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14 Things You Must Know About Dead Sea(Amazing Facts)

by Rini

Hearing the name of the dead sea must have made you assumed that the it is a sea that does not have life in it. It is true, there is no life there, not even a single biota. This is what causes the Dead Sea to be so famous and phenomenal. Because it has a lot of mysteries and wonders, which are only owned by the dead sea itself. The reasons why many people can drown in Dead Sea.

Thus, we need to know that there are many interesting and unique things that can be extracted from the wonders of the Dead Sea. Until now, there are still many researchers who conduct research because of the miracle. The following are examples and explanations about things you must know about the Dead Sea:

1. Origin of the Dead Sea Name

The origin of the name of the Dead Sea is from the Hebrew translation, Yam ha Maved which means’ Sea of Killers. Whereas in Arabic the name is called Bahrul Mayyit which means ‘Dead Sea’. At first, it was called in Arabic, and the Dead Sea turned out to be a lake because it was located on the land. This lake is located at the lowest point of the earth’s surface. The Dead Sea is phenomenal because the water can make all objects float and will not sink, including humans. So for those who can’t swim don’t worry because it’s guaranteed that you will float on their own. Hence the incredible facts of Dead amazing facts.

2. The lowest place in the world

The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world with an altitude of 417.5 meters above sea level or 1300 feet below sea level. It is located on a valley between the borders of Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. Embedding the name of the Dead Sea, not the Dead Lake because this lake has a broad size like the ocean. Its length reaches 67 km, its width is 17 km and it’s surface area reaches 810 sq. Km. Although extensive, there is no life in or around the lake, both flora, and fauna. Salt levels that are too high make living things difficult to survive in the sea water.

3. Have the highest levels of salt in the world

Next thing you must know about the Dead Sea is it has the highest salt content in the world. The Dead Sea is known as the saltiest sea in the world. If the seawater content generally has a salt content of around 3.5%, then in the Dead Sea the salt content can reach five to ten times as much. So, no wonder if at a depth of 100 meters, the water in the Dead Sea is so thick with the very high salt content. In addition, there are also many salts that settle on the bottom and edges of this region. So the dead sea is famous for its high salt. Read also reason why the Sea looks bluish and greenish.

4. Dead Sea Mud has lots of properties

Apparently, indeed the mud in the Dead Sea contained a very high mineral content and its constituent components are better than even antioxidant-rich serums so that this mud is useful for making skin youthful, removing acne, and also hydrating the skin. The content of dead sea mud contains many minerals, salts and others that are good for skin health. Many visitors use mud as a mask to deal with skin disorders.

5. Don’t worry about sinking

One of the things that are quite familiar among visitors is that anyone who swims in the dead sea can float on it. Yes, that is true. The high salt content in the Dead Sea makes everything, even the human body float easily. So visitors do not need to be afraid of death caused of drowning, even though they can’t swim. This is the miracle of the dead sea, many visitors are curious about the phenomenal water content there.

6. There are no other plants and animals that can live in the dead sea

The thing you must know about the Dead Sea that is, there are no other plants and animals that can live there. Sea creatures cannot develop if the salt content in them is too high, even at the normal limit. Therefore if visitors are in the dead sea, it is difficult to find living things around them. Therefore the growth of fish and another biota will not be found if visitors are at the location of the dead sea. So don’t expect that if you visit there you can see the diverse and full bioatrope life underwater. The reasons why sea water is salty.

7.  Only bacteria that live in it

The high salt content in the Dead Sea caused no life inside. The high salinity in the Dead Sea has the effect that animals cannot breed in it. Only microbes and bacteria live in it even though there are very few in number. Because that can be imagined, bacteria alone only live in small amounts, how about other creatures, they will become extinct if life is in them.

8. Materials in the Dead Sea are the main ingredients for mummification

An example of asphalt material produced from the Dead Sea is a trading commodity that is quite important in its time. Because of its importance, this bitumen is exported. There are so many uses, one of the most unique is being exported to Egypt and used by people at that time to carry out mummification or mummification. This is because the mummy will avoid all kinds of living things, such as bacteria, fungi, and so on and prevent decay. Therefore, how big the benefits of the dead sea are, until now these benefits can still be developed. The seawater salt levels factors and how to measure.

9. Free pollutant

One other miracle that is in the Dead Sea is that there is no pollution either from humans or from nature. Because any pollution will increasingly make the Dead Sea a mystery and a miracle. It is precisely the interesting thing from the dead sea, the mystery and also other interesting things. Because of the minimal pollution, a dead sea is a place of religious tourism and original entertainment is also fascinating. Non-polluted sea water and very safe to be used as water activities. That’s the thing you have to know about the phenomenal Dead Sea.

10. The sea has the highest salinity in the world

The Dead Sea is approximately 8.5 times saltier than seawater. This salinity makes the surrounding environment hard, where animals cannot develop, so the name is the Dead Sea. High salinity prevents macroscopic aquatic organisms such as fish and aquatic plants from being able to live in them, although very small amounts of bacteria and microbial fungi remain. With a salinity of 33.7%, the Dead Sea is one of the salty bodies of water in the world of water. The function of sea sponges for human society.

Furthermore, regarding the explanation of the things you must know about the Dead Sea, which should be known apart from the information above:

  • The depth of the Dead Sea is 377 meters deep. This makes it the deepest hyper saline lake in the world. Hyper saline lakes are generally land-confined water bodies containing significant concentrations of sodium chloride or other mineral salts with salt levels exceeding sea water.
  • The surface and edge of the Dead Sea reach 423 meters below sea level so that the Earth’s elevation there is the lowest on land. And this is one of the mysteries and wonders of the world that its uniqueness cannot be denied. The types of seagrass in the great barrier reef.
  • Salt contained in the Dead Sea includes magnesium and potassium bromide, which amounts to 13 percent of the ion composition that is on the Dead Sea water surface. Those two high salts are responsible for the wonders of the Dead Sea.
  • The Dead Sea was also the site of the discovery of the famous ancient manuscript that was said to have been first discovered by a shepherd at Qumran in 1947 and is now stored in a museum in Jerusalem.

Those are 14 things you must know about the Dead Sea, plus the miracle and phenomenal things that happened inside the sea that has been a mystery until this day.

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