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7 Sea Salt Facts – Process – Components – Benefits

by Tya

Sea salts has another popular name as bay salts or solar salts. Sea salt often compared with table salt. Many people think its same, instead get a sea salt is harder and more expensive than table salt. It is true they’re same? The answer is absolutely not. There’s so much difference between sea salts and table salts. How many different actually between them? Lets begin from the most important thing, the process.

Process of Sea Salts

Sea salts usually harvested around Mediterranian Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and North sea. Sea salts is produced from evapuration of sea water, its means has more minerals than another type which extracted from sedimentary process.

Algae and some marine bacterias can be belong into sea salts component too and makeit taste more complex. Taste, texture, and colors every sea salts will not exactly same with another one because it depends from the component, even the main component are 60% chloride and 40% sodium.

Sea salts classified into unrefined salts, which not washed like refined one and usually has grey colors because from sediments. Sea salts also can be use for preservation for some fish and also for fabric factories. Meanwhile, the bigger size and has brownish or pink color are common appearance which people notice about their different with another type.

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Sea Salts Components

We already know basic thing about sea salts and whats make it different from another type, and lets move into next part.

We all know whether we cant live without salt in days, right? Even we want to do some diets? Do you really know what exactly sea salts has?

Sodium and chlorides are highest components in sea salts (about 33 and 50,9% each salts) and importants for human life because our body need normal nutrient absorption.

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Another words, chlorides will help with muscle and nerve function; and sodium will do the same things with chlorides, and futhermore its also help for normal blood volume and pressure, balance our body’s fluids, also for proper muscle contraction. Every quarter tea spoon of sea salt has 601,25 miligram of chlorides and 460 miligram of sodium.


Third components is pottasium, and it will help body to regulate acid levels, maintain a steady heart beats, and aids in transmitting nerve impulse. Calcium and magnesium are next important minerals and has different function than another minerals, which calcium use for bones, teeth, regulating our heartbeats and normal muscles; and magnesium use for intevense energy for our body and the synthesis of RNA and DNA. Every quarter tea spoon of tea salts contains 2,7 miligram of pottassium, 1,5 miligram of magnesium, and 5,2 miligram of calcium.

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High Sulfur

Sea salts has high sulfur too, which its function for heart health and normal metabolism. Every quarter tea spoons of sea salts usually has 9,7 miligrams sulfur. There’s another little things too inside sea salt and also has effects to our body, like: zinc, iron, iodine, copper, phosphorus, bromine, boron, manganese, and silicon. We need all this minerals for our another body function, like for teeth, bones, or energy productions. Furthermore, we need iron to help our red bloods and muscle cells to carry oxygen throughout our body, and also we need iodine to regulating our body’s temperature.

Based on The New England Journal of Medicine 2014, research which include 1,000 peoples in 17 countries revealed that good average salt consumption in days is about 3,000-6,000 milligrams. When people consume sodium more than that (almost) every time, it can cause a some problems, like they will have high blood pressure, diabetes chronic, or kidney diseases. And vice versa, when someone doesn’t has enough sodium in days it can be a risk to has cardiovascular diseases.

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As you can see, consume to much or less sodium can give bad problems to us. But do you know if sea salt can prevent us from all of that? How can? Its sea salt same like another salt and what exactly sea salt doing there? Here all the sea salt facts about benefits you must know. Such as:

1. Sea Salts and Dental Health

Mix some salts and baking soda and brush our teeth regularly with it can sensure strong teeth and gums, remove plaque, prevent from bad breath, and yea exactly you true; can whiten our teeth! Its safe? Of course! Its one treatment for tooth care which natural, safe, cheap, and easy one. How sea salts work over this? High iodine in sea salts will removed acids in our mouth and make us salivate, and thats salivation protect our enamel from any bacterias.

Sea salt also can make into salt water; instead what we need is only half tea spoon of sea salts and 4 ounces of water. We just have to mix it together, slosh it inside our mouth for 30 seconds and we can do this after finished brush teeth.

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2. Sea Salts and Electrolytes Balances

Sea Salts has enough calories and drinking plain water are good for our days. But do you know if we more than that in our days? According to current studies, more than 75% population of western world are dehydrated. What exactly causes it?

Yeah you right, doesnt have enough fluid-electrolyte balance can cause dehydrated to everyone. Dehydration usually caused by not getting enough salt in days. How we solve that? Dont worry, we can get enough assumption for sodium from salt! We can mix some salts (only 3-6 miligrams) and some water and consume it regularly. Good news, we can also mix some salts into our daily drink, like add some salts into our hot chocolate or juices.

