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13 Reasons Why Many People Can’t Drown in Dead Sea

by Rini

One of the things that make the Dead Sea famous is the “miracle” that makes humans can’t sink while swimming there. In Hebrew, the Dead Sea is called Yam ha Maved, which means a sea of murderers, and in Arabic is called Bahrul Mayyit which means the Dead Sea. Hence incredible facts of Dead Sea amazing benefit.

The reason why people called it the Dead Sea or Sea The killer is actually caused by the absence of marine life in it. The salt content in the sea located between Jordan, Israel, and Palestine is very high, reaching 33.7%, which is 8.5 higher than the salt content of the ordinary sea. Well, let’s find out how magical and the reasons why many people drown in the Dead Sea:

1. Salt

Tourists can have different sight in the Dead Sea, they often see rocks covered in snow and even snow. How does snow occur? Even though the weather is hot. Actually, the snow is salt deposits,  seawater soaks the rocks then the sea water dries up in the sun and what remains is salt deposits. Because the salt content is very high so the salt deposits are very easy to form. This cause visitors can swim freely and their body will float just like sleeping on a bed. That way, visitors do not need to fear of drowning. Seawater salt levels: factors and how to measure.

The salt found on the edge of the Dead Sea lake does not drain the water into the surrounding areas, but only settles on this lake and has one of its main water sources, namely from the Jordan River. So that the water deposits that make if someone soaks or swim in the dead sea are not easy to just sink. The human body will be supported by very high salinity, so it is safe to carry out any activities in the dead sea, but still, adhere to the rules there.

2. High salinity content in the dead sea

As Dead Sea contains lots of salt, automatically it will have a high level of salinity. The higher the salinity level is, the more acidic the sea contains. If the amount is quite high, of course, the marine animals can’t survive. But it is also the reason to why people can’t easily sink here. Hence function of sea sponges for human society.

3. The density of salt water in the dead sea

When viewed from a scientific standpoint this can be proven because of the high salt content in the lake water. Saltwater is much denser than ordinary water, and the density of salt water makes it lighter than ordinary water. With this high salinity or acidity level, an object can float on it. This is the uniqueness of this dead sea lake. Therefore, why many dead seas are said to be lakes or seas full of wonders, also unique because only here can humans float safely.

4. The mineral content in the dead sea is high

Because of the large amount of mineral content, Dead Sea Lake mud is efficacious for treating various types of skin diseases. Not only is the salt content high, but dead sea lake also contain a lot of mineral, precisely in the lake mud. This is what tourists use to treat various skin diseases.

Mud in dead sea lakes contains several substances such as important minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, iodine, chlorine, chloride, sulfur, sodium, bitumen, bromide and potassium. This mineral content is very good, some benefits that are believed to be able to repair dead skin cells, eliminate the skin on the feet, smooth blood circulation, help maintain health, and for women who want to beautify and soften their skin. The use of seawater for Agriculture can be applied.

5. There are no biota living in the dead sea

The high salinity in the Dead Sea cause the difficulty of breeding by the marine animals. Only microbes and bacteria live in it even though there are very few in number. Therefore living things such as fish, plants and coral reefs can’t be found here. Therefore, the dead sea is also known as a sea without inhabitants.

6. Dead sea mud can be used as embalming corpses

Furthermore, the asphalt produced from the Dead Sea is a trading commodity that is quite important in the past or its time. Because of its importance, many of the asphalt from the dead sea is exported to various countries. There are so many uses, one of the most unique is being exported to Egypt and used by people at that time to carry out mummification or mummification.

This is because the mummy will avoid all kinds of living things, such as bacteria, fungi, and so on and prevent decay. Therefore the sea water dies and the mud is beneficial for health and can make humans not drown in the dead sea. Hence characteristics of Sea Star habit and reproduction.

7. The dead sea is the deepest sea in the world

The Dead Sea is the deepest sea in the world, this is the reason why many people drown in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is a sea that has a depth of up to 377 m (1,237 feet) that is very deep. This makes the Dead Sea the deepest hypersaline (lake with high salt content) in the world. A hypersaline lake contains significant concentrations of sodium chloride or other mineral salts, with salt levels exceeding sea water. So that people who swim or dive will not sink in the dead sea. This is what becomes a natural miracle found in the dead sea and many people do not know the facts behind it all.

8. Dead sea has become the center of health research

The Dead Sea area has been a major center for health research and treatment for several reasons. Some of the reasons are the mineral content in the water, the very low content of pollen and other allergens in the atmosphere, the ultraviolet component which reduces solar radiation, and the atmospheric pressure is higher so that it has an adverse effect on the health of living things.

The miracle of the dead sea like humans who cannot drown in it so far is still in research, even though the main cause is known because of its salt content, but it is indeed an amazing mystery. The following are the critically endangered sea snakes in the World.

9. The density of objects is smaller than the density of water

The mass of human body type is 0.985 gr / cm3 while the density of Dead Sea water is 1.24gr / cm3. Because the mass of the human body is smaller, so humans can float in the Dead Sea. What you need to know also that can float is an object whose density is smaller than the density of the Dead Sea. So, if there is an object such as iron falling into the Dead Sea, it will certainly die too, because the iron density is 7.87 gr / cm3. Because that’s why the human body can float in a long time.

Furthermore, apart from the explanation and reason why many people in the Dead Sea are like this:

  • The Dead Sea is the lowest land on Earth, therefore, Dead Sea water cannot flow everywhere. Remember the nature of water, which flows from high to low. This is also one reason why humans can float and will not sink in the dead sea.
  • Every day around seven million tons of water in the Dead Sea evaporates, causing each day the sea water to increase salty. Because that makes dead sea water more and more salt, never shrinks except the water. This makes the dead sea unable to develop animals and plants in it. These are the main differences between the ocean and the sea.
  • The sea is located 392 m below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea. The deepest place in the sea reaches 400 m. Thus, the deepest part of the sea reaches 800 m below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea and is the lowest point on the surface of the earth.
  • Because the density of Dead Sea water reaches 1,119 on average, humans who have a lower specific gravity cannot sink into it, instead, they float.

Such is the explanation and reason why many people drown in the Dead Sea. Hope it can improve your knowledge on the uniqueness and wonders of the dead sea.

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