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12 Effects Of Ocean Acidification On Economy

by Vania

Ocean acidification indeed can give so much impacts or effects in some aspects. This is can affect to human, marine animals, and also to animals in the land and in the air. Especially to human. If we talk about effects to human, this can be include many things.

Like politic, socio-cultural, defense, and also economy. Effects of ocean acidification give a big impact to economy. Because a State would have been dominated by the economy – to country’s development.

May be a country have a developed economy. But, when acidification happen, it would not the same. Ocean acidification can give some effects to economy. So, here 12 effects of ocean acidification on economy.

1. The increase in market price

One of effects of ocean acidification on economy is the market price. Why is that so? Because the ocean acidification can affect to human society. When that happens, Traders will be selling food at a high price – beause they lack the supplies, especially fresh food from the sea.

Unless they are selling goods from factories that have not been assured of clean. When they are selling goods or food in high price, there will be no deals from consumers.

The consumers will find the other to get what they want in low price. So, government should give an attention to this situation. Also, it can make the investors from another country, take their stocks when the country facing the ocean acidification.

2. the decrease in export and import activities

When ways ocean affects weather acidification happens, the products will affected. Because the other country would see what happen to our country. That is what will make the other country think twice to make coperation about export and import activities.

They will think that our country can not protect it from acidification. It can make our country have so much factories that make a bad pollution.

This is will be a bad value to our country because of the acidification. Pointly, that our country have no a fresh products or fresh foods, especially from the sea, which is affected and have  so much carbon dioxide.

3. Diminishing productivity

Diminishing productivity – especially for who made the products from sea materials. In short,  when impact of drilling process in ocean floor acidification happen – a country or environment will have a lot of carbon dioxide especially in the sea and in the air.

Human society will breathe an air that contaminated by carbon dioxide, which is come from the factories – s0 many people will get sick easly. When there are so much pollution everywhere, will affect to human society.

Some poeple would be easy to feel lazy or fatigue to work and just like want to stay at home all day long because of carbon dioxide.

When that happen, the workers will losing their creativity and productivity. Not only for indovidual, this is will give an impact for the whole area, where ocean acidification happen.

Because the country or an area will have no superior labor, when the government too focused to the factories because of their personal interests. So, an area will experience an economic downturn because have no superior worker.

4. Restaurants is close

Of course when ocean acidification happen, every restaurant will close. Especially for restaurant where selling fresh food from the facts about sea lettuce or seafood. So, what to do with the economy? This restaurant should pay tax for the government.

So, not only loose the materials, the government also loose their one source of tax. Also can give an impact for person, they will loose the source that selling fresh food, seafood, and healthy fast food baceuse of the animals or marine animals have been contaminated and get extinct. When it is happen, the government will really have no income from the restaurants

5. The market that has no fresh marine animals

Market indeed a place for sell and buy activities – for fresh materials, ex: vegetables, fruits, and fresh seafood. When 15 causes of increase in ocean temperature acidification happen, the most contaminating is the sea. Marine animals will get easily sick or ‘not fresh’ anymore, also can not breed till get extinct. If that so, the market can not selling that materials anymore – it will make it broke.

Not only them, it is also affected to government – they will has no income from sea food – that make the economic’s graphic got decreased. In addition to the seafood, also can give impact for plants , which is will not fresh anymore and there is no nutritious food for human society.

6. The level of stock prices decreased

Of course it has clearly that ocean acidification make investors take their stock back. This is the same when the country facing a natural disaster. The investors would think when they hold their stocks fot that country, so their country also can affected. In while, also the value of currency of the country will decreased.

This is not a good thing of course for the country especially for country’s development. The government should take this situation with separating the factories far far away from the settlement and make a land for the factories – to dispose their waste so that is will not make the sea, the land and the air got contaminated. This is good for the government to make the investors comes back for help.

And also, not only that – there are 12 effects of ocean acidification on economy that you should know, like the following word:

  • There are no conducive employment because there are so much carbon dioxide in the air
  • The private company will broke – when there are no superior employee and no investors
  • The rising of unemployment figures – with no creativity
  • There are no worker with fresh idea and make a new product
  • No investor in that country after they take their stocks back and no the agreement of cooperation

So, there are 12 effect that you should know to make your country more beautiful with no carbon dioxide from the factories. You also will not breathe a bad air and can get a fresh air everyday. Make sure the plants still green and the sea still blue. Hope that this article will useful.

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