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15 Social Impacts of Ocean Energy

by Fitriani

Ocean energy is the use of moving waves to produce power. Electricity and drinkable water can be gained through this renewable source of energy. It’s great news for the environment as that would mean a huge reduction in pollution. People will also benefit from it in numerous ways which you can find out in these 15 Social Impacts of Ocean Energy. This source of energy offers endless advantages to people who are willing to utilise the ocean.

1. Reduces Imported Energy

Implementing ocean energy can greatly reduce the need for importing energy. It’s costly and the price may rise. Imported energy can also turn out to be unstable. But with the full support of ocean energy, the local people won’t have to rely on other regions for a source of electricity.

2. Opens Up Job Opportunities

The construction process to build an ocean energy facility will require a lot of people. So, there more job opportunities for the people living nearby. The facility will also need people that can operate it. It opens up a new field of career for many people and help them earn more money. Read more about Use of Ocean Wave Energy

3. Cleaner Energy

Since the waves from the ocean provide a renewable source of energy, it won’t cause too much pollution. It’s a cleaner energy than using fossil fuels. Workers working at the energy facility will have less exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants. In the long run, they won’t have to face too much illnesses or diseases because of their jobs.

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4. Saves the Environment

A cleaner source of energy means a safer environment to live in. Local people can worry less about the energy facility polluting their clean air. This means that they can still breathe fresh and clear air. Their health and overall well-being won’t be threatened by unnecessary pollutants around them. Clean and clear air will also increase the people’s happiness. Read more about Uses of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

5. Increases Rate of Education

Ocean energy can also increase the rate of education within a local area. People will be offered more knowledge surrounding the technological advancement which provides them with renewable energy. Those who works at the facility may also gain new useful skills. They will be more educated on the importance of living sustainably and causing minimal harm to the environment. This could bring awareness to other areas to implement renewable source of energy too.

6. Good Water Quality

It’s not just electricity that ocean energy can give, it can also provide clean water. A good water quality will help people to do their daily activities. It will also immensely help their economies especially the business owners. As the water is sourced from the nearby oceans, the people won’t have to deal with polluted or unsafe water.

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7. Secure Source of Energy

Another impact from ocean energy is its ability to give security. For instance, an area that has just faced a natural disaster can recover at a faster speed with the help of renewable energy. A hurricane or a cyclone often hits coastal area. It destroys homes, trees, cuts off electricity and clean water. But with ocean energy, people won’t have to wait too long for outside help. They are able to produce their own source energy back again.

8. Avoid An Increase in Fossil Fuel Price

The price of fossil fuel can often be unpredictable. It may even experience an increase every now and then. People can avoid this by using ocean energy. Completely relying on a renewable energy will help them save more money. They don’t have to use energy sources from fossil fuels anymore.

9. Don’t Take Up Land

Unlike most source of non-renewable energy, the ocean energy facility can be built away from the land. It can be built in the middle of the ocean. Thus, the beach can still be used by the people without any disruption. The rest of the land is also still available for them to use for other purposes. You may want to read the impact factor of ocean and coastal management as well.

10. Less Visual Disturbance

For some people, the sight of energy facilities is unpleasant. They cause too many distractions for those who want to enjoy nature. But since ocean energy facilities don’t have to be near the shore or the coastlines, they won’t cause a visual disturbance. People can be at peace knowing that their views are not going to be filled with man-made structures.

11. Protects Sources of Livelihood

Fishermen or other people who depend on the ocean for income can still do their jobs. For instance, they can still harvest fish as usual or collects seaweed whenever they can. Ocean energy won’t cause any disruptions as they are not built near the coasts. It won’t leak poison that can kill off many marine creatures.

12. Predictable

The way the ocean waves move is predictable. So are the high and the low tides. This makes the energy it provides to be predictable. In case there are changes in the way the work, people can take it into account and have a backup plan. It’s a great way to keep producing stable energy for the people.

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13. Investment Opportunity

The economy over the local area can improve. People or other companies would want to plant an investment into the facility. As more people bring in more money, there can be growth in the area. There would be more budget for improving infrastructures and the people can continue to prosper.

14. Prevents Damage

Waves can often cause damage to the shoreline. Overtime, the damage may cause destructions to land structures. Homes may even receive the negative impact too. With the help of ocean energy facility, the energy of the waves coming into the shores can be reduced. They will cause less erosion to the surrounding land.

15. Dependable Electricity

Ocean energy is a dependable source of electricity. People at home won’t have to worry too much about losing power without any notice. As mentioned before, the waves provide constant source of energy. They are abundant and won’t run out anytime soon. With that, people will feel secure and safer when carrying out their activities.

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The ocean holds a vast amount of water that can be put to good use. In turn, people can prosper without harming the Earth.

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