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3. Sea Salts and Blood Pressures

Yeah you right, so many people assumed if we consume so much salts it can cause high blood pressure or another disease and it can be bad too if we dont have enough salt too in days. Fortunately, some components in sea salts like: magnesium, pottassium, and another minerals will work together to help our body reach optimal levels and can lower our bloods pressure. Has enough salt in days also make us less risk to have heart diseases.

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4. Sea Salts and Good Sleeps

Salts and sleep doesn’t seem match to many people. But do you know another salts secrets? Yeah, salts has good effect on stress hormones and brain chemical and that will leads to less stress and better sleep. Who doesnt want that? And how can sea salts become solution (again)?

Mostly people cant sleep at night because they think a lot about many things and they stressed because that. But don’t worry, high sodium in salt can reduce our stress response so no more anxiety about things in night. Salt also can raises Oxycontin levels in our body which we need to feel calm and relaxed so it will increase our sense of well-being. So, what best time to to consume this? We can consume this right before we fall a sleep, like we take our bed time tonic. We can add that salt into our bed tonic and viola! We will have good sleep after that!

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Sea Salts and Beauty Treatment

Not only health, sea salts also can be use for beautiness. Ah, woman will be happy after know what exactly sea salt can give to them. Here you go, advantages we can get from sea salt for our beautiness.

5. Sea Salts and Hair Loss

Hair falls is bad thing for many people, its can also be embrassing too for all gender; especially when it become terrible hair loss. No one who want to be bald when young, right? Many people already try some products as treatment which often contain some chemical products, but unfortunately some of them isnt success. So, why not we try with natural products to solve this? We can try it with some salts. Really? How can?

Don’t be so surprised, its true if sea salts actually can help us with hair loss problem. Sea salts has high sodium, potassium, and calcium which will work together to discouragement the excess oil build up in our scalp and preventing from any fungal infection. Skin cells can regenerated, reduces itchiness, cleanses pores, improve blood circulation, and also cleanses our scalp from dandruff because some minerals in salts.

So, what we should do to reduce hair fall? First, we need to prepare some ingredients before we start this magical thing. What we need is only 2 table spoons of sea salts, 1 table spoon of almond oils, and 1 tea spoon of wheat germ oils. We can apply it while washing hair and we have to let it sit for about 15-20 minutes, then we can apply shampoo and conditioner after that. We only can do this once in two weeks, because if we do this often it could be damage our scalp too. After two months, we could see if its gonna be worth and we will get brighter, thicker, and smooth hairs! And dont forget to say good bye too for dandruff!

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6. Sea Salts and Acne Healings

Sea salts works for cleansing the cells, killing bacterias, and also increase pH levels in our skin. Salt has lot advantage for skin because some high minerals inside them. What we have to prepare so we can have healthier skin with natural treatment? (see also: Marine Disasters)

We should prepare warm water and 3 table spoons of sea salts and mix it together. After it mixed as well, we can put towel into water then put it into our affected area and hold on there for 3-4 minutes and we finish it with rinse our face with warm water. (see also: Climate of the Ocean)

We can do this every morning and night, and maximum use is 4 times each days. Sea salts will kills bacterias that cause acnes, rejuvenate oil balance, waste impurities and excess oil from face so new skin cells will grow and skin become smoother. (see also: Ocean Problems)

7. Sea Salts and Scrubs

Sea salts scrubs is most popular body treatment in spa, and it use for exfoliate our skin, which means removing outer most layer of dead skin cells and it will make our skin smoother and brighter. The scrub usually blend with almond oils and aromatic essential oils. After we finished, what we should do to clean it is by hand-held shower so the oil and aromatics still in our body for while. (see also: Acidification of the Ocean)

Sea salts scrubs will decrease muscular tensions and stress, also can removes some aches. Its good treatment too for boost blood circulation and removed toxins from our body.

We only can do this once each week, because if we do this to much it can cause skin irritation, or worse: skin rashes and abrasions. Each aromatic essentials has its own function, such as:

  • Orange: glowing, smoothing, and moisturizing our skin.
  • Lemon grass: lessen headaches and stress also reduce muscle cramping.
  • Mint: act as astringent so will help to remove blemishes and make skin more glowing.
  • Lavender: reduce skin infections and increase blood circulations.

Last one, sea salts also can be used too in any dishes and give us our another sensation. Whats that? Yeah you’re right, it can give us extra crispy and crunchy texture in the food and also delicious aroma. Sea salts often use in cooking too because anti-allergenic so can providing from ashtma and another allergies.

Incredible! Yes, its the first words that comes to our mind after know many facts about sea salt, right? Ah dont forget, sea salts also can be used to in any dishes too and will give us more delicious food because the complex components inside it. Its not really hard to get sea salt too because we can get it from any supermarkets, hypermarkets, or traditional markets around us. So, are you ready to become healthier, prettier, have good skin, and uhm, look younger? Be ready to make good changes!

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