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13 Future Effects Of Ocean Pollution

by Vania

Ocean pollution is not the same as ocean acidification. But, it will make us sometimes can affected. Ocean pollution is when harmful or potentially harmfull happen.

Also ocean or marine pollution occurs due to the abudance of juck that human society did. Marine animals like fish, starfish, coral reefs, sea horse and ect will hard to breed and breathe because of ocean pollution.

Not only junks, ocean pollution also happen because of junks of ships like oil or gasoline. If that happens, it will impacts for humans society, and marine animals in the present and in the future.

About future, that is so important – because we should make a good world that we broke it – for our next generations. Not the ocean pollution. So, we will talk about what happen in the future if ocean pollution happen in the present. Here 13 future effects of ocean pollution.

  1. The Fish is not fresh anymore

One of future effects of ocean pollution is impact to marine animals, especially for fish. Beacuse, so much people in the world likes fish.

That is good for our body, and our brain causes by the nutrition in the fish. If ocean pollution happen – that is when the ocean full of trashes – the future effects is the fish will get instict – So, Not only about its freshness.

Our next generation probably can have their fish, but those fish is not the same anymore before ocean pollution happened. Our next generation can not get the good nutrition from fish, they just get their meat but not the nutrition – probably just poison.

So, let’s keep the ocean clean for our next generation and the marine animals. For make the better world and the better sea for ous. That thing will be  good step to make a good effect for the future – in the sea and the land.

2. The Sea covered by trashes

One of the reason facts about ocean volcanoes pollution occurs is tha trash. Of course, some people often did not follow the rules to throw the trash into garbage. So, when we throw ( the trash ) into ditch, then it will go through the river and ends at the sea.

That thing always happen and end up close or cover the sea. When we always do that thing, not only the water, but itis also effect to animals that live under the sea.

The animals can not live normally, they can not get the fresh air, clean water, and the sun’s bright to survive. It is also can make the animals – also the fish – become a poison to human society.  Also we – the society – and our next generation can not play around the beach because too much trash over there.

3. Drought in the future

Why is that so? function of the Ocean pollution can effect the water – every water in the world – like water to drink, to swim, to wash, also for shower.

We can not get a clean water anymore, logicly the water is not useful for human society and marine animals. Trash also can clog the water channels, then the water does not flow smoothly.

If this thing always happen, then the water always flow and we can not get the water normally. It also effect for the next generation, they could have experienccing continous drought.

The society will get sick easily, like colds,  fever, and poor nutrition. Also marine animals can instinct or nothing at all. In the future – after ocean pollution – human society just live with fast food or seafood that affected by poison. So, to prevent dryness, preferably we should not make the sea full of trash or waste that can make the water damaged.

4. There is no nature attraction

When effects of ocean exploration pollution, of course the attraction – especially for beach or waterpark – can not open normally, because of the dirty water.

This thing can make the attraction will suffer lossess and no longer favored. The tourism will have no visitors and can affected to country’s economy because they can not pay the tax – tourism is one of source of the tax to the state –

Also if we talk about future, the existence of nature tourism ( water attractions ) is nothing at all. Our next generation can feel the real tourism, not only about the beach or water park but it is also all about tourism in this country.

We can not feel the same way after ocean pollution happen. If we won’t feel that way, let’s start it with keep the water clean. All of water, like ocean, the river and the gutter.

5. The fisherman did not work properly

When fisherman go to work or sailing to get some fish, they won’t get what they want because of ocean pollution.

May be cause of the trash, the fish got poison or marine animals that hard to be find. Then fisherman can not work to the maximum as usual. And because of ocean pollution, there will be fisherman that can not go to work properly.

Even they will have no job after that. When they can not get some fish or another, they won’t sell anything to the market.

Then their family will be hard for live after that. In the future, fisherman probably won’t be seen again, but the fisherman is a job that can help the country so much.

In addition, the fisherman can keep the ocean clean. So, if we can protect the ocean from pollution, there will be no poverty among fisherman. Fisherman can work properly and protect the ocean by their way.

In addition, there are more future effects of ocean pollution that you should know for protect the sea, below:

  • Our next generation won’t see the blue water of the sea or may be They just see the trash in the water.
  • Garbage that does not break down will be carried away to a long time. Then you will make our next generation see what we have done before.
  • Colour of the water of the sea will be not the same, it will looks like murky – full of garbage and waste from the factories.
  • Radioactive pollution
  • There is a pile of oil on the beach
  • Salinity, or there are so much salt in the water – more that usual
  • Pesticide Pollution in the water
  • Household waste pollution, like the rest of organic food that covered the facts about sea lettuce.

So, there are 13 future effects of ocean pollution. After this, please keep the water or the sea clean. Don’t throw any garbage into the water or some waste from the factories.

That is not only break the ocean, but it will be hard for human society to survive without clean water. Hope this article will useful.

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