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15 Importance of Maintaining The Ocean Ecosystems

by Stephanie

The ecosystem is called as an ecosystem because there is a lot of diversity that is exist and completing each other. Inside an ecosystem there will be producer and consumer. So it is like making a big cycle where if one supporting system inside the cycle is broken or extinct it will affect the whole cycle.

What is bad nowadays or for the past several years is that human do not care too much of the ecosystem or environment surround them as long as their lives are still okay and there is no meaningful disaster they won’t care for it.

This is why we need to increase the people awareness on the importance of maintaining the ocean ecosystems. Because most of the damage to the ecosystem is caused by human being. By letting the people know about the impact that might happen or why something is really important, we can at least increasing the awareness of the people to care more about the environment.

Here, I would like to share you with about why it is really important for us to protect and maintain the ecosystem especially the ocean ecosystem.

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1. Oxygen supply

As we all know that the plants in the ocean biome is supplying more than 50% of the oxygen that we need daily. Even though the plants in the oceans are quite smaller compared to the plants on land but their ability to produce oxygen is bigger.

2. Food supply

We are as human being is classified into omnivore where we can eat both plants and animals. The ocean provides us a huge number of food supply in the form of fish and plants there. The existence of overfishing in the ocean can destroy the ecosystem because overfishing taking away and kill a huge number of marine animals.

3. Fuel supply

You do also know that the oil that we need as a fuel for our vehicle has come from mining. There are a lot of natural resources in the ocean floor that we can get through mining activity. But sadly, if we can’t do the mining properly and the oil is only polluting the ocean, we can’t use the oil.

4. Disaster prevention 

Some disaster is caused by the nature, but most disasters are caused by man. Throwing garbage into the sea and doing another kind of act that polluting the sea may cause the disaster to come such as flood. And this is one of the importance of maintaining the ocean ecosystems to help us from the marine disasters.

5. Marine animals protection

There are a lot of endangered animals in the ocean due to some threats by humans. And when humans can’t maintain the ocean ecosystem, the existence of marine animals is also threatened. We need to protect them because each of them has an important role in the ecosystem that will affect our lives.

6. Building material supply

Not only fuel, but the ocean also provides us so many types of rocks on ocean floor. These rocks will be transformed into a building material because it has a strong and long lasting characteristics.

7. Managing the climate

The climate of the ocean and the land are keep changing. One of the factors is the rise of temperature because of pollution that caused the greenhouse effect where it can change the climate to be not so normal as usual. Protecting the ocean ecosystem will help us to go through it since the plants will be protected and it will supply more oxygen to the air.

8. Protecting the ozone layer 

Another importance of maintaining the ocean ecosystems is to protect the ozone layer. The ozone layer is so important because without it the sunlight that comes to the earth can burn everything slowly. By protecting the ozone layer we can also prevent the global warming in ocean levels and land levels.

9. Reducing the unemployment rate

The amount of ocean area is bigger than the land. This also means that there are more lives depending on the ocean compare to the land. And in fact, there are a lot of people that make the ocean as a place for their source of money where they can work there as a fisherman and sell the fish that they catch. Imagine if the oceans now is fully polluted and there is no marine living beings anymore there, these people who depending their lives to the oceans will be unemployed.

10. Helping to develop a country

Any kind of development will need some amount of money to support the development. Even a country development will also need money that the governments collect from the tax. These kind of development including the infrastructure development to help the people to go somewhere easier and more comfortable.

11. Contribution towards education

We have a lot of course or major in school or university and there are some major that is learning about the ocean and all the living beings there. This means that there is an importance of learning the ocean ecosystem and any kind of effect that might happen if the ecosystem is being destroyed.

We will never know that fish is breathe using its gill if fish was extinct. And there are a lot more things that we know today coming from the learning process of get to know the ocean.

12. Recreation destination

Living in a big city with all of its activities will always make us feel stressed and need a little vacation. A big city will surely have everything that we need such as entertainment, delicious food, stylish clothing, and many more things. But somehow there is also a thing that most of the city does not have which is the beauty of nature.

People from the big city tend to go to the nature, such as mountain or beach. This is one of the importance of maintaining the ocean ecosystems which are as a recreation place where people can release their stress and enjoying the time to see the nature.

13. Contribution towards health

There are a lot of products that we are using today is made from seaweeds such as cosmetics, delicious food and dessert, and many more things surround us. This is because the characteristics of seaweeds that is contained many benefits for human body. Not only seaweed, but the other marine plants or even animals also have their own contribution towards our health today.

14. To protect the human being existence 

Humans rely on everything that has existed on earth. The air, the food, the water, shelter, and many other things. Without it all, humans cannot live. Since the ocean is the biggest ecosystem on earth and supporting human life with many things such as oxygen and food, it means that if there is something bad happened to the ocean ecosystem, this will absolutely affect the other ecosystem.

And when the ecosystem where humans live within is being affected in the end human will feel the impact of having no more food for example, or having a bad quality of air because the air is polluted by smoke and any other things.

15. Ecosystem balance

As what I said previously, when one ecosystem is broken, it will surely affect the other ecosystem. Just like a domino effect. The balance of the ecosystem is being kept because of that, to prevent all the bad thing that might be happened has not happened.

The extinction of one species can affect the whole ecosystem because we believe that every single species has its own role or contribution toward the ecosystem. We need to care about this issue because most of the threats to marine biome is caused by human.

So those are some of the importance of maintaining the ocean ecosystems. Hopefully by knowing this little information that I have given to you, you can understand and be more aware about the ecosystem. There so many things that you can learn to improve and protect the deep ocean ecosystems and we are here trying to provide you some of the information that is needed  for that.

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