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13 Function Of Sea Waves You Must Know

by Vania

Everyone naturally very fond of sea waves. In addition because of sea waves add to the scenic beauty of the sea, the waves of the sea are also great for the sport of surfing.

Not only that, the waves of the sea is also great for other activities such as an addition to the pre wedding’s photo  and simply to meet a particular hobby. But before that, do you know what it is sea waves?

Sea waves is the movement of the rise and fall of sea water in a direction perpendicular or surging on sea level forming a graph of sinusoidal.

In addition, ocean waves also has many benefits for the environment. Like what is it? Here are some of the function of sea waves.

  1. Sea waves can maintain the stability of the temperature

One of 13 function of sea waves is maintaining the stability of the temperature of the world’s climate. Sea waves will not appear without the help of the wind.

That sea waves can be useful to reduce the extremes temperature of the world by moving cold water from the poles.

Meanwhile, the waves of the sea – at the same time – will move the warm water from the equator to colder areas. So, the temperature and climate across the country became stable.

2. Sea waves help gas exchange

Why is this so? Apparently, on the surface of the waves of the sea – gas exchange  ( oxygen ) will come out, and carbon dioxide will enter into the ocean waves displace oxygen.

This incident, would certainly be very beneficial because oxygen levels in the air can be felt by the human society. In addition, much needed oxygen to breathe and others.

Not only humans, plants and animals also need oxygen. Thus, ocean waves can be beneficial to the surrounding environment.

3. Increasing adaptability

Sea waves, can also improve the adaptability of living beings. The emergence of the waves of the ocean’s surface will make its living beings should be stronger and survive.

It is intended, so marine creatures can survive and not get carried away by the waves to the beach. With a wave of the sea, marine species can proliferate and survive well, as does the opposite.

4. Sea waves can affect biodiversity

Sea waves can also increase biodiversity. Why is this so? Sea characteristics of waves in the ocean that occur because of the wind and the waves, will allow living creatures under the sea to carry the larvae or eggs at a distance far enough.

So, It can generate new species from the results of evolution and adaptation of the sea creatures washed by sea waves.

Sea waves can also draw living creatures from the coast towards the sea or vice versa.

5. For mutualisme symbiosis relationships

 The function is for mutualism symbiosis. Because the waves of the effect of sea level rise will continue to erode coral way braved the reefs.

While the organisms that have adapted and clinging to the rocks, can delay the process of annihilation of the coral reef. So, It will trigger the mutually beneficial relationships, or symbiosis mutualism.

6. Help in forming the beach

Help in forming the beach? The beach can be formed because of the sand carried to the surface of the sea by the waves. It can also help wash and clean sand.

No wonder the sand of the beach looks clean and pure. The sand will be stirred and suspended in the water so that it can later be brought to shore by the waves and form a beach.

Please note, this will be very disturbed when we dispose of garbage or waste into the deepest sea in the world. Exchange of sand will be compromised, contaminated, and not clean.

7. As the power plant

The energy generated by the waves of the Ocean layers can be used for water power plant.

To get energy from ocean waves, the need for a dam that would use the waves of sea to rotate the turbine as a means of producing electricity.

However, even though the ocean waves can serve as power plants, do not use the waves too much because it will damage the marine ecosystem and the environment.

8. As a means of sports

 As explained earlier, the waves of the sea is perfect for your sports hobby. Like surfing, surfers will utilize motion of ocean waves to glide by means of standing above the surf board.

In addition to the surfers, the waves of the sea are also suitable to swim – but not for high waves. Ocean pollution waves are also suitable when made into objects of tourism with the beautiful landscape and the cool wind.

9. Help spread plant seeds

Ocean waves also help spread seeds and seeds of plants. As in the remote islands, volcanic island or new ones arising from sea that there was not any vegetation.

With the help of facts about ocean volacnoes waves, carries the seeds of the plant to the island and pass it on. Like plants on Krakatoa volcanic island that grew out of the rest of the explosion of Krakatoa.

10. Help sea transport

Sea transport, in addition to the help of the wind, wind-direction also utilizes a surge of sea water.

This has been used since thousands of years ago. When tips for boating in the ocean waves is used to drive the screen and pan and ships, as well as directions to read the direction of the wave.

A surge of seawater is also used by the ancestors of the people of Indonesia to reach Taiwan, based on linguistics and archaeology.


Apart from the above functions, there are also benefits surge of sea water for humans, plants and animals. That is, as follows:

  • Help spread nutrients to the sea
  • Help for natural disaster prediction
  • For the circulation of the water and the air in the form of clouds and rain, geographically.

That’s the function of sea waves to humans, animal, plants and the environment around them.

It should be noted that, although the waves of sea water is very useful-keep keep cleanliness and integrity of the beach so that you can feel the benefits from ocean waves to the maximum. Hopefully this article can be useful.

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