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13 Function Of Seagrass You Must Know

by Vania

seagrassBefore that, the first thing to note is What is seagrass? Seagrass is a high level of plant adapting to living on the ocean floor. Seagrass also known as Angiospermae. Seagrass is very different with seaweed. Seagrass has different conditions with seaweed, like a torso that had set in the ground, and seagrass which can stand against the current and strong waves. In General, the seagrass found in bloom, a lives in the sea, rooted, vascular, and breed with the seeds and buds. Then, how seagrass serves to environment? Here are some of the function of seagrass and explanation.

1. As primary producers

One of function of seagrass is as primary producers. Primary producers are fotoautotrof that include green plants, algae, and cyanobacteria. Fotoautotrof using light as energy source and inorganic carbon as carbon source. Then why the seagrass known as primary producers? It is becausethe seagrass has the highest level of primary productivity compared with other ecosystems that exist at such a shallow coral reef ecosystems.

2. As habitat biota

the next function is as habitat biota. Why is this so? It is because of the seagrass provide a refuge and place of sticking to a variety of animals and plants like algae. In addition, seagrass can also also served as the area’s food and pengembalaan, the various types of fish are herbivores and fish-reef fish. As we known, Seagrass is high level compared with the vegetation of algae and is very resistant to ocean currents.

3. As sediment catcher

What is sedimentary catcher? Sedimentary catcher is a condition in which seagrass worked as a regulator, as well as anchoring, control the flow of the use of sea water for concrete preparation. A fairly dense seagrass leaves, will slow down the water caused by currents and waves. That way, the sea water will be calm. In addition, the rhizome and roots of seagrass can hold and bind the sedmen, so as to strengthen and stabilize the base surface. So, the seagrass here serves as a sediment catcher and can also prevent erosion.

4. As recycling of substances hara

As we known, nutrient substances is elements or chemical compounds that are useful in the provision of energy, metabolism of living creatures, and the component body or cell structure. Seagrass, seems to hold an important role in recycling a variety of nutrient substances and elements that are quite rare in marine ecosystems. In particular, nutrient substances needed by the epiphyte algae.

5. Stabilize and hold sediment – sediment

Seagrass is a plant in the sea floor that serves to stabilize and hold sediments-sediments that are carried through the pressure of the currents and waves. As has been explained, the seagrass has roots that are embedded and not easily wobble by the flow. Based on the opinion of Philips and Menez, Seagrass is a high level of plant which is able to survive in the tips for ocean coservation floor even made the sea water becomes calm. Seagrass also bind to sediments and stabilize the soft substrates, with the solid rooting system and crossed each other.

6. Slow down and reduce the currents and waves

Not only is it, the leaves of seagrass will slow down and reduce the flow to causes of mercury in the ocean waves and developing sedimentation. In this way, where overgrown pasture seagrass-sea will become more quiet and not wavy.  Sedimentation is the process of deposition of materials through the water, ice, wind and glaciers at a basin – will work well. In addition, the seagrass leaves is also very helpful organisms epiphyte ( organisms that grow in a way other plants as a scenic spot of its life). Thus, the epiphyte organisms can grow and thrive well.

7. As a shelter

According to the description above, very concerned – that seagrass serves as a shelter (for marine ecosystems around the seagrass), sources of food, a place to grow and develop, and memijah for several types of sea life, especially through its adult life in an environment of seagrass. This is also supported by the nature of seagrass that hold the waves and currents, can survive the current controller, use of sea water for agriculture and is a high level of plant can develop sedimentation around the padang seagrass. In addition, the protective hood as seagrass protect seagrass meadow residents from sunburn.

Not only that, there are other benefits of seagrass can you know, as below:

  • Have high growth and productivity. According to Philips, Seagrass has a uses of rising sea levels of productivity and high growth so that it is able to survive and thrive in the bottom of the sea, against the current and waves.
  • Waste Filter. In addition to the soothing sea water, as it has been explained that the seagrass can develop sedimentation. It is also included on the waste disposed of illegally.
  • Medicines. Seagrass also turned out to be good for health. With proven esktrak seagrass which serves as a barrier to bacteria and anti bacterial biofilm-forming. Seagrass can also serve as a source of health food because it contains protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber.
  • Beach Stabilisator. Due to the nature of the seagrass can survive against the current and waves, seagrass was named governing plant Beach from waves that could potentially harm.
  • Materials of Paper. As it turns out, other than as a medicine and healthy food-Seagrass can serve as raw material for the manufacture of paper. As it turns out, other than as a medicine and healthy food-Seagrass can serve as raw material for the manufacture of paper. It is supported with a high fiber content in the seagrass.
  • As fertilizer and compost. Because seagrass as a refuge and a growing swell of various sea life, marine life that then contribute to the diversity of the seagrass one for fertilizer and compost. However, these benefits are rarely used by human society.

Thus, with many benefits of seagrass and its role against marine ecosystems-we as a society need to preserve Seagrass in order not to become extinct. So, the function of the seagrass can be applied and maintained properly to the survival of marine life and the world around them. Hopefully this article is useful.

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