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Causes of Pollution in the Sea That You Must Pay Attention

by Vania

What is pollution? Pollution is a situation where the environment is tainted by substances or other components that come from waste, trash or smoke.

Pollution can occur everywhere, in the air, on land, and even at sea. Pollution has a great impact on all the living creatures in the world, moreover the pollution that occurs in the sea.

Pollution in the ocean would be very disruptive of life under the sea, even in people who lived near to the sea or working at the sea.

Pollution will harm marine animals that lead them to the extinction, lack of food, and to have an impact on changing the color of seawater. Then, what exactly is the cause of pollution in the sea? Here the explanation.

  1. Trash in the water surface

One of the causes of pollution in the sea is because of trashes. Why is that so? Clearly, garbage is the most productive in the country, especially in Indonesia.

Trash can be differentiated into two inorganic garbage and organic waste. Organic waste is waste that can render, whereas inorganic garbage cannot be unraveled.

That way, when you dispose of the garbage in the sea, you will see the garbage that you dispose of next year at the same place.

That means more and more garbage doesn’t decompose, then the widespread pollution and the garbage heap in the sea will be more uncontrolled.

2. Factory Waste

The waste generated by the plant is the biggest factor that affects of pollution at the sea.

Why is this so? When a factory or industry disposes of waste into the river directly without being processed, it will make rivers polluted and impacted on the sea.

Not up there, humans can also be affected, ranging from clean water shortages until stricken with the disease. Preferably, a factory has its own place or artificial containers to hold the waste without polluting the environment.

3. Mining

Mining can also be a factor in the cause of effects ocean pollution human health at the sea. Processing of mining results will have an impact on the sea either directly or indirectly.

Said to be indirect, since the mining would damage the air then fell to the sea. Not only the sea, mining can pollute the air and also have an impact on human beings.

Human will breathe the polluted air which is absolutely risk for health. Therefore, we should encourage companies to process waste produced in advance before dumping it into ocean waters.

4. Explosives

The use of explosives frequently will damage the marine animals. These activities are often carried out by fishermen who are not responsible for the sake of profit.

Using explosives would not only kill sea animals but rather would damage other habitats on the seabed and the entire marine ecosystem.

When the importance of marine life conservation ecosystem was damaged, it causes an impact on the livelihoods of the fishermen because it will lose a source of income.

5. Agricultural waste

In addition to the factory waste, agricultural waste can also cause pollution at the sea. It can be seen from the results of dumping the agricultural water pieces that flow down to the sea.

The trash will clog the channels of waters and irrigate paddy fields. Moreover, it can also prevent the clean water to flow. Hence, farmers should pay more attention to the crops that are not used in order to keep the environment cleaner.

6. Oil in the sea

On the basis of the title, the sea does have oil. But, when the oil comes from outside and spill to the sea, then it will cause pollution.

The spilling oil into the sea will change seawater becomes toxic and it is absolutely not good for the marine ecosystem. Hence, any activity in the sea should be done carefully because the pollution in the seawater can have an impact on the whole environment.

7. Animal husbandry and fisheries

The next causes of pollution in the sea is animal husbandry and fisheries. Apparently, both of these are in the form of cattle dung which is not maintained and dumped unceremoniously into the water.

It actually should not be done because of the dirt any major impact – after litter and waste — to the sea.  Dirt farm animals will make sea water odorless so that when it is done continuously, it will make the sea water become not worthy.

8. Eutrophication

What is eutrophication? Eutrophication is a condition where the algae grow and develop quickly so dominate the waters. Algae are the plant that needs oxygen to breathe so that in the tips for ocean conservation of oxygen depletion would occur that make other animals became difficult to breed.

In addition, when algae thrive in abnormal activity, it will have an impact on marine ecosystem imbalance. Eutrophication can also kill the other marine animals and increase the growth of algae excessively.

9. The level of acidity of the sea

A change in ocean acidity level is influenced by the abundance of carbon dioxide that is absorbed.

The sea absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide but don’t produce oxygen. Thus, this condition causes a higher sea acidity level.

In addition, it is also driven by the global warming factor that makes the ocean absorb more use of carbon in the ocean dioxide. Hence, when this occurs, it increases the temperature changes and as for the impact on living creatures in the sea is difficult to breathe.

10. Pesticides

A pesticide is a substance used for killing a pest. Pesticides are toxic that can be deposited in the body.

When seawater contaminated by pesticides, then marine animals, including fish will absorb pesticides. Usually, a few fish will die and some can survive. Then, when the fish is consumed by a human, it will also have an impact on them indirectly.

11. Noise

Why is this so? Noise harmful effects of ocean pollution causing factors turned out at sea. Because fish usually can’t see well, so it will rely on hearing.

The fish will be disturbed by the noise of ships and of course cause an imbalance. The noise will be led to the death of fishes that are hearing impaired. In addition, the ships can take advantage of it and damaging the marine ecosystem.

Thus, the causes of pollution in the sea that you must concern. Pollution in the sea does not only affect the ocean but also human society and the environment. So, please don’t ruin the sea just for your personal interests.

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