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Uses of Rising Sea Levels You Must Know

by Vania

Rising sea level is a condition when water sea levels rise due to global warming. This can happen because global warming triggered the waves of the ocean. Besides that, global warming also can make a layer of ice on Antarctica and Greenland melted.

In the world, when the rate of sea levels accelerated, it means global warming has increased. When global warming happens, there will be many possible – bad or good – that can affect human society or marine life, such as pollutions, extinction, trash in the sea and etc. But, rising of sea levels turns out a potential to have benefits for human society and marine life. As in the case, the uses of rising sea levels below.

  1. As a marker of global warming

One of the uses of rising sea levels is a marker of global warming. Why is that so? Global warming can accelerate the process of melting of ice on Antarctica and Greenland. Then, in the 20th century, global warming can provide a significant influence on the ocean. So, when we know about global warming could damage the environment slowly, we can do prevention as early as possible to prevent global warming increasingly spread. Moreover, we can keep protecting the environment on land and at differences between the ocean and the sea.

  1. As a marker that glaciers and polar ice melt

Next uses of rising sea levels are a sign about polar ice or glaciers melt. It is already clear when rising sea levels happens, it means a polar ice or glaciers are melting at the same time. In Indonesia, when that happens, it can be big alarms relating ‘the sinking city’.

Global warming also can cause significant temperature changes that affect polar ice and glaciers. We can know when rising sea levels happens, it means polar ice or/and glaciers are melting because of global warming. So, we can take a step to prevent ‘the sinking city’ and make a good environment with a greenhouse. Therefore, global warming cannot affect sea levels also human society.

  1. Increase awareness of environmental data

Why is that so? This can make us – as a community in the country – build a more environmentally friendly city together. We can build a greenhouse and keep the trees growing up that can prevent global warming. If we do that, we can also prevent the rising sea levels or polar ice melts. Because when global warming happens, it can ruin the air, the ocean, and also the plants on land. Human society can get more pollutions than usual. That is why global warming can affect the sea levels – too much sun’s ray, pollution from factories and the greenhouse effect. This makes us learn about how important the ocean to the world.

  1. As a source of electrical power

Rising sea levels also can be a source of electrical power. The sea levels or sea water can drive the turbine as a power plant. It can help some area that needs the power to live. Human society can utilize sea levels rise to build an electrical power that can affect the other. Also, electrical power from the water can make us easier to remain friendly nature. Since in fact, we need each other.

  1. As a media transport

Rising sea levels can be used by people who live on the coast. The sea levels can be used as a media transport for a ship or boat for fisherman to get some fishes – because rising sea levels can make the fisherman easier to find marine life like fish, clams and etc. Furthermore, it can be used by ship for trade or defection between islands or between countries – so, it will be easier for human society. Not only that, when sea levels rise, some people can use it for buying and selling a marine life.

  1. Fish farming

Sea levels can be used for fish farming because, when sea levels rise, the fisherman can get more fishes in once try. Moreover, human society can use this to keep the ocean clean and the marine environment remains healthy. We can prevent the importance of ocean for the global climate warming through ocean conservation. Therefore, we use the marine life for farming. It can be useful for a fisherman whose economy depends on the sea.

  1. Irrigation and recreation

The next uses of rising sea levels are Irrigation and recreation. Why is that so? Because sea levels can be used by a farmer for irrigation, especially when a long drought. Also, the sea can be attractions for the human society where the tourist from the other country can visit that area. Sea levels rise can be the right choice for swimming or doing some water sport like surfing, diving, snorkeling, banana boat, water ski, or jet sky and etc. But, you need to be careful with your safety when you do some activities in the sea – especially when the deepest sea in the world levels rise.

  1. For daily needs

Sea levels also can be used for daily needs like washing, cooking or finding some food ingredients from the sea. It also helps human society because the level or water consumption is very high and desperately needed – especially fresh water. That is why human society and nature will need each other to live. So while using the water facts about sea lettuce, you can keep them still clean to survive. In addition, we should reduce the risk of global warming that leads the sea water rise too much because it has the possibility in drowning the city.

Furthermore, rising sea levels also can be used in order to utilize sea water as below:

  • Do a prevention of carbon dioxide – which means we can prevent future effects of ocean pollution for our next generation, no pollution and no trashes.
  • The occurrence of gas exchange – when sea levels rise, the gas exchange where oxygen gets out and carbon dioxide get into the ocean will occur.
  • Maintaining the stability of the temperature – it can move the cold temperatures with waves to the pole.

So, those are uses of rising sea levels can be used for human society, marine life, and plants on land. It also can prevent global warming so that we can make a good world to our next generation. Just keeps the ocean clean. Hopefully, this article will be useful.


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