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17 Importance of Marine Food Chain

by Stephanie

One of many characteristics of ocean ecosystems is food chain. Somehow food chain also create an important role in the ocean.

Food chain is not only studying on what kind of organism that is involved in the food chain but also we can understand about some of the importance of marine food chain. Since there are not many people knowing about the importance or the role of food chain, I would like to share several information that I have about food chain.

Hopefully, this information can be useful or at least to help us to aware more about the ecosystem. And also trigger you to know more about what is happening and exist inside our ecosystem and surroundings.

1. Support the life of plants

Plants in the ocean biome is the producer of food in the ocean. Somehow, even though they are the producer doesn’t mean that they need any help to live. The dead materials from the animals somehow become one of nutrition resources needed by the plants. And, when the food chain still in balance means the existence of endangered plants in the ocean can be prevented.

2. Support the life of the animals

Endangered animals in the ocean also can be prevented when the food chain in the ocean is in balance. Every living ocean animals has their own role in the ecosystem. Without the animals our ecosystem can be unbalance and this will affecting our lives for sure.

3. Keep the environment in balance

Deep ocean ecosystems is supported by many things such as the biotic elements and abiotic elements. The biotic elements here can be the food chain. The existence of food chain shows that there are so many parties involved to create the ecosystem balance.

4. Become the source of food for human

The importance of marine food chain for human is that it becomes the source of food for human. Human not only need plants but also animal as the source of food in order to get an energy for their body.

5. One of the money source for human

Food chain also become the importance of ocean to economic development. Food chain contains both animal and plants which is really important for human. There are so many people that is relying on natural resources such as plant and animals. When the food chain is in trouble it means that the money source for human also being affected.

6. Preventing the global warming become worse

Global warming in ocean levels caused by the high amount of pollution and less plants. Talking about on how to reduce global warming effects in ocean is by keep the food chain going in balance and by then the population of plants can be protected. And by then the impact of global warming can be reduced.

7. Producing oxygen

Keeping the food chain is also means that we are keeping the the existence of plants. Somehow this will help us to have more oxygen supply. Oxygen is one of the most essential components in our life that is why it is important for us to maintain the food chain.

8. Protecting the diversity in the ocean

Importance of marine food chain is also to protect the diversity that is already exist in the ocean. You do also see that of course if there is only one species or organism, this organism will surely die slowly since everything that is exist in this world rely to one and another.

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9. Get to know about the ecosystem problem

The existence of food chain also help us to know about what kind of problem that is exist within the ecosystem. Since there is a lot of parties that creates the food chain, people can analyse on what organism that is having a trouble inside the food chain.

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10. Source of education

There are so many things that can be learnt through the food chain. Such us what kind of organism that is involved inside a certain food chain. We can see the characteristic of an ecosystem based in the food chain that is exist in that ecosystem. Based on that there are so many things that can be learnt from food chain.

11. Fixing the ecosystem problem

Another importance is that we can fix the ecosystem problem by seeing the food chain there. In an ecosystem where the carnivore in the end ends up by eating plants or eventually die or decreasing in number already shows us that there is a problem within a certain ecosystem.

Somehow, through the information that we can get from the food chain, we can eventually know on how to fix the problem.

12. Creates relationships among the organism

Importance of marine food chain that is also important is that it creates relationships among the organism. By or through the food chain we can actually know what kind of organism that is involved in order to support our lives. Without it, I think we are as human will be just so greedy and do not care about anything else.

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13. Get to know about the pile up of toxic substance

Somehow when people ate plants or animals that is contaminated with toxic substance, the substance will pile up inside the body. And this thing can be dangerous for any living beings since when the amount of toxic is too much it will just harm the body. Get to know with the food chain will allow us to know where is the source of toxic came from.

14. Creates awareness to people

We do know that people are greedy. They tend to think about them selves without thinking about what kind of threats to ocean ecosystems that is done by them.

At least, after knowing the food chain, people can aware more towards their food and at least they can try to think about how they can produce and conserve both animals and plants.

15. Help fulfilling your body nutrition

Through the food chain, we basically can understand and know on how much energy that is needed by our body. There are so many diet that you can see today. It can be the diet to gain more weight or to lose weight. It’s all based on the amount of calories that is needed by the body.

Somehow food chain is not only showing on what kind of parties involved inside the chain but also the chain of energy. On how energy from one organism can move into another organism.

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16. Help us to know more about a problem solving way in the ecosystem

Through the importance of marine food chain we can actually know on how to solve a problem in our surrounding. Food chain provide us a lot of organism that is involved within the ecosystem. And somehow the characteristics of each organism is different one to another. Let’s say there is a lot of garbage that is piled up, and the one who can fix this problem is an organism known as decomposers of the ocean.

17. Healthy lifestyle

Knowing what kind of food we want to eat is also help us to choose something that is healthier. Fpr example, you want to have more protein or fat, so you can choose the proteins from the plants rather than from the animal. Somehow this simple information of something can be an alternative way for the people who are in a certain condition where they can’t eat some food products from animals.

So those are some of the importance of marine food chain that I can share to you. Hopefully you can now aware on how the balance of the ecosystem need to be kept since food chain may affect so many aspects in the ecosystem.

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