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13 Causes Of Ocean Habitat Loss You Must Know

by Vania

Habitat or marine habitats is Habitat that are present in the waters of the sea, made up of deep water, shallow sand beach ecosystems/bitarol, and tidal ecosystem.

Sea-water ecosystem is dominated by vast salty waters and ecosystem is becoming the place to live a variety of marine life, ranging from spacious one-cell animals, mammals, invertebrates, and marine plants such as algae and coral reefs.

However, because some things, sea habitats will experience extinction, habitat loss or the sea. As it happens, will harm marine life and also the lives of human beings. So, what is causes of ocean habitat loss? This is the explanation.

  1. Pollution of land, air, and water

Causes of ocean habitat loss, may occur due to pollution in the mainland, the air and the water. The presence of substances pollutants or polluters, will affect pollution in the environment.

The polluter is the product of substance waste resulting from human activity, and is not responsible. And some pollutants, very harmful to marine organisms.

The use of chlorofluorocarbons, also causes excessive ozone layer in the atmosphere of a hollow, and thinning.

As a result, the intensity of ultraviolet rays that enter the Earth increases, and cause a lot of problems, such as decreased biomass of phytoplankton in the effects of ocean acidification on economy that caused the disruption of the balance of the food chain organisms.

2. The presence of expatriate species

Expat species is also called the introduction of species or the introduction of new species.

By entering a new species from elsewhere to a new place, would disrupt local ecosystems and habitats as well as cause local marine habitat loss due to the habitat of sea arrivals is stronger, or vice versa.

Doing so will create a marine ecosystems are increasingly threatened.

Because of that species will prey on each other and unfriendly when put together. However, it is quite often done by human society for the sake of achieving personal gain.

3. Excessive exploitation

Nowadays, the development of technology and information, make human society increasingly able to do all things. Including hunting land animals or animals of the sea.

Because the marine animals that have high value, often used for the sake of personal interest without thinking of the next generation.

This will result in a population of uses of rising sea levels animals declined and became extinct. Especially when not balanced attempt to produced.

4. Global Warming

Common problems that are facing the world is global warming. The issue turned out to give a lot of harm, including loss of marine habitat.

Because the world’s temperature continues to rise and fall dramatically, causing pollution in the air.

Getting Hot temperatures also make polar ice melts. When that happens, sea levels will rise and approaches the beach nearby.

That’s the thing that makes the sea habitat difficult to survive. In addition, the abundance of carbon dioxide in the future effects of ocean pollution also greatly affect ecosystems in the sea.

5. Industrialization

This happens because industrialization activities of human society building in the wrong place.

It is also influenced by farmers or fishermen who planted plants and keep the animals are superior, and benefit only.

Meanwhile, the other plants and animals that not productive – will removed. In addition, the existence of this industrialization will create a diverse and the production did not vary. So that no other ecosystem diversity can flourish.

 6. The Existence Of The Development

This point is the existence of land conversion to development. Such land conversion that should have provided for the ecosystem and marine animals, used to build roads, housing or House, a park, offices, or other buildings that use land in the water to build up.

This then makes the ecosystem under the sea of homeless, and should immigrate to other places.

Especially when the construction was done without permits or research first, regarding the use of sea water for agriculture can be used or not. Because in addition to habitat loss, the sea will also be damaged extensively.

7. The Dam

Several Government, making the dam with several objectives. However, the construction of the dam turns can cause habitat loss of the use of sea water for concrete preparation.

Because the dam will separate the sea water into two parts, sucking up sea water, changing hydrology, and water chemistry. So, will make marine habitat be separate or may be left homeless because of the dam.

Although quite positive for the community, the dam is actually being the biggest factor that led to the loss of habitat of sea. Just as the construction at sea level.

8. Catching fish illegally

It is widely carried out in the waters of Indonesia, by foreign fishermen. Foreign fishermen illegally catch and sell fish, from the sea of Indonesia.

Even catch fish in excess. Illegal and excessive, is the biggest factor that causes loss of habitat of the ocean.

Just because private interests, the result of akitivitas of impacts of acidification on human society is very dangerous to marine ecosystems, endangering the country’s defense until the waters throughout the State.

In addition to an explanation of the points above, here are some points that are also important for us to know. Because it is very necessary to learn, so that we don’t make mistakes with damaging the marine ecosystem.

  • The bombing in the wild: using fish bombs, and doing the bombing for foreign fishermen who do the catching fish illegally.
  • Increased sedimentation: due to resource extraction activities are not renewable. Mining activities will increase the rate of sedimentation, and lowering the level of penetration of sunlight needed by marine habitats. When high levels of sedimentation, habitat of the endangered seas will die.
  • The mangrove forests are reduced: since when mangrove forests’ water absorption and oxygen prior to the sea will also be reduced. In addition, carbon dioxide will continue to go into the sea should be absorbed by forests.
  • Reclamation: creating new land from the sea floor, just to satisfy personal interests.
  • Ocean acidification: happens due to temperature changes under the sea and above sea level changed drastically. As well as the excessive carbon dioxide absorption, and lack of oxygen in the sea.

Thus, causes of ocean habitat loss you need to know. Because it is very useful, so that we as a human society can take better care of marine ecosystems and sea creatures in it. So the sea and Mainland can live with balance.

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