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12 Causes Of Deep Ocean Trenches Not Most Of People Know

by Vania

Do you guys know what is trenches? The trench or trenches is wide and the water flow in, either dried or flooded, sundoro around the Puri, Castle, building, or city that serves as the leading defence structure.

In short, it – trenches – is the pit long trench in the ground places the water flow. Sometimes, the trench has a smell and usually drown into a river to the sea.

Then, why the trench there? How trench are formed? And, sometimes, for you to know – there are also deep sea trenches in the ocean. What is exactly, causes of deep ocean trenches? The following explanation.

  1. A shrinking plate

Causes of deep ocean trenches is – because of a shrinking plate. Trough the sea can be formed due to the shrinking of the ocean plate to the bottom plate of a continent, or the ocean plate down more.

Ocean plate then approached, and hit the continental plate. When the ocean plates collide, will hit a stone and then turn it down. Later, the location of the second meeting of the plate formed a line stretching. That is called trench.

2. The strong pressure

Other causes are due to pressure in the water.  According to research, explains that getting in the ocean, then the greater the water pressure.

In some troughs in the world, there is water pressure to reach 703 kilograms per square meter.

The water pressure is a thousand times more powerful than the water pressure at the bottom of the ocean. As in the mariana trench, divers will feel like crushed 50 jet jumbo size.

3. The symptoms of the shift in the Earth’s crust

Based on the research, said that the existence of a continuous warming that caused the occurrence of heat flows from bottom to top on the layer of the Earth’s mantle.

The Earth’s crust that is constantly pressed by the heat, gradually will be curved up and broken.

Fracturing a crust floating on the convection currents then shifted to follow the motion of convection currents. Plate shifts will eventually collide with the other plate. Because the collision occurred, the process of formation of the trough of the sea.

4. The age of the crust

This is like, the expansion of the middle of the ocean or MOR, who is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And MOR is the central place of magma from within the Earth, who then formed the new ocean crust.

So, getting away from the zone of the breach, then the age of the ocean crust will get older.

When the ocean crust of getting older, automated crust will be increasingly cold and weight so that when experiencing subduction, most will decrease in the sea.

5. Diverging

Diverging tectonic plate are moving away from each other and split. When tectonic plates split, layer of lithosphere thinning and divergent boundaries will be split.

When the movement occurs at the plate will cause the expansion of the ocean, the ocean plate which produces uses of sea water for concrete preparation trench. This is a general, led marine trench, however with low to medium elevations.

 6. Convergent

The cause of formation of ocean trench is convergent. Convergent case, characterized by the presence of the movement of the tectonic plates that are approaching.

This happens due to the tips for ocean conservation plate formed of SiMa is relatively weaker than the continental plate is strong because it is made up of Si + Al.

Usually when continental plates and plates to each other, the ocean will occur collisions which cause Ocean plate got under the continental plate in depth. That led to the formation of a deep ocean trenches.

7. Transform

Transform is a situation where the plates are moving and experiencing other plates, friction with one another – in sideways along a transform fault.

The movement is relative, i.e. can be left or sinistral on the opposite side, or in the form of dextral – from the right side.

One example is the San Andreas fault in California. Movement and friction that is what triggered the ocean and continent plate collide with each other and fall to the bottom of trenches form.

8. Earthquake

Sea trench can result from an earthquake beneath the uses of sea plants for medicines.

There are some mountains that grow on the ocean floor, and will usually erupt in time. Earthquake under the sea will appear with signals in the form of vibrations of small to large.

Earthquake under the sea that’s what’s causing the shift or friction on the ocean floor and forming troughs.

And usually second-hand from the shift would also cause some friction or other transform. In addition, it also forms a basin in and very long.

9. Detachment faulting

What is detachment faulting? Detachment fault related with tectonic large-scale extentional.

Detachment faulting is often has a displacement of large-scale or friction, and nearby, as well as parallel that are not modified on the wall hanging against the wall away metamorphic medium to high metamorphic.

It is usually called a metamorphic core complex. That’s faulting, that finally made a sea trench deeper.

That’s some of the causes that have been presented. Deep sea trench can occur due to movement of nature that cannot be avoided.

From the explanation above, there are several deep causes of pollution in the sea trench that you should know. That is as follows:

  • The movement of the plate away, This movement will make plates mutually interested or attracted to each other. That’s what makes ocean trenches.
  • Fracturing due to magma, Because the fault is going to make a large hole and later formed a ravine.
  • The cracks are expanding because of friction, then formed a long steep and deep. Usually will form a trough a trough was heading in. For example the trough of the sea on the island of Sumatra, and the Trough in the Mindanau Filiphina.

That’s some causes for deep ocean trenches that you can know. The causes will make movement in the form of friction, collisions, to meetings that could potentially form a sea trench. This is a very nice used as learning materials and history so that you can take the steps carefully. Hopefully it helps!

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