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20 Benefits of Coral Root for Health

by Widiya

Coral root is a type of grouping of marine animals belonging to the Anthozoa family which is physically like a row of plants that live on the ocean floor. (Also read: 8 Simple Ways to Cultivate Coral Reefs).

Coral root is judged by several metaphysics experts and has been medically studied that it has a very abundant healing energy that can move to the body of the person and remove toxins in the body, promote blood circulation, cleanse arteries to the heart, and others. No wonder that coral root is used by people who have high mysticism and are involved in traditional and alternative medicine.

Is it true that the root efficacy of coral does not recognize one’s religion, ethnicity, or nation?

Coral roots have different shapes and colors but have the same properties and can be used by anyone, any religion, tribe, and nation because basically, the root efficacy of coral does not look at a particular religion, ethnicity, or country.

Coral can be used by men and women aged 17 years and over because at that age, someone is declared to have grown up and their body tissues have experienced many health problems that must be cured immediately. (Also read: 10 Marine Natural Resources and Their Benefits For Us).

These are the benefits of coral root which can be used as jewelry for bracelets, necklaces, rings, and others:

  1. Blocking poison activity – Coral root can neutralize, excrete, and block the toxic activity in the body due to excessive use of drugs that are not in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. Coral root is also capable of acting as a detox which can remove toxins or foreign substances that exist in body tissues due to food.
  2. Prevent disease transmission – Coral root can protect someone from falling ill because of being infected by people who have contained the seeds of the disease.
  3. Blood circulation – Coral can circulate blood throughout the body and launch blood vessels so that it can prevent the body from getting blocked due to excess fat, crystallizing cholesterol, and accumulating sugar.
  4. Can protect from magical attacks – Coral root is able to protect someone from magical attacks or evil intentions.
  5. Reduces pain in gout – Coral root can reduce pain and relieve gout in patients. For someone who does not have gout, coral root can reduce excessive purine substances in the joints produced from food to avoid gout.
  6. Stabilizing blood pressure – Someone who has hypertension and often feels muscle aches then coral root can overcome it. Coral root is able to relax and calm nerves and muscles in some parts of the body such as the head, neck, shoulders, waist, back, legs, and arms.
  7. Increase luck – Roots are believed to increase a person’s confidence when looking for work. The result is that someone will be surrounded by luck in the form of getting a chill job quickly.
  8. Maintaining body stamina – Coral root can keep the body in stamina and keep fit so that the body does not feel tired, weak, and susceptible to viruses and bacteria resulting from free radicals.
  9. Cure rheumatism and gout – Coral root has radium substances which can cure rheumatism and gout slowly in people over 40 years of age.
  10. Increasing authority – Roots can increase one’s spirituality and authority so that they can bring compassion and respect to the people around them and even be able to melt hearts of people who are bad and full of bad prejudice.
  11. Prevent recurrence of old diseases – Coral root is able to prevent and cure recurrences of previously cured diseases including diseases related to the head nerves such as migraine, vertigo, Alzheimer’s, and others.
  12. Calms the heart and mind – Coral roots can calm the heart and mind of someone who is afflicted with problems or feelings of anxiety. Coral root is also able to relieve severe stress and prevent the emergence of depression in people who are experiencing a calamity, loss, slander, gossip, and others.
  13. Improve sleep quality – Coral root can improve one’s sleep quality and brain nerves in people who experience severe insomnia and Parkinsonism.
  14. Improve intelligence and learning spirit – For young men and women who are still pursuing education and want to continue at a higher level, the root of coral is able to increase intelligence and enthusiasm for learning because root can smooth blood circulation around the head and relax the nerve that experiences tension and fatigue.
  15. Preventing wild animal attacks – Can guard the body from savage attacks such as snakes, scorpions, centipedes, crazy dogs, and others that happen accidentally or from the actions of people who have bad intentions.
  16. Sharpen intuition – The root of coral can sharpen one’s intuition and instincts from the arrival of natural disasters in the form of floods, tsunamis, landslides, volcanic eruptions, robberies by several unknown people, and others.
  17. Can simplify solving problems – Roots can simplify the problem-solving process which is difficult to take the way out, including problems regarding accounts payable that cause disputes due to problems with misunderstanding.
  18. Relieves anger – Coral root can reduce and improve anger and become calmer and able to increase patience and fortitude under any circumstances.
  19. Believed to be invulnerable – Coral roots that have been inserted or filled with certain khodams can make the user become immune with a sharp weapon in the form of knives, machetes, keris, samurai, clits, etc.
  20. Can be made to jewelry – Coral root is also useful as a piece of unique and ethnic jewelry that has a high aesthetic value. It can beautify the wrist and complement someone in appearance.

Coral root has several unique colors consisting of black, red, white, and gray coral roots. But, what is widely used by people is the black coral root. The possibilities in terms of color are considered to have more dramatic value and as a simple color, the black color is chosen as the most popular color.

Coral Root Type

  • Coral root which has a buffer to support its body like grass plants
  • The cord-shaped coral root extends like a grass plant
  • Coral root which has a physical shape resembling a pine tree
  • Coral root is like a snake’s long body shape and curls its contours
  • Coral root (coral root queen) that lives in the depths of the sea
  • Coral type of male plant root
  • The roots of coral are female plants

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