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10 Ways to Preserve the Sea and the Beach for the Earth

by Widiya

The Earth is one of the planets in the solar system that has living things in it. Living things on Earth live on the uppermost part of the Earth which is the Earth’s crust. The Earth’s crust itself has a different surface as a result of the energy that drives the formation of the Earth’s surface. The surface of the Earth is divided into two; land and sea. Both land ecosystems and marine ecosystems have different characteristics.

On the land, there are many other ecosystems, such as river ecosystems, lake ecosystems, desert ecosystems, and coastal ecosystems, whereas the sea, its diversity is based on the depth of the sea itself. Indonesia is one of the countries that has biodiversity, ranging from flora and fauna on land to flora and fauna in the sea.

The sea has potential that can benefit humans. The sea is also a habitat for many ecosystems which also play a role in the balance of the ecosystem. Unbalanced ecosystems have an impact on the survival of creatures living on Earth. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. The following is an explanation of how to preserve the sea:

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How to Preserve the Sea

Marine ecosystems are one of the important ecosystems for humans. The sea has many benefits for humans. Preserving the sea will have an impact on the balance of the ecosystem on Earth. Just like on the land, the marine ecosystem also consists of fauna and flora. The deeper we go, we will find that the fauna and flora that exist in the sea are also increasingly different.

This difference is due to differences in underwater pressure, as well as the intensity of sunlight in the sea. As part of the Earth’s ecosystem, maintaining marine preservation is very much needed, because the sea is also one of the sources of water, as well as a temperature regulator on Earth. Ways preserve the sea include:

  1. Fish is one source of protein for humans. Catching fish may not use bombs or trawlers, which have the potential to damage the sea.
  2. Stop sea exploitation. By not doing excessive fishing, and only catch adult fish as consumption.
  3. Maintain and preserve endangered fish, by stopping illegal hunting and cultivating endangered fish through nature reserves.
  4. Re-planting coral reefs.
  5. Conduct severe penalties to factories that dump their waste into the sea.

How to Preserve the Beach

Not only has the sea, the beach also has many benefits for humans. It is just that the coast is also experiencing damage by humans. Coastal ecosystems contain not only humans, but also animals and plants that also live on the coast. In the coastal ecosystem, there is a swamp ecosystem that also has unique characteristics. To prevent the beach from getting more damaged, here are ways to preserve the beach:

  1. Provide enough trash bins and garbage collectors on the beach. This is to prevent people from littering.
  2. Perform sea reclamation by planting mangrove forests along the coast.
  3. Give sanctions to visitors who throw litter.
  4. Giving appeals with banners around the beach about maintaining the cleanliness of the beach.
  5. Build a nature reserve around the beach, to preserve animals that live on the beach.

The Earth is not only a place for humans to live. Earth is also a place for flora and fauna. Maintaining the preservation of fauna and flora is just as important.

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You had already read the ways to preserve sea and beaches as long as how important those existence to our Earth. Make sure you start to take good care of them from right now.

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