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Use of Sea Water For Concrete Preparation That You Must Know

by Vania

Seawater has been so useful for many things such as for agriculture, for human society, characteristics of marine life, and for concrete preparation. Did you know what concrete preparation is? Then, why does it need sea water? Well, concrete preparation is an activity where some things are done to a construction or building project. Sometimes, concrete preparation is done at the sea. That is why it needs the sea water. Seawater is an important element for concrete preparation. There is some usability of sea water that you must know, like the use of seawater for concrete preparation below.

  1. Give a strength on concrete

One of use of seawater for concrete preparation is the sea water can give strength on concrete. Why is that so? Concrete is widely used for building like a bridge, the streets, and etc. To avoid the side effects, normally, the concrete made with high quality. The engineers typically use a specific cement to make a bridge wh5ch really blends with the sea water. From some resources said that in making buildings, and there is no fresh water – seawater will be the right options because seawater can make the concrete will be more resilient.

  1. Accelerate and enhance the press power concrete

Actually, to fit with the sea water, concrete must use special cement. Seawater contains sulfate which can strengthen the concrete. This sulfate also will speed up the concrete in the process of gluing. In addition, seawater also contains magnesium which will enhance the press of concrete. From some resources, said that the concrete if soaked in 7 days, it will increase compressive strength rapidly, for some cement it will be 28 days. But, if you are going to build a bridge, you should pay attention to the cement. The cement must be fully fused in sea water. It prevents the occurrence of damage in the short term and turns down the possibility of a damage.

  1. The salt of sea water make durable concrete

Seawater greatly affects the concrete and constructions. Why is that so? After a long research, sea water really affects concrete and construction, because concrete and construction – especially there is so much iron – that exposed by the salt of seawater can last up to 25 years or more. For tips, to make a bridge, the engineers should use the thick iron to prevent corrosion and damage. You can use a special type of cement, or keep doing treatments regularly on concrete.

  1. As a walls plaster

use of seawater for concrete preparation is used as a walls plaster. It is because the sand of the characteristics of sea star can be used for walls plaster to concrete. If the buildings are close to stepping of walls coating, it means the building is almost done. When the buildings are ready to coat, the sand of sea water will get that. Sand of seawater can be right options and fit with cement that used for walls plaster because sand of sea water and cement is a right combination to make the buildings stronger. Moreover, sand of sea water also can replace sand land when used with the right components.

  1. A replacement for clean water

It does not mean that sea sponge facts water is not clean – seawater will replace the fresh water to build a bridge, especially for concrete without bones. In addition, seawater also has the same function – that is as diluents. In this way, concrete can be solid and fill the empty space. It also can prevent the damage or malfunction and also prevent the corrosion if you use sea water with the right measure.

  1. For helping cement from hydration heat

use of seawater for concrete preparation for making some buildings on the land and the sea, like a bridge on the top of the sea – that can be used for human society – there are so much typical of cement, especially for concrete preparation. With the help of facts about sea lettuce water, it can help cement or concrete preparation from hydration heat. Hydration heat can damage the structure of the cement and have the potential to disintegrate. For engineers, they may use a type of cement that resistant to hydration heat and also sulfuric acid to prevent damage to the concrete preparation.

Not only that, there is so much use of sea water for concrete preparation that you – as a human society – should know. That, why the bridge can last a long time? How can the concrete blend with the sea water? There are so much uses as below:

  • Keeps the concrete post drilling – it is like sea water can keep the concrete after drilling or after work at the bottom of the sea. Seawater also can keep the cement intact.
  • To help protect the land from erosion, ocean phenomena waves and flood – sea water and concrete can help to protect the land from erosion, ocean waves and flood because concrete can block endangered sea lion water to the mainland. Concrete also become the foundation to prevent erosion or big waves in ocean.
  • As a breakwater, the sea – like the following word, that concrete also called the foundation or the fortress to prevent big waves to get to the mainland and prevents damage.
  • Seawater is truly fit for the constructions and used for preparation for construction of the bridge. Seawater also can be used for preparation for construction of the street and the house. Concrete can survive with help of sea water.

So, there are uses of sea water for concrete preparation that you must know before making a plan for construction on the water. This can be a knowledge for human society – especially for engineers – that want to make a building on the sea. In addition, seawater also useful for agriculture, for algae, and etc. So, don’t soil the sea water with the garbage or pollutions from the factories. It also can damage the animal in the ocean biome and damage life in the future. Hopefully, this article will useful.

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