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13 Functions Of The Caribbean Sea

by Vania

The Caribbean sea is a tropical sea that near to the Atlantic ocean and the southeastern Gulf of Mexico.

The Caribbean Sea has been covering the whole of the Caribbean, bordered by Venezuela, Colombia and Panama in south side.

In addition, on the West side is bounded by Costa Rica, honduras, guatemala, belize and Mexico’s yucatan peninsula. Since the pirate movie release – located in the Caribbean Sea  – the Caribbean Sea became popular and began to visit by tourists. Indeed besides due to the popularitas of the Caribbean Sea, the place is very pretty and suitable sights.

Beside that, it turns out the Caribbean Sea also has many functions. What is the function of the Caribbean Sea that we need to know? The following explanation.

  1. As a tourist attraction

One of functions of the Caribbean Sea is ‘as a tourist attraction’. As we know, the Caribbean Sea is a place that is quite popular due to film pirates. Whereas once upon a time, the Caribbean Sea is a creepy place for tourists.

Thanks to the movie, the Caribbean Sea is visited again and craving for world travelers. the Caribbean Sea with its blue, shade, give you peace, and pamper the eyes of tourists.

That’s the reason that make Caribbean Favorites to wisatawanm, and no creepy again.

2. Able to predict flood

Besides being a tourist attraction, The Caribbean endangered Sea lions can be a signal to predict flooding. It is characterized by the existence of the phenomenon of ‘ whistle ‘ in the Caribbean Sea.

These whistles produce unusual wave, and the waves are the rossby waves. Rossby wave will move slowly and heading to the bottom of the sea.

Ocean phenomena currents in the Caribbean is the same as the air that passes through the whistle is blown, and the time of entry in the basin.

Because the Caribbean is half open waters, the sound generated by the waves in ocean can be heard with the Rossby gravity measurements.

This event can raise the sea level by up to 100 cm. So, knowing this event will make you understand the sign of flooding is likely to occur.

3. To protect the marine ecosystems

Apparently, the Caribbean endangered Sea otter can also be used to protect marine ecosystems. On the edge of the Caribbean Sea, will be built labortorium to set up an eco-friendly programs.

By protecting marine ecosystems, the fishermen working in waters of the Caribbean no longer feel worried.

The goal is to keep preserving the marine ecosystem, prevent global warming getting worse and protects the entire ecosystem on Earth. Because by keeping the sea, you have a step further to protect the world.

The sea, it is the thing that can make an impact to the entire Earth as bad impact on air pollution, the impact on land as a drought to the greenhouse effect.

4. As a historic place of mermaids

Is there a mermaid? Most people may believe that a mermaid is simply a myth. But, A mermaid turns out to have been discussed in 800 a.d. in Greece.

The story often used the backdrop of the Caribbean waters.  However, the mermaid – believed to be just an animal – is still often used as a fairytale story until now. At the time, the mermaid is a symbol of loyalty to the sailors and fishermen who were sailing.

The story of that, brought up to now and make one of the reasons why the Caribbean Sea as a tourist attraction.

5. As the deepest sea and the widest

Why is this so? Apparently, the status of the Caribbean Sea could become an attraction. As the deepest and widest sea, can be a positive thing for the fishermen and divers to work.

Fishermen will utilize the vast Caribbean Sea in search of biggest fish in amazon, and Divers will always free to the depths of the Caribbean Sea, as well as demonstrate the beauty under the Sea belonging to the Caribbean Sea.

This will be a positive value to maintains earnings and people’s interest towards the Caribbean Sea.

Not only that, with the status of this Caribbean Sea, people no longer feel afraid and feel weird towards the Caribbean Sea.

6. Crosswalk spot

This is supported by the vast Caribbean threats to Sea otter which is about 2.5 million square km. And the location of the Caribbean Sea located between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Of course, And the location of the Caribbean Sea located between Europe, asia and Africa.

With a charming place, and easy access make the Caribbean Sea as a favorite place to spend the holidays. After that, it goes to Europe, Asia or Africa made easy from the Caribbean Sea.

In addition, there are many countries from the Caribbean Sea such as,  Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Syria, Slovenia, Turkey and others.

7. As an island paradise

No doubt, that the Caribbean Sea is very beautiful. Regardless of past events that made the Caribbean Sea as a place of, Caribbean Sea success pulling back to public attention.

The Caribbean Sea has a blue sea, warm weather and is perfect for Your summer vacation.

Do not forget to prepare your holiday gear, because in addition to the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

There are animals such as Scorpions you need to beware. Nothing to fear, but just in case keep note of your surroundings.


In addition to the above functions, there are several functions of oceans in regulating climate of the Caribbean Sea that you can know, such as:

  • The Caribbean Sea will absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen
  • Climate controller
  • Object of research because of the caribbean sea is full of story
  • Petroleum resources
  • The source of the power plant
  • Source of livelihood for fishermen, the Government, to the businessman society and nature lovers.

Thus, some function of the Caribbean Sea that you need to understand. In addition to the beautiful and charming, the Caribbean Sea save a million stories and benefits to serve as learning resources.

That way, we can keep the whole ecosystem, whether on land, air and sea to life now and later. Hopefully this article can be useful.

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