  no wonder if the marine organisms are able to stabilize even improve the economy of many people. See also the importance of ocean to economic development.

8. Help to Preserve the Ocean

The importance of ocean conservation is not apart from the existence of marine organisms living in the ocean. The activity of marine organisms in the ocean is able to preserve the ocean. That’s why we need to maintain the conservation of marine organisms in order to preserve the ocean because we know that the ocean is very important for our life. See the importance of marine grass.

9. Help to Manage the Waste

As you know that the waste produced by human activity will end up in the ocean that will cause the effects of radiation on ocean life. Then, the marine organisms, especially the importance of microbes in the ocean will help us to manage the waste so that the environmental hygiene can be maintained.

However, when the amount of waste in the ocean is excessive, the marine organisms must be not able to manage them. As the result, the environment will be tainted.

Then, the life of the marine organisms in the ocean will be threatened. Not only that, the role of marine organisms in sustaining life also must be obstructed.

10. Able to Control the Climate

The ecological importance of marine organisms in the ocean is able to control the climate so that the climate will be adjusted as the way of earth creatures need. The marine organisms can absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in a very large amount.

So, it will be able to prevent the global warming. Besides that, marine organisms also help to manage the direction of sea breeze which carrying the steam as the source of rain, whether in the ocean or in the land.


The additional of the ecological importance of marine organisms are listed as follows:

  1. Marine organisms as the source of cultivation.
  2. Marine organisms can be utilized as the source of crude oil.
  3. Marine organisms are used as the object of many researchers in the education field.
  4. Marine organisms are able to donate the high nutrition which is needed by the human. You can see the importance of nutrients in the ocean.
  5. Marine organisms help to manage the role of the ocean as the power plants.

Well, that’s all about the importance of ecological importance of marine organisms that you should know. I hope this article will awake our awareness to always try preserving the ocean. Thanks for reading!

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