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12 Impacts Of Acidification on Human Society

by Vania

Ocean acidification is the term where a decrease in the pH of sea water decreases. This is happening because of absorption carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – this is the result of human action. This ocean acidification will give a  impact to marine life, also to human society.

If we talk about that, it will lead us to a bad impact. Because of ocean acidification will make a bad situasion in the whole world.

One of the ocean acidification cause is a global warming. Ocean acidification is a first issue about climate change that will change the life in the world – because of the carbon dioxide soluble in the sea water in large quantities. So, here  impacts of acidification on human society that not much people know.

1. The occurance of acid rain

Acid rain happens because of burning fossil fuels (like a oil, gasoline) and coal. When acid rain falls to coastal or sea, will disturbing the balance of the chemistry of sea water. Specifically, will increase the levels of acid in the sea. Impact of acid rain – usually – are local or regional.

When acid rain happen, human society and sea life will affected. In human society side, they will be hard to get a clean oxygen. If that so, people will be easily affected by disease. If acid rain occurs continuously, so the city will be affect to around the city. Badly, human society will find no life.

2. Nutrients from sewage

When the sewage go into the sea – aspecially the rest of the fertilizer that containing a variety of nutrients, which is utilized by plankton. This is will make a “Blooming Plankton” fenomena – it is when the planktons burst into the sea.

Like the other biota, plankton also can produce a carbon dioxide that will increasing acidity levels of sea water.

When the acidity levels of the sea happens, biota will give a respon in a different way. It is like some biota can survive, and the other will die – because of physiological disorder that are sensitive about the acidity will be uninterupted.

Of course, this is will give a bad impact to human society. But, they have to change they way they throw the sewage away far from the sea and the city.

3. Consumin unhealthy seafood

one of impacts of acidification on human society is people will consuming unhealthy seafood. Why is that so? Beacuse when ocean acidification happen, the fish and the other biota in the sea will die, or just contaminated by carbon dioxide.

This is will make you who love seafood so much – get sick easily. Not only an mild pain, but also a dangerous pain. People – preferably – can know and focused to the sea and the city in the same time. Also, don’t throw the garbage in any place.

It will make the sea water will get more acid and killing the fish in the sea. So, if you don’t want that thing happen to you, make sure that you pay attention to your surrounding.

4. Lost the natural beauty in the sea

Why is that so? because, when ocean acidification happen, the sea will losing its beauty. Also, the city won’t have a beauty of impacts of oil spills in oceans anymore. You won’t see the fish or can not do your hobby – like diving or swimming in the sea – because the water full of carbon dioxide. Also, the sea life can not show its beauty anymore.

They will die or just survive in the ‘carbon dioxide water’. This is why the government will pay attention to the factory for not waste the sewage to the sea, and all of people should pay attention to it.

5. Carbon dioxide in the air

Not only in the sea, carbon dioxide from the factory or the pollution will affect the air. This is related to the acid rain. When the air even contaminated by the acid, it will hard for human society.

People will get sick easily, or just like of biota in the sea – survive in effects of pollution on coral reefs or get a dangerous disease.

Also, the plants will be hard to photosynthetic because hard to get a fresh oxygen and the bad thing is they can die sometimes. So, don’t forget to use a mask before you go to work or do some activities.

6. Fish stocks are getting thining

Ocean acidification would threaten many species in the sea, like coral reefs, soft animals, animal mal (angel of the sea, sea butterfly).

Also facts about ocean volcanoes acidification will causing the extinction of species of sea stars – potentialy. Disturbance on first level in ecosystem can disturb the needs the other levels in the ecosystem.

When some spesies are extinct, will affect to fish stocks that are getting thining – that is also affect to human society. Especially who work in the sea or  poeple who dependent to the sea.

7. Threaten global economy

Not only the effects ocean pollution human health, but it can affect to global economy. Why is that so? because of the marine habitats have high value in economy. In Indonesia, when coral reefs are broken – it can potentially huge losses.

Marine habitats can used by governtment to do some import or export around the world. So, if ocean acidification happen, it will make the country lost one of the the source of the economy.

Not only that, there are some impacts that you have to know – to stop the ways ocean affects weather acidification for make a good future to the next generation in human society, marine habitats, and in the air, as below :

  1. Threatening the future of the sea and the landline
  2. You will lost the beauty of the sea and under the sea.
  3. Full of pollution
  4. Global warming
  5. The ozone layer that is eroded from the greenhouse effect

So, that are 12 impacts of acidification on human society that you have to pay attention on it. So you can make a good future to your next generation, to marine habitat, and also you can get a helathy seafood. Don’t throw the sewage into the sea and reduce the pollution. Hope that this article will helpful.

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