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7 Impacts of Acid Rain that Needs to Be Cautious About

by Widiya

Rain is one of the natural phenomena that exists on planet Earth. It is a part of the hydrological cycle. It can also be said as water activity that causes the water to run out even to fulfill all human needs on Earth. Different causes affect various types or various kinds of rain. Of the several types of rain, one of which we will discuss thoroughly is acid rain.

Acid rain is one type of rains which are categorized by its nature. Acid rain is all types of rain that have a pH or acidity level below the normal pH which is 5.6 to 6. In Indonesia alone, the rain has an average pH of 6 and acid rain has a pH below that number. This means that the acidity of the rain is caused by a large amount of carbon dioxide or CO2 gas.

The carbon dioxide is found in fumes or other exhaust gases that we often encounter in urban areas. Acid rain contains properties that are unhealthy because it can damage some objects. As for the impact of acid rain, we will discuss below.

Acid rain has various effects that are not good for humans and other living things. Some of the effects of acid rain include the following:

  • Expose Human to Various Diseases Especially Skin Diseases

Acid rain that falls will have a special impact on humans. Humans will be more susceptible to various diseases. These diseases that easily infect humans are especially in the form of skin diseases. This is because the skin is the outermost part that has the most potential to come into direct contact with the acid rain that falls. The content of substances that are not good will cause skin diseases for humans.

  • Facilitate the Process of Bonding to Metals Especially Iron

The impact of acid rain which is most easily seen by the human eye is the bonding of metals, especially in the most easily corroded iron. The substances contained in acid rain can easily make the metal rust especially those that are directly exposed to rain. So from that, iron fences are easier to rust because of direct acid rain.

  • Decrease the amount of Fish in the Sea

One of the effects of acid rain is the decrease in the number of fish in the sea and in other water sources that are directly exposed to acid rain. Acid substances that are mostly contained in acid rain will make the animals in the sea die and not only fish but also other aquatic organisms. For those of us on land, we might be able to know this when we find many dead animals in the water.

  • Damages the Waxy Layer Found in Plants

Have you ever touched a leaf? When touching it, sometimes we will feel a layer covering the leaf. Green plants have a layer that resembles a candle. That is why when exposed to water, the leaves of plants do not necessarily weaken and wither. In addition, there are still many benefits of the wax coating for plants. Well, the presence of acid rain that afflicts plants directly can actually easily damage the wax layer of these plants. This is certainly not a good thing for plants.

  • Many Nutrients in Plants Will Be Lost

In addition to the wax coating on plants that can be damaged, in fact, acid rain can also eliminate the nutrients that are owned by these plants. We know that plants have the highest position in the food chain, namely as producers of food. As a producer, of course, plants have a lot of nutrients. The presence of acid rain can eliminate the nutrients contained in these plants. The loss of these nutrients will eventually make the plant die.

  • Slowing Root Growth

Not only does it eliminate the nutrients contained in these plants, but acid rain will also make plant roots grow slowly. Acid rain will inhibit growth in plants so that plants will tend to be stunted and unhealthy.

  • Poisoning Water and Plants

Acid rain has different content from ordinary rain. This content is negative. When acid rain falls on the ground or about plants directly, that is when the content of acid rain will stick to the plants. Humans consume plants. If this consumption lasts for a long time, over time it will disrupt human health, even cause death.

Those are some of the impacts that can be caused by acid rain to plants, animals, and humans.

